FROM: Suzy <>
URL: what is this?
DATE: 1. Feb 95 6:15
Just wandering through via another person's home page... I found out about it from The Dark Side of the Net.

FROM: Johnny Soul <>

DATE: 1. Feb 95 19:10
nice stuff, but too many pictures from comic books...

FROM: John Grant <>
URL: None
DATE: 2. Feb 95 7:16
Very good

FROM: nothing <>
URL: http;//
DATE: 2. Feb 95 8:000
One of the best goth servers I've encountered so far.

FROM: Carrie Donovan <donovacr@gusun.acc.ger>
URL: What's a URL?
DATE: 2. Feb 95 11:17
Hey I'm new at all this e-mail stuff. My e-mail address wouldn't fit in the above box so here it is in it's entirety: This is actually the first time I've used the Internet. I like t he Gothic page. I'm a Goth musician myself. Be on the lookout for a band called the Giftig with me, Aaron Chandler, and Trey Ehart from that art school in Baltimore. We're just in it for fun, but hey, isn't that what music should be? Please send mail. I only have one person's e-mail address off campus. By the way, I go to Georgetown University, so definitely get in touch if you need a companion for the 9:30 Club or something.

FROM: Lilith <>
URL: ????
DATE: 5. Feb 95 6:15
Is Cain here ??? I'm looking for him to lunch. A lot of guest are coming for dinner ...

FROM: Seanman <>
DATE: 5. Feb 95 17:06
Again I find myself on the pages of the goth server. Just taking another chunk of my fifteen minutes.

FROM: Chanteur <>

DATE: 6. Feb 95 3:23
Hi Sander Nope, I've never been to such a party. Just the usual stuff: Lights, music etc. Sorry about the delay though, but I had to find a computer first (just moved to Loughborough). I finally got an e-mail, which will last until end june, I just hope it fits. So how's Amsterdam? Regards Chanteur (Perhaps I should change my name to "The lad with the green hair" as I'm apparently known around here.)

FROM: Paul Bartholow <>

DATE: 6. Feb 95 20:17
It's all so hyperreal.

FROM: Gavin <>
URL: Good questio...Dunno
DATE: 7. Feb 95 8:28
This things really cool. I only found it this morning and have been using the Universities resources to search around. I like the Goth stuff.

Keep up the good work.

Mail me if you are bored...

FROM: Don Smith <>
DATE: 7. Feb 95 10:01
Yours is probably my favorite goth page I've found so far. In fact, if you travel to mine (still under construction), I'm sure you'll find the images to look very familiar.

FROM: Damien Hunt <>

DATE: 7. Feb 95 10:04
COOL Wicked Like it Thanks

FROM: John Angel <>
URL: None
DATE: 7. Feb 95 15:34
I am tring to set up a WWW page myself. This gives me a good example of what I want mine to be like. I just hope it will be as good.


FROM: Brady Benner <>

DATE: 7. Feb 95 22:11
Cool so far

FROM: Emilio Ampudia Martin <>
DATE: 8. Feb 95 4:40
Hello evribody from Barcelona....!! 8)

FROM: Lady Restless <>

DATE: 8. Feb 95 8:37
No comments...

FROM: Heather Rose Busby <>
DATE: 8. Feb 95 16:17
My goodness... it certainly has been quite some time since I've stopped in to visit! Now look at you with a new job and a new email address..

Nothing terribly new and exciting in Texas...

Que sorpresa!!

Love and Orchids, Heather Rose

FROM: Heather Rose (reprise) <>
DATE: 8. Feb 95 16:28
I really think I'm the first to try to

inline some images... we shall see if I succeed...

Heather Rose

FROM: Bertil <>
DATE: 8. Feb 95 23:52

FROM: Elizabeth <>
URL: None
DATE: 9. Feb 95 0:44
Ryan! Hi!It is Elizabeth from Helter! Remember me? The Cocteau Twins? Blond? I never thought I would find you online!!!! I have been hearing from other comp. geeks that you are a GOD at this stuff! One of my friends would love to meet you. If you remember me write!!!!!

FROM: Ryan Watkins <>
DATE: 9. Feb 95 14:33
Heather - looks like you did succeed, and get a couple inline images in there. Looks like I'm gonna have to removed the one that didnt work, and the one thats really big... this thing takes an insanely long time to load as it is. Hopefully I'll have it all moved to a new site soon and cleaned up. Oh, and hey, check out my new job. - Ryan aka VampLestat

FROM: Darrell Weststeyn <>

DATE: 9. Feb 95 18:47
Great server

FROM: Random Numbers <fiend+@CMU.EDU>
DATE: 10. Feb 95 6:18

FROM: Powell <>
URL: not yet
DATE: 10. Feb 95 12:01
Great page keep it up! "To me everyday is Halloween..." Dark regards, Powell

FROM: amonar

DATE: 10. Feb 95 15:18

FROM: Chanteur <>

DATE: 11. Feb 95 7:03
Please! NO MORE ON-LINE IMAGES!!!! It's taking long enough to load this page as it is!

(Stupid 33 MHZ machine)

FROM: Fizban <>
DATE: 11. Feb 95 7:42
Cool site.. I recommend my small site for all those who love dragons

FROM: christine treadaway <>
DATE: 11. Feb 95 13:50
ah, this is what i needed when i was 14 years old. . .

FROM: david Gillett <>
URL: ?
DATE: 11. Feb 95 16:04
It's cool but I'm a keen, ney rabid Cure fan so if there are any other lke minded cure nuts feel free to get in touch.

FROM: Lindsay Thibeault <>

DATE: 11. Feb 95 21:36
I found that this is the perfect place to learn more about my favorite passtime.

FROM: Evil Pete <>
DATE: 12. Feb 95 15:12
... and love is always over in the morning ...

FROM: napj <>

DATE: 13. Feb 95 7:17
I just came here for the first time. I think i will stay a little longer here.

FROM: sander <nope>
URL: nope
DATE: 13. Feb 95 11:09
Hi Chanteur, nice to hear about your own adress. I can't have one here, since this is the computerroom of the university of Amsterdam, From where I normally enter this Leviathan called Internet. Amsterdam is a nice place to be, I guess. Living here spoils you. Whatever your interests are; you'll find them here. Hope to get my own appartment soon. One of these days I'll try to E-mail you (as soon as I find out how these damned computers work). Regards, Sander (a.k.a. TondeuseMan)(that's my crimefighting alter ego)

FROM: Delphelia (Carl Deaker) <>
DATE: 13. Feb 95 12:57
Well structured and lovingly put together. Excellent work!! Now it's time for me to light the candles...

FROM: Michael Angelini <>
URL: ??
DATE: 13. Feb 95 13:32
Eh? Just Came here by accident.. just a surf...

FROM: Ivo <>

DATE: 14. Feb 95 10:38
Just a little hello to y'all... Vamp, we miss ya in L.A. When ya gonna come back and visit us, huh???? Remember... "Ivo Says...."

Luv 'n' Razors,


FROM: christie <>

DATE: 14. Feb 95 17:27

FROM: Matt Wong <>

DATE: 15. Feb 95 4:30
Kilroy was here!

FROM: Jim Theuman <>

DATE: 15. Feb 95 10:44
I am very new at the web, however I am impressed with this server. Who said you should not have fun and work!

FROM: Chanteur <>

DATE: 15. Feb 95 13:16
Hi Sander

Correct me if I am wrong (this is an open invitation) but as far as I know, it is not possible to send an e-mail to another without having one of your own (Or using someone elses) But if it is, please do.


Regards Chanteur

FROM: Peter Pettersson <>

DATE: 16. Feb 95 9:51
...when the moon turned red it was time to die...

FROM: Luke the vamp <>
URL: I dont know do I?
DATE: 16. Feb 95 10:20
what a morbid and deeply depressing page of mentally disturbing madness. BRILLIANT. I loved it. Keep up the good work:)

FROM: ^Nicodemus^ <>

DATE: 16. Feb 95 11:26
I've been searching for a list of MUDs. Finally...

FROM: Tracy Palma <>

DATE: 16. Feb 95 11:44
You have a very nifty site sir, I enjoy it very much. I love net.goth!

FROM: Matt Bing <>
URL: nope
DATE: 16. Feb 95 17:54
I'm into Dead Can Dance, Type O Negative, and HP Lovecraft

FROM: Blitz <>

DATE: 16. Feb 95 22:20
This looks cool, but I have not had a chance to look around yet

FROM: Sander <none>

DATE: 17. Feb 95 5:18
Hi, Chanteur. Yesterday I succeeded in sending an E-mail to a friend of mine here in Amsterdam. I just made up my own E-mail adress! (perhaps not the way it has to be done, but if it works, it works.)(Just like when you fix something and you have things left over after you've put everything together)(My motorcycle, for example>) So one of these days I'm bleeping on your screen, or so. Greetings from the Lowlands, Sander P.S. Where is Loughborough?

FROM: Christoph UEbleis <>
DATE: 17. Feb 95 8:01
Nice done. (Sound is missing!?)

FROM: Wim Vandeputte <Wim.Vandeputte - at->
URL: tilda wvdputte/home.html
DATE: 17. Feb 95 8:04
Great place... keep up the good work :-)

(sorry bout my keyboard... some stuff is missing :-(

FROM: Tony Monroe <>
DATE: 17. Feb 95 18:56
Okay, so I'm a bit of a sucker for the pictures... Especially pictures of vampires... I'm getting thirsty...

FROM: Chanteur <>

DATE: 18. Feb 95 5:16
Hi Sander. I think I'm going to have to try that e-mail trick when I move back to Aalborg. But for now: Loughborough is located in mid-England near Nottingham. A town with 50.000 people, where the 9.000 are students, in some way or another. I'll be looking forward to the future e-mail. Greetings from the Eng-lands Chanteur.

FROM: Joe Ducharme <>
DATE: 18. Feb 95 11:53
"what the hell you staring at?!?" - Duckman!

NPOST /cgi-bin/comments HTTP/1.0

FROM: lucia Santiago Dantes <>

DATE: 18. Feb 95 16:55
Its great!! Thanks for the Gothic Page!!!!

FROM: Bryan/Quicksilver <>
DATE: 18. Feb 95 18:01
Cool page.....

FROM: Eva <>

DATE: 18. Feb 95 18:06
thanks for the net.goth gallery...just great!

FROM: Anton McCoy <>

DATE: 19. Feb 95 5:49
Better than Chemistry.

FROM: No one

DATE: 19. Feb 95 12:47
Fun and Games. Fun and Games. Aaaaaaaggggghhhhhh!

FROM: joe jones <>

DATE: 20. Feb 95 6:32
good page, enjoyed the alien sex fiend gif's

FROM: Amanda Wilson <>

DATE: 20. Feb 95 11:02
I love all the stuff about Sisters. But more Nephilim pleeeeeease.

FROM: Lysander Athenae <>
DATE: 20. Feb 95 18:49
heehee... pretty interesting stuf... gonna go look at it some more now... linked it to my own home page too, so y'all can go round and round...

FROM: Anonymous <>

DATE: 20. Feb 95 20:22
Bite me

FROM: brian david smith <>
DATE: 20. Feb 95 22:30
been watching this place for months. finally got a home page up, thought i'd mention it here, seeing as i mentioned you there. later. --b.s.

FROM: Leon <>
DATE: 21. Feb 95 2:47
Great page, some excellent pics. Cheers!

FROM: gnat <>
DATE: 21. Feb 95 5:03
boy, am i glad i'm on a ethernet connection. spiff pages, tho!

FROM: Enar <pumm9@Skelleftea.SE>
URL: http//:Skeria.Skelleftea.SE
DATE: 21. Feb 95 10:08

FROM: christine Pikutis <IN%"">

DATE: 21. Feb 95 12:15
Cool!! :) love the crow graphics....

FROM: Dracul@IRC <>
DATE: 21. Feb 95 21:44
just surfing www... wanted to see what a "lestat" would look like :-) greetings to all Anne Rice fans! The Original!

FROM: victor

DATE: 21. Feb 95 23:05
keep running in the flat field... i think mephisto's enjoying his feast:) thanks for the dark entries....

FROM: "Berra" <>

DATE: 22. Feb 95 4:20
Thanks fore all nice pictures and stuff! Send me a E-mail if you want to. I'm a great Sisters Of Mercy fan. Oh, i almost forgotten to say that i'm living in Sweden. That could be interesting to "talk" with other Sisters fans in the world. Hoping to se my box ful soon...

FROM: Ragnar Ehrenroth < (until tomorrow, that is)>

DATE: 22. Feb 95 8:56
So what if inlined pictures increases loading time? It took me much longer time to read all this, than it took to load it. But maybe I'm stupid. Maybe I shouldn't have read *all* the stuff...

FROM: Wayne

DATE: 22. Feb 95 11:000
Siouxsie rules (and is a hot babe to boot!)

FROM: Wayne from Newman

DATE: 22. Feb 95 11:09
To Matt Wong (Kilroy was here.) Are you Kirk HeyMatt? Kirk Hemmett from Metallica look-alike? If so Toronto misses you. Call on this Goth page if it's you...assuming you ever see this message. If the Matt in questio n is not the right Matt...just drop a note saying "Nope Nope Nope Not Me Man." Thanx To All Matts Involved.

FROM: Rob <>

DATE: 22. Feb 95 14:59
What about Rosetta Stone?

FROM: maria doiranlis <>

DATE: 22. Feb 95 15:04
Interested in the server. Please send information to my e-mail address.

FROM: the drowned rat <>

DATE: 22. Feb 95 16:45

FROM: Korneel Pijnenburg <>
URL: none
DATE: 23. Feb 95 10:22

FROM: jania

DATE: 23. Feb 95 14:27
This whole world is a new experience to me. Someone help me get out of this utter state of confusion before the rest of my mind is contaminated with the sick society I call home. Before I fade into the darkness which i s ever so comforting, i hope to meet other creatures of the night and pass on my love of gothic life. Im a simple person who askes nothing of others but mere understanding for who and what i am. If judgement is what I seek, then to a church I shall go. Im so lost in this new world Ive created for myself, no friends that are true, nothing but remorse and solitude. Why must I continue to suffer because I am different. I know there are others out there like myself, but where? Im new and getting sucked into the reality of trends. My life is being sucked out right before my eyes!!!!! All I ask is for a small amount of empathy.-Jania

FROM: jania

DATE: 23. Feb 95 14:34
please come forth if you are able- I have no computer so hand-written mail is necessary. 4567 st. john's bluff rd. s. Jacksonville, Florida 32224-6699 HB# 1449 or 307 E. Emerald Place Indian Harbour Beach, Florida 32 937. Address it to Jania care of A.E.C.

FROM: James R. Hickman <>
DATE: 23. Feb 95 15:42
I am 39, single (divorced) and interested in meeting Russian girls, ages 17-30. I own a software publishing company in Dallas, Texas. I'd like to correspond with students who are pretty, intelligent, nice build, and have scientific, computer, or medical interests. Thanks in advance for you help. My mailing address is: 4204 Creekstone Dr., Plano, Texas 75093 USA.

FROM: James R. Hickman <>
DATE: 23. Feb 95 15:43
I am 39, single (divorced) and interested in meeting Russian girls, ages 17-30. I own a software publishing company in Dallas, Texas. I'd like to correspond with students who are pretty, intelligent, nice build, and have scientific, computer, or medical interests. Thanks in advance for you help. My mailing address is: 4204 Creekstone Dr., Plano, Texas 75093 USA.

FROM: Anonymous <>
URL: ???
DATE: 23. Feb 95 17:26
Your music list is missing Nick Cave, who can go for an in-determinate amount of time without the dulcet tones of "The Mercy Seat" or "Shivers"?

P.S. A mention of H.P. Lovecraft's Cthulhu mythos wouldn't go astray!

That which is not dead may eternal lie, And with stranges aeons even death may die. (HP Lovecraft)

Antti %0

FROM: drkhorse <>
URL: mosaic
DATE: 23. Feb 95 19:21
eat me please i like ketchup.

FROM: Moz Magister <sorta borrowed.>
DATE: 23. Feb 95 23:53
Just a note. I've been watching these areas for a while but was paralyzed with out Memory space. Incidently, is anything happening except Rosetta and Mish in the UK atm?

FROM: Anonymous <>

DATE: 24. Feb 95 1:20

FROM: Linn Kjrmo <>
DATE: 24. Feb 95 4:29
Hi Ryan. How are you? Please send me a picture you american hunk!

FROM: Alf <>
DATE: 24. Feb 95 4:33
you better try my home-page, I have not translated it all to english but there is something you could understand ! at my english homepage.And the toiletpage.


DATE: 24. Feb 95 7:14

FROM: Dora <>
DATE: 24. Feb 95 21:51
loved the sandman & death piccies! *bouce* were great to stumble across at 1 in the morning and dead on my feet :)

FROM: Neesh

DATE: 25. Feb 95 11:45
Not Bag....Lesty...not bag at all!

FROM: ryan r. garcia <>

DATE: 25. Feb 95 16:07
I like it. There's not much that compares to this...except maybe blood...

FROM: pat.whatever <>
URL: I wish...
DATE: 25. Feb 95 18:51
Segued thru a few nights ago on an ImageSample of HotWired. Grabbed nmx7 and two2 - very.nice (well-admired on my office wall) - and came back on a quest for GigerArt (a link that works). Think I'll take a closer look round now that I have read the marks here (might be time to install a FIFO mechanism tho'...) as I may have found some material for the inlay card to a cassette I just put together for my brother. One thing I did notice was the high-quality syntax and spelling of positive marks - this is definitely a better-educated gathering of net.ntts, which makes a change. If any other web.initiates happen to share my taste in packets of desire I am quite willing to correspond. Don't be put off by my verbosity, I'm baked. Now, off to purloin an alien sex fiend. Gratuitous Quote: "Don't mean nothin'. Just say 'Fuck It!' and drive on." doo.whuchyalike ;) P.S.:Help route around net.censorship and sign the e-petition against S134 - check out this week's postings on alt.censorship for details, alternatively contact EFF. >:|

FROM: Malcolm Moncrief-Spittle <>

DATE: 25. Feb 95 21:45
It is nobler in the main to supper than the boys and errors of outrager's virtue

FROM: Tim Glasgow <>
URL: Yeah, like i can afford my own.
DATE: 26. Feb 95 0:06
Wow! i didn't know that there were others. Please, please, keep this going! i like the button below this screen that says "submit". Submit to whom? What is she wearing? i live about two hours from Toronto in a city called London. It is a bleak existence here. Your server is a godsend.

FROM: ashley <>

DATE: 26. Feb 95 0:27
loved "makeup tips for the bleak"

FROM: Walewicz

DATE: 26. Feb 95 20:56

FROM: Nicky Wilson <>

DATE: 27. Feb 95 0:44
Always looking for dark corners to hide in. ;)

FROM: Joshua Archer <>

DATE: 27. Feb 95 2:02

FROM: Cruciform <>

DATE: 27. Feb 95 2:49
Cool page... needs some darker ambience though. Like the listing of the clubs. Haven't checked everything yet, but if you don't have links to Sisters of Mercy or Type O Negative pages I recommend it =;) Greets from Canada. ( ) _ _ ^ "

FROM: Death

DATE: 27. Feb 95 12:30

FROM: Xenon <>

DATE: 27. Feb 95 15:41
i like. now i must rest.

FROM: Peter Arvidsson <>
DATE: 27. Feb 95 17:16
First time? Don't worry, first time for me to! Gothic love last forever.


FROM: Walewicz <>
URL: What is URL?????
DATE: 27. Feb 95 23:51
How about some coverage of the goth/death/doom/slashwankwankwank bands like My Dying Bride or Paradise Lost (before they became shit)???

FROM: Paul <>

DATE: 28. Feb 95 7:12
Any rosetta stone stuff floating about?

FROM: Krystus Lockhart <>

DATE: 28. Feb 95 10:43
stigmata oh you sordid sight... I produce NightShade magazine, greedily accepting submissions

FROM: shalene shimer <>

DATE: 28. Feb 95 10:49
I'm new, and what I see I like (so far), but are there any sites devoted solely to vampires?

FROM: Jackie Dyson <>

DATE: 28. Feb 95 12:09
Look out for my Malhavoc Home Page, soon to be released. E-mail me with any suggestions.

FROM: dyna <>

DATE: 28. Feb 95 14:22
a wonderful experience :)

FROM: Lord of the Black <>
URL: sorry what?.....
DATE: 28. Feb 95 15:16
Cool, keeps me sniggering for hours afterwards!!! Good luck, it's all worth I promise, and just remember, "Only the Americans would build a place like this in the middle of a jungle, only the Americans would want to." Chiao.

FROM: Ron <>

DATE: 28. Feb 95 16:34
Late at night, when I surf the net, Your's is the page I hope to find.