[Admin] The list has moved & has a new administrator!

Siouxsie List Admin (siouxsie-request@NINE.ORG)
Tue, 21 Jun 1994 22:30:12 -0400

Well, I've been saying for quite awhile that I've lost the enthusiasm
I once had for running this mailing list, and have been looking
for someone else to take it over. I've been in discussion with
Marshall Vale, a longtime list subscriber to do just that. Somehow,
I managed to actually sucker him into it. At any rate, at this
time, everything is set up at the new home of the mailing list,
and I'm officially handing over the reins. I've given Marshall a
copy of the list of subscribers, he's installed it at his site and
in fact this message should be going to the new list.

The new address to send mail to the entire mailing list is now:


And to reach Marshall about administrative issues, you can send
mail to:


The list will now be running from an automated server of some sort,
so subscribing to and unsubscribing from the list (and perhaps
other neat features as well) will be handled differently. Marshall
will be sending out a welcome message and instructions on using
the server sometime in the next day or so.

(Note that the old list addresses @nine.org will continue to work for a
short time, but after a bit you'll get a bounce with the new address to
send to. But please do start using the new addresses!)

I've run the mailing list now for over 3 years, and quite frankly
I'm burnt out on it. It's been fun, but it can get to be a lot of
work. I will still be with you as a subscriber to the list, so
don't think I'm disappearing entirely or renouncing my current
musical tastes to start running the Garth Brooks mailing list or
anything. It's been fun, and I wish Marshall the best of luck.

If anyone wants to drop me a line, please feel free to do so at
<kelly@nine.org>. Sending to <siouxsie-request@nine.org> will go
to Marshall now.

(Former) Siouxsie List Admin