New Album : Producer
Wed, 15 Jun 1994 15:00 GMT

I just read in last week's copy of Melody Maker that
John Cale, ex-velvet underground person, is producing
the next Banshees album. This should result in a fine
album, with plenty of strings ( Cale being a little bit
partial to the ould fiddle).

The article is about an attack on Jon Klein which left him in hospital with
wounds to his head & his butt. Seemingly, Pete Burns, ex-Dead or Alive front-
man & Klein had a bit of an arguement in a club which started over Burns
slagging Klein's sister. There was a bit of a verbal, which continued out
on the street. Klein was struck from behind, by Burns wife, so it seems,
& Burns & his wife continued to kick the shit out of Klein. Budgie came to
the rescue and then brought Klein to hospital where he had 17 stitches.

The article only said that the album would be out later this year.
However, it certainly IS NOT finished, as the banshees were in the studio
the day of the attack & went to the club where the attack happened, to discuss
the days recording.
It doesn't look good for a 31st August release, if this is the case.

BTW, I was in London last week & got a copy of the Reading Festival &
Clapham Grand gigs from late year on video. The picture/sound quality
is excellent for both shows, with great close ups of Siouxsie.
They played 6 new songs at Reading & 7 at the Grand.
I'll post the track listing soon, and will give a brief review of the
new stuff if I have time.



" T O O M A N Y C R I T I C S , T O O F E W W R I T I N G "