S&tB: _the compilation_

Andrew B (andrewb@mathstat.yorku.ca)
Fri, 17 Jun 94 1:54:22 EDT

To all Siouxites:

I have finally begun to tape them, or more correctly, digitize them; I am
recording them directly from the turntable to my hard-disk.

Does anyone have any editting software for DOS or MS-Windows? I was
rather rudely awakened to the fact that some of the vinyl is 16 years old.
After CD's, even a single snap/crackle/pop can be _very_ unnerving.

I am currently using a fairly robust package, called COOL v1.31 and I am
looking into something called BlasterMaster or something like that. Does
anyone have anything to recommend (besides my running out and getting an
SGI, Mac, Amiga...)?

finger andrewb@mathstat.yorku for Siouxsie and the Banshees Discography