FROM: Jan <>

DATE: 28. Nov 94 6:47
Real Great Place Thanks But where is Fields of the Nephilim?

FROM: Dan Leonard <>
URL: ---
DATE: 28. Nov 94 8:46
Anybody seen Prunella?

FROM: monica <>

DATE: 28. Nov 94 13:56
i've seen your name all over the's nice to put a face with the name.

FROM: Matthew Jones <MJONES@Albion.EDU>
URL: none (yet)
DATE: 28. Nov 94 16:57
not really

FROM: Rain <secret>
URL: sorry, dont know what URL means
DATE: 29. Nov 94 15:06
Lots of nice comments. Too glitzy for me though. ps I dont beleive you about the necromonicon. The magic is dead

FROM: Alexander Banderes <>

DATE: 30. Nov 94 12:29
VAMPIRE: the Masquerade is the ONLY gothic-punk game!

I love this stuff...

I welcome ALL EMail...and am greatful and the dead to find people who believe in this stuff to talk to. Here in RedNeck City USA everybody's homophobic horny immature macho redneck scum. I'm ecstatic to find you...

I am the ScareCrow Alone on the hills as the mighty winds blow And my only friends Are the ravens And we share bliss you shall never know. . .

To borrow a line from the Directors at the Camarilla: "Pray continue with dark endeavor."

FROM: Our lady of Pain <>
URL: none
DATE: 30. Nov 94 14:52
More exciting than alt.gothic, yes pictures, no petro.

FROM: Ken Nagle (Vlad) <>

DATE: 30. Nov 94 16:23
Loved the pics.....

FROM: Jennifer Barkas <>

DATE: 30. Nov 94 16:25
i love i'm addicted...."i get mosaic free."

FROM: anastasia <>

DATE: 30. Nov 94 17:10
I am having too much fun, and getting no work done. It is lovely to see lovlies on my screen.

FROM: Rana T 'drago <>

DATE: 30. Nov 94 17:53
Very well set out,HONEST Couldn't give us something on the techical side of criticism,i.e.on what Gothic style is.I mean,it's definitely not Heavy Metal,is it.

FROM: etheldreda <>

DATE: 30. Nov 94 22:05
be afraid. be very afraid.

FROM: Noel Hartshorn <>

DATE: 1. Dec 94 9:25
Did it, done it, liked it, loved it.

FROM: Suresh Hassan Nieves <>

DATE: 1. Dec 94 22:45
This is the best idea for a server ever.

FROM: Sad Crow
DATE: 2. Dec 94 1:13
So long babes, I don`t know if tomorrow I`ll be there, but remember I sadly love you

FROM: Birgit Worm <>

DATE: 2. Dec 94 6:27
The Gothic Page is great!!!!!!

FROM: JOel Crisp <>
DATE: 2. Dec 94 9:11
The dark side of the web grows ever larger ...... ;-) I don't care what they say, beards *are* cool. Just ask my ex. ;-)

FROM: Kendall Cabe <>
DATE: 2. Dec 94 14:20
This seems to be a pretty good page...

I like the format...Not a bad job!

FROM: Alan jones <>

DATE: 2. Dec 94 18:22
Cover the face , mine eyes dazzle .. she died young .

FROM: ian "false" macintyre < >

DATE: 3. Dec 94 5:21
It seems that nobody out there wants to talk to me (sob) I'm not that pathetic really(sniff wail) ok so I am but who cares! oh look a bottle of pills and some vodka (gulp) bye

FROM: Bob Neville <>

DATE: 3. Dec 94 19:29
Nice job, guys. Really cool. I laughed, I cried, I feared.

FROM: Elizabeth Buehrle
DATE: 3. Dec 94 23:41
I like it, but i think we need sound, video...ambience; i hope that comes soon. maybe we'll be doing 'tele-stasis'?

FROM: Matt Ryan <>
DATE: 4. Dec 94 7:43
I wish I had a pic of myself to put up for all to see...

FROM: Truman O. Hickerson <>

DATE: 4. Dec 94 17:15
I have enjoyed surfing your work. I am emeritus professor of Accountancy at CSULB. I hope to help the department get some material on the web. I don't think I can hope to match your efforts, however!

FROM: laurent MARTIN < martin&>

DATE: 5. Dec 94 3:42
Congratulations for your HTTP server ! I like it!!!

FROM: Dean Brock <who knows >
DATE: 5. Dec 94 13:54
This is the smoothest....

FROM: Dyan Alloway <>

DATE: 6. Dec 94 9:17
Great page! Keep up the good work!

FROM: Stephen Miller <>

DATE: 6. Dec 94 12:43
something wicked this way comes...

FROM: Rob Anagnoson <>
URL: Look, blue with underlines!
DATE: 6. Dec 94 15:21
This is perhaps the coolest WWW site I've ever surfed. Just needs more Cure info, IMHO.

FROM: Larkspur Gutierrez <>

DATE: 7. Dec 94 0:31

FROM: Larkspur Gutierrez <>

DATE: 7. Dec 94 0:35
Hi. Me again, I'm looking for Sex Gang Children lyrics if anyone could help me...e-mail me!

FROM: Stuart McKay < at some point>

DATE: 7. Dec 94 12:28
I've been spending so much time here, that my contactlenses have all but dried up. I LOVE IT!

FROM: jenian <>
DATE: 7. Dec 94 19:30
do soundbites leave teethmarks?

FROM: JOnathan bamford <>

DATE: 8. Dec 94 4:35
Hmmm., Interesting...

(as we say in `round here) Keep it up!!!

FROM: Selena White <>
DATE: 8. Dec 94 18:10
Finally, a cool place to hang out!

FROM: kwiggen

DATE: 8. Dec 94 20:05
This is cool

FROM: marc <>

DATE: 9. Dec 94 0:26
hi. enjoyed your stuff. cool sisters pictures.

btw... how do i add my picture to the net.goth gallery?

cu marc

ps: you can also email me at

FROM: Mikael Toyra <>

DATE: 9. Dec 94 7:13
I'll be back soon !!!

FROM: simon withers/kxwzzt <>
DATE: 9. Dec 94 17:30
hey ... neat .... i gotta make one o' these for my self. i wonder how ? oh well. bing.

FROM: Xta <>
URL: Visit Me if you like">Visit Me if you like
DATE: 9. Dec 94 20:10
Coul. been here a few times. found lotsa links to links to links to links... I'll b bak again. WWW is addictive.

FROM: XyD <>
DATE: 10. Dec 94 2:06
Xyd Was Here

FROM: Linda C. <>
DATE: 10. Dec 94 19:22
Great stuff-but what does that really mean coming from a novice?!

FROM: hollyhollyholly <>
DATE: 10. Dec 94 20:26
in whose old pupils the sun became a bloodsmear on broad catalpa leaves and hanging from ancient twigs my murdered selves sparked the air like the muted collisions -- irving layton

FROM: Shadow27 <>
DATE: 11. Dec 94 1:10
I have loved this place since I first checked it out. And I thank GOD for the Siouxsie Homepage. Aaaaaah *the sound of an adict satisfied*

FROM: Chris Gutteridge <>
DATE: 11. Dec 94 11:27
Lots of story teller stuff available from above site. (Vampire, mage and werewolf roleplay resources)

FROM: Quick <>
DATE: 11. Dec 94 15:30
Killer page. I like it a lot. Quite a find for just sittin' here before finals.

FROM: Brian O. Bush <>
DATE: 11. Dec 94 17:34
make it stop.

FROM: VLad DRacl <>

DATE: 12. Dec 94 16:32
Looks like a good site... Still have to explore it... :)=

FROM: John Glasscock <>
URL: not yet
DATE: 12. Dec 94 16:37
Pretty cool. This stuff works good for bearskins and stone knives... More RAM...MORE BANDWIDTH!!!

FROM: sander <not yet>
URL: not yet
DATE: 13. Dec 94 11:22
Greetings from the Lowlands. where are the Type-O-Negative images, damned!

FROM: Chris Wang <>

DATE: 13. Dec 94 11:51
"A giant step backward in human evolution, I can't belive the polictians would dare temp fate again". Good job to Mr. Watkins

FROM: sander <nope>
URL: a.s.a.p.
DATE: 14. Dec 94 4:58
14 december, it's my birthday!! Nostradamus's birthday too, by the way. Still no Type-O-Negative images, you lazy yank

FROM: sander <nope>
URL: a.s.a.p.
DATE: 14. Dec 94 5:000
14 december, it's my birthday!! Nostradamus's birthday too, by the way. Still no Type-O-Negative images...

FROM: Chanteur <none>

DATE: 15. Dec 94 4:43
Happy Birthday Sander. Hope you had a better day than I did.

By the way: I HATE not having an E-mail!

FROM: Brandon Whitcher <>
DATE: 15. Dec 94 14:02

FROM: Graham Dunn <>

DATE: 15. Dec 94 22:01
Hi VampLestat... Netscape makes this thing almost workable on SLIP.

Anyways, have fun at On Ramp...

FROM: Brad Barclay, aka Yaztromo <>

DATE: 15. Dec 94 22:55
Whoa - wierd. I just got your GIF of James Macfarlane (aka Digitar). I've sat down and eaten Tacos with the guy. Whoa. Head rush.

DATE: 16. Dec 94 9:40
This is a very nicely laid out page. I'd like to see some Giger stuff here also.

FROM: Talon <>

DATE: 17. Dec 94 12:16
Very cool place. Am interested in any other goth or vampyre sites


FROM: Dorian <>

DATE: 19. Dec 94 19:19
I think I'm in heaven. Thank you, Heather.

FROM: Paul Trimble <>

DATE: 19. Dec 94 19:54
I like it.

FROM: sander <nope>
URL: nope
DATE: 20. Dec 94 6:000
Thank you, Chanteur. I've had a perfect day, what was wrong with yours?

FROM: Jarno <->
URL: -
DATE: 20. Dec 94 6:03
Isn't BLACK SABBATH the premier goth-band? Who can tell me where to find information and pics of Sabbath?

FROM: steve ancliffe <>

DATE: 20. Dec 94 21:10
one of the more dark sites that i have seen keep up the work :-{

FROM: Chanteur <none>

DATE: 21. Dec 94 4:07
At that exact date (14.dec) my/our term paper died a horrible death! (The only thing left standing was the front page. I surpose I should be happy about that, since I made it.) This means we'll have to spend most of our xmas rewriting the bloody thing.

FROM: Unborn <>

DATE: 21. Dec 94 12:09
Unborn thinks these pages are quite nifty, but Shelly and Gina should be bigger than thumbnails! And, gee, isn't joel just the cutie. *;)

FROM: K.J.Garner <>
DATE: 21. Dec 94 21:01
Yeah. I dig.

FROM: kevin hudson <>

DATE: 22. Dec 94 16:06
Mail me some of the latest on the Gothic Scene, new bands, reviews etc.

FROM: Cyber Neg Death <>
URL: none till 1995
DATE: 22. Dec 94 19:40
Toaster breath, man.

FROM: Mel Smith <>

DATE: 22. Dec 94 23:18
This is a cool setup. Thank you!

FROM: don flint <>

DATE: 23. Dec 94 4:33
Don't know, stopped here first. Love the initial graphics, my favorite kinds of colors, very bright.

FROM: Gothick Fellow <>

DATE: 23. Dec 94 8:14
Nice place you have here.....

FROM: Victor Luna <>

DATE: 3. Jan 95 12:59
I like Gothics, and I'd like more images from the picture "The interview with the vampire"

FROM: medus stephane <>

DATE: 4. Jan 95 5:14

FROM: medus stephane <>

DATE: 4. Jan 95 5:18

FROM: John Frederick <>

DATE: 5. Jan 95 13:34
Not at this time, thank you.

FROM: Heather White <>

DATE: 5. Jan 95 18:43
It looks incredible around here....

FROM: Mr Logical <>

DATE: 5. Jan 95 22:21
What can I Say? How can we possibly want to live when we live to want?

FROM: Paul <>

DATE: 6. Jan 95 1:44
You have a lot of time on your hands, don't you? ;-) Anyway, thanks for the great cyber-experience. I thoroughly enjoyed perusing all the related avenues, too. Sort of makes me want my own home page now....:-) Later.

FROM: Werner Meier < or>
DATE: 6. Jan 95 6:01
the younger you die the longer you are dead...

FROM: J. Holmes <>

DATE: 6. Jan 95 7:59
Gotto say sweet, very sweet! Seems like the more blood runs red, the deeper your sleeptime is. Sorry, the J in the name doesn't stand for John.

Anyway, Definitely keep the GothWaves going ;^)

FROM: 'bye <>

DATE: 6. Jan 95 13:09
thanks for feeding....

FROM: seraph <>
URL: not yet, dearie
DATE: 6. Jan 95 17:27
Ooh! A Submit button! I've just got to push the Submit button. Aaaaaaaaagh, yes! Icing sugar to you!

FROM: jason bailey <>

DATE: 7. Jan 95 18:39
Thanks for the opportunity to speak with and learn new info on the greatest group ever...Siouxsie Rules!

FROM: Ola <>

DATE: 9. Jan 95 6:47
i havenīt found anything about Paradise Lost yet, hmmmmmm, that was strange.....

FROM: False < >

DATE: 9. Jan 95 11:17
Calling all Goths in Scotland or the North of England and I do mean all mail me now. I mean it. You'll enjoy my reply if you like gothic music and want to attend the soon to be seminal Scottish Gothic Event of the year.


DATE: 9. Jan 95 12:21
Just wanted to leave the name Johanna's House of Glamour in as many places as possible on the Internet. Please feel free to respond to the above EMAIL address. Thanks Laura Elizabeth Darrow

FROM: Mark Sengamalay <>

DATE: 9. Jan 95 20:59
I am a vampire looking for others of my kind. Mortals can only remain interesting for so long!! Please E-Mail me, as I have only now discovered the technologies of this new century (new to me).

FROM: Kermit <>

DATE: 10. Jan 95 12:10
Enjoyable, I like pretty piccies Ribbit

FROM: J. Shessel <>

DATE: 10. Jan 95 16:14
I'm very impressed with this base. I've just begun to use the WWW and I'm glad that there's a fourm for out type of estetic/music/culture. You've done a great job. J. Shessel

FROM: Alfred Douglas <>
URL: none, I don't believe in this!
DATE: 10. Jan 95 17:50
We fell from God's grace into a sea of songs. /

FROM: Joshua S. Lateiner <>
DATE: 10. Jan 95 19:30
RATING: Great. This was fun. Come visit the Boston NetGoth homepage someday... Boston NetGoth Homepage Regards,


FROM: Doobelaki AKA Mr Logical <>

DATE: 10. Jan 95 21:34
Too Much Love Will Kill You Every Time

FROM: Richard Kurtz <>

DATE: 11. Jan 95 1:48
Looks good, nice work

FROM: thomas seitz <>

DATE: 11. Jan 95 4:15
Oh what a nice adress, but where is Nosferatu?

FROM: pHaX <>

DATE: 11. Jan 95 12:43
is the net gothic? :)

FROM: Mouse <>

DATE: 11. Jan 95 16:09
Lookes allright so far

FROM: Black Andy <>
URL: yeh right
DATE: 11. Jan 95 16:43
It's truly delightful... a pleasure on anyone's mosaic screen

thought the net.goff pics were nice, nice and black

FROM: Petter Claeson <>

DATE: 12. Jan 95 5:43
More Nefilim news please!

FROM: Mats Boberg <>

DATE: 12. Jan 95 8:19
Simma lugnt!


DATE: 13. Jan 95 8:09
Just saying Hi, this is my first week on the NET and I am hooked.

FROM: Bryan Stratton <>

DATE: 13. Jan 95 11:14
As easy as it is to just bash on Goth, there is a lot of beautiful stuff out there. Thanks for creating the page and not taking yourself too seriously when you did it.

FROM: Al Golagnia <aaronw@wrq,com>

DATE: 13. Jan 95 12:24

FROM: Lee Dyson <>

DATE: 14. Jan 95 8:06
A great find... I'll be dropping in regularly..

FROM: Claire Dawe <>

DATE: 14. Jan 95 12:02
Very good Site!

FROM: sander <nope>
URL: nope
DATE: 14. Jan 95 14:000
sorry to hear about your term paper, Chanteur. To make it worse, I spent most of the Xmas-holidays in Paris. Love that city!! Right now, I'm on a very strange party in The Paradiso in Amsterdam. Strange music, strange people, etc. Ever had a party where they've installed computers? Regards, Sander.

FROM: Cindy Johansen <>

DATE: 16. Jan 95 1:12
Nice Place you got here.

FROM: Laura Elizabeth Darrow <DARROW@C813.NPT.NUWC.NAVY.MIL>

DATE: 17. Jan 95 11:25
I have recently been perusing the Gothic sections located in various places on the Internet. Somewhat surprisingly, the band I am in is listed in several places. The band is Johanna's House of Glamour -- we have several releases out in both the US and the UK. Most recently, a 7" single on C'est La Mort Records entitled "Forever Autumn" and in February on the UK's Sticky Records a 7" EP entitled "Wisteria". Most recently, we are doing a song for a Bedazzled Records compilation slated for release in late spring entitled "Woke Up Smiling". I guess the reason I'm writing is that I am trying to get our name out in as many places as I can on the Internet. The UK 7" also features ex- member of Throwing Muses/Belly Fred Abong on bass guitar. Feel free to Email me at the above address. Thanks for your time. Laura Elizabeth Darrow

FROM: David Burger <>
URL: none
DATE: 17. Jan 95 18:33
I'm looking for information regarding the band 'Uranium 235'...

FROM: entropy

DATE: 17. Jan 95 19:36

FROM: John Butler <>
DATE: 17. Jan 95 20:52
Your pages are very professional and well-written. Visit Nocturnia if you ever come to Atlanta.

FROM: Brian Miller <>

DATE: 18. Jan 95 11:50
hey...nice place you got here...usually good sites and well done sites don't go together.

FROM: malachi <>
DATE: 18. Jan 95 21:32
a valuable asset to the web. keep up the good intentions.

FROM: Luke Dobson <>

DATE: 19. Jan 95 9:55
Brilliant, surreal, awe inspiring, inspirational. Its Gothic what more need I say :)

FROM: Tom Pennington <>

DATE: 19. Jan 95 15:09
Gee, should I cut the Red artery, or the Blue vein? decisions decisions

FROM: Bob Doyle <>
DATE: 19. Jan 95 18:55
If it were not for twisted, haunting, and disturbing sites on the net that appealed to the darker side of the beings known as humans, well... well...I don't know exactly, but I'm just glad we're adult enough to talk about it, aren't you?

FROM: Moris ROMI <>

DATE: 20. Jan 95 5:44
It.s great...I'm new into gothic and that's a very good source for me

FROM: Billeeee <>
DATE: 20. Jan 95 8:41
I don't know if my URL is accessible. Anyway, I want everyone that reads this to know that I love them...:) -NYCee-ya!

FROM: Jenn Nees <>

DATE: 20. Jan 95 21:04
This is an interesting home page...first real time on WWW so it was great to se your graphics!!!!

FROM: Fred Ngo <>
DATE: 21. Jan 95 11:22
Cool, man.

FROM: Fred Ngo <>
DATE: 21. Jan 95 11:23
Cool, man.

FROM: Fred Ngo <>
DATE: 21. Jan 95 11:26
Cool, man.

FROM: MaVerick <>

DATE: 21. Jan 95 20:43

FROM: Jeremiah S.Junken <>

DATE: 22. Jan 95 3:26
If I did, V.stat would kill me, so no. Voyeur looking for pix!

FROM: Screamer <>
URL: No Idea
DATE: 22. Jan 95 14:16
This is great!! I just got an internet account yesterday and I can't beleive all the neat things i'm finding(like this web site)! I'm out here on the west coast, and out here the goth scene is HUGE. So i'm glad when I fi nd things like this. It makes me even happier when I think about the fact that goths are now comunicating world-wide thanks to the net! Ahhh...the wonder of it all....

FROM: Arcturus
URL: none
DATE: 23. Jan 95 3:28
My 1st week with Full Inet access. I'm experimenting with Netscape 0.9 Beta. I've been trying to dnld. version 1.0N but Netscape seems to be down for the night. Like...what's the deal with your E-mail field here in your comments section? It's blinking & won't let me enter my address? Thanks.....later q;{>##

FROM: Lorna Love <>

DATE: 23. Jan 95 12:000
Hello, you've spelt 'leave' wrong at the top ! Very nice. Lorna xxx

FROM: dorkboy

DATE: 23. Jan 95 14:03

FROM: Lori S Kreisman <>

DATE: 24. Jan 95 16:51
it's quite good

FROM: Libra <>

DATE: 24. Jan 95 19:04
You mispelled "leave." Nonetheless, you created a gothnet which is quite superb. NOTE: Whatever happened to the Sisters? Last I heard, Andrew had signed on a gospel singer and was doing nothing productive. And what's the rumor I hear of a Lydia Lunch tour?

FROM: dishmop <>
DATE: 25. Jan 95 13:21
Erm, the Sisters are getting there. In UTR, there was rumours of 'Coming Together' being a new song, and mumblings of a new album not being forthcoming in the near future. Er, and they're not doing any gigs _anywhere_ this year. Bummer. Wonder if they'll be boring gits and release 'greatest hits 2'. Bleh.

Oh, and to all you Neph fans out there, as one of these weirdies that has sisters zippos and neph T-shirts, try: here

FROM: Kelly <>

DATE: 25. Jan 95 22:19
'Lave' my mark here? My mark is clean enough, thank you. Nice page, by the way.


DATE: 26. Jan 95 6:38
It would be nice to see a few more different images.

FROM: Entrails of the Pepsi Generation (EPG) <>
URL: Private-
DATE: 26. Jan 95 8:22
Just thought I'd sign in


DATE: 30. Jan 95 2:06
(Just stopping the bold typeface.)

FROM: Joshua Bancroft <>

DATE: 30. Jan 95 9:46
I congratulate the vampire Lestat on moving into the era of the Web. Marius would be proud.

FROM: arnie <éį"!'>

DATE: 30. Jan 95 13:13
I wish I had Internet access !!!!!

Otherwise, it's really cool to see so many goths on the net

FROM: Henry <>

DATE: 30. Jan 95 18:40
New to this internet stuff. Hoping I can get some good images. I have a work acquaintance who may want to browse this. I'll be telling him See ya

FROM: damon drescher <>

DATE: 30. Jan 95 21:16
Great stuff, hope to comeback and visit again....

FROM: ANITRA HERNANDEZ <athernan@ux5.cso.uiuc.eedu>

DATE: 31. Jan 95 4:18

FROM: Tom Parr <>

DATE: 31. Jan 95 8:43
This place is great man!! ThankS!

FROM: Shane Henderson <>

DATE: 31. Jan 95 19:02
Nice server. Just checking things out.

FROM: Nathan Pino <>

DATE: 31. Jan 95 19:10
I am looking through Netscape just to see what I can find. I noticed your S. and the Banshees page. I was wondering if you knew if there were any Cure pages. I cannot find one. I have my own page, even though it aint much, but I have links to cool stuff, including Adam Curry's web page which has a lot of cool music web pages on it. My www address is Give me feedback if you want. I am new at this thing. Thanks.

FROM: Nathan Pino <>
DATE: 31. Jan 95 19:12
I am looking through Netscape just to see what I can find. I noticed your S. and the Banshees page. I was wondering if you knew if there were any Cure pages. I cannot find one. I have my own page, even though it aint much, but I have links to cool stuff, including Adam Curry's web page which has a lot of cool music web pages on it. My www address is Give me feedback if you want. I am new at this thing. Thanks.

FROM: Asylum <>

DATE: 31. Jan 95 21:30
I like it quite a bit. This sign-in thing in particular is a nice touch.

FROM: Cain <>

DATE: 31. Jan 95 22:21
Just looking for some bad people ....