Greetings and lots of info!

Marshall Vale (Marshall_Vale@BROWN.EDU)
Wed, 22 Jun 1994 06:39:08 -0400

*** This message contains some very important list info, please save ***

Hi everybody,

I'd first like to thank Kelly for running the list for all those years.
I also run another list (Honda-L) and I know it takes lots of personal
time. Kelly deserves a good cheer for all that work.

As Kelly mentioned in a previous message, the list is now housed
on the 'friendly' IBM mainframe here at Brown. The new address for
sending messages to the list is: (internet)
SATB-L@brownvm (bitnet)

If you need to send mail of an administrative sort, you can use

The list is now maintained by a list program called Listserver. It
automates the subscription process, file requests and list distribution.
To unsubscribe from the list, you need to send mail to:

The subject line will be ignored. Put in the body of your mail:

If you try that and Listserv informs you that you aren't on the list
then it means that you are subscribed under a different address than
Listserv is seeing in your From: field. It checks this to offer some
security of preventing people from subbing or unsubbing anybody.
If this turns out to be the case, just drop me a note and I'll take
you off the list manually. To see what you are subscribed under,
just mail the Listserv using the above address but this time,
use the body:


This command returns the list's info header and the subscriber list.

To find out more about the Listserv, there are a few files that
are available to help you out. Again, send mail to,
ignore the subject and put in the body of the mail:


Listfaq is a FAQ about the Listserver, Listpres is a file about user commands,
and Listserv refcard is a short command reference file.
These files will be sent you via email automatically.

Although we've gotten off to a 'surreal' start, I hope everything goes
well. You shouldn't see any bounced messages unless the bouncing mailer
doesn't send it to the right place (as has already happened but the
problem has been...dealt with).

SATB-L is currently a 'public' list. That is anybody, even those who
aren't subscribed to the list, can send mail to the list. I thought
that might be good for awhile as often so people's addresses are often
different when lists move (routers and such). What this means though,
is that people like the Green card lawyers and other advertisers can
send unsolicited mail. There are ways of hampering that. One way is
to set the list so that only people subscribed can send mail to the
list (anybody can still subscribe). This is something that we should
probably talk about in the future.

How much do I love Siouxsie & the Banshee's music? Well...I have
one shelf dedicated to their cd's and I cherish my little autograph
from Budgie and Siouxsie. I do my best programming to the Killing Jar
single... (I doubt any of you ever saw the Intermedia demo I did in
SuperCard but it was all done while listening to it over and over :)

Best wishes,

Marshall Vale || Sometimes after an electrical
Brown University | | storm, I can see in 5 dimensions
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