England's Dreaming

David R. Wild (ag869@freenet.buffalo.edu)
Fri, 1 Jul 1994 11:47:24 -0400

I just finished reading Jon Savage's exhaustive and fascinating book,
England's Dreaming. This *long* book is full of details of the
socio-economic, political and psychological climate in the UK that
brought about the social phenomenon known as punk, and its resultant
effects and implications. Highly intellectual, analytical stuff - I
found it thoroughly engrossing.

Though centered on the Sex Pistols story, Siouxsie and Severin are
mentioned often, as they were part of the Pistols' inner circle, with
some great quotes and a few photos of the Bromley group in the early
days, as well as detailed accounts of the infamous Grundy incident and
the Banshees first gig at the 100 Club.

Fascinating - if you've got the time to slag through nearly 600 pages,
do it. Highly recommended.

A couple of questions:

- this book says Siouxsie was born Susan Janet Ballion. Fred Baube's
FAQ-simile says it's Janet Susan Ballion and possibly Dallion. Does
anyone know which is correct?

- Has anyone seen the movie Sid and Nancy? Is Siouxsie portrayed in
it? Is this movie any good?