The Darkside Gallery

introducing my own artwork is odd, because people come to it with a variety of preconceptions of what it is when you call it "artwork" and yourself an "artist" or "photographer". I'm simply someone that enjoys my hobbies and my website provides me a location to indulge myself and post the work I've done.

enjoy ... comments more than welcome.

I've been shooting and printing my own work for a few years now and thoroughly enjoy it. Its something I do as a more serious hobby and I find the whole process of printing - watching that image magically appear in the developer - very satisfying. I mostly print in black and white, though I've dabbled in color a bit. I'm also particularly interested in older processes like cyanotypes and platinum printing.

Digital Manipulation
In the past I used to work out my creative urges doing digital manipulations of existing works in photoshop. Taking sources from random places and pushing the pixels around, watching the pretty colors and patters late at night when I needed to relax. Again, most of the enjoyment was the process rather than the result. It makes me happy.