FROM: Ryan Watkins <>
DATE: 16. Oct 94 18:09
Hmmm... now lets see if this thing works and doesnt blow up on me ... *tick* ... *tick* ... KABOOOM!

FROM: Rob Ingram <>
DATE: 17. Oct 94 8:34
Just passing through. Checking out NCSA's Netscape compared with Mosaic. Certainly makes getting past all those inlined images easier!


FROM: aratus clarke <>
DATE: 17. Oct 94 17:48
your sh*t is phat jackson.

FROM: Christian <>
DATE: 17. Oct 94 22:25
Cool page - plonk! into the hotlist it goes.

Oh and remember boys and girls: Netscape is devilspawn I mean that.

FROM: Geoff Hogg <>
DATE: 18. Oct 94 3:10
How can you call it goth without Fields of the Nephilim? Nice work, what do you do the graphics on. How to start ones own page?

FROM: brian krasowski <>
DATE: 18. Oct 94 9:50
finally someone wit' smarts enough to put the crow on the screen. thanks.

FROM: the pumpkin king <>
URL: none yet, sadly
DATE: 18. Oct 94 20:24
i loved it. it was better than CATS (UC Santa Cruz joke) I'm going to lynx it again and again

FROM: Mike Swain <>
DATE: 19. Oct 94 5:28
Gosh, its all so - so - well, dark...

FROM: Jim Johnson (DK) <>
DATE: 19. Oct 94 14:35
Great site, I stole a bunch of your links for my home page....Thanks

FROM: Tanya L. Crenshaw <>
DATE: 19. Oct 94 16:20
True to the midset and defintion of Gothic--what Gothic should be, not what Holloywood and the media THINKS Gothic should be.

FROM: TomN <>
DATE: 19. Oct 94 17:59
Good page. Good pointers

FROM: eden <>
URL: (working on it...)
DATE: 19. Oct 94 18:09
looks cool. i'll let you know when mine is up (again) as well....

FROM: Blackjack <>
DATE: 19. Oct 94 18:36
Bella Lagosi? Isn't he dead?

FROM: Robert Earl <rearl@Cthulhu.COM>
DATE: 20. Oct 94 1:51
Blistering graphics you have there. I am trying out Netscape on my stupid PC with Windows because I can't afford a Sun at home yet :-)

I have downloaded a bunch of the Sisters GIFs you had online and I dunno what I'd do without them. Thanks for a great Gothic page.

FROM: Anonymous <>
DATE: 20. Oct 94 9:08
Excellent is all I can say, some well brilliant images for us Goths to dwell over. How about some more Nephilim ...

Forever Remai

FROM: Danny Ramirez <>
DATE: 20. Oct 94 9:23
The pictures here are cool! I especially like the sandman and death stuff, (wishing for more). Good job all :)

FROM: Danny Ramirez <>
DATE: 20. Oct 94 9:27
This place is really cool! I love the Death and Sandman stuff! keep up the good work :)

FROM: Michael A. T. Marro <>
DATE: 20. Oct 94 15:12
Just trying to see if I did this right.

FROM: FreeBird <>
DATE: 21. Oct 94 3:02
Are there any other "vampire" homepages around other than this one? if so, Are they well frequented? Gothic is close to want I'm searching for, but not close enough...

FROM: Peter Dubuque <>
DATE: 21. Oct 94 9:23
Very slick. My pathetic web page pales in comparison.

FROM: Obscurity <>
URL: Not Yet....
DATE: 22. Oct 94 7:12
Veerry nice ....

FROM: Matthew Harelick <>
DATE: 22. Oct 94 11:50
I am looking for lots more Alien Sex Fiend stuff.

FROM: The Mad Kobold <>
DATE: 22. Oct 94 18:58
Super-groovie, Ryan.

FROM: Justin Paulson <>
DATE: 22. Oct 94 18:58
Nice stuff! I'm very impressed.

FROM: Jason Riedy <>
DATE: 23. Oct 94 2:57
Sehr nett... (Yes, another person who decided to throw NetScape aganst the inlined-image hell here...)

FROM: Anonymous <>
DATE: 23. Oct 94 5:32
Hi there. Popped in to visit the server for a lazy Sunday afternoon... somewhat impressive... nice to have snatched copies of Take A Bite too... Oh.. Netscape's definitely fun... if a killer for the phone-bill.

Wish I had a URL...

Toodlepip Old Chap, Steve

FROM: Steve <>
DATE: 23. Oct 94 7:14
Wow! What better way to spend sunday afternoon

FROM: Fritz McDonald <>
DATE: 23. Oct 94 14:38
everyone needs more pics...

FROM: James Hays <>
DATE: 23. Oct 94 22:44
Interesting. Think I'll add this to my homepage, provided I can get the URL from you. Danke.

FROM: Jim Parker <>
DATE: 24. Oct 94 1:26
Wonderful site u have setup. I enjoyed it all esp Siouxsi & the Bs. Thanks

FROM: Brendan Gray (Darkhorse) <>
URL: Theoretical
DATE: 24. Oct 94 8:52
Just another net.goth stopping by..always a pleasure. Grr..need to get this netWare in my room and out of the lab.

FROM: David House <>
DATE: 24. Oct 94 11:32
It's Easter in October (Jack Skellington would be so proud)! Stop by my goth page for more info... while you're there, check out the "tons of other gothic pointers."

(Keep up the great work, Ryan!)

DATE: 24. Oct 94 22:20
Nice page mon, Halloween's almost here...?

FROM: El <>
DATE: 24. Oct 94 22:23
Still the best gothic server going!

FROM: Anonymous
DATE: 24. Oct 94 23:16
Hey you bonehead! Get outta my mac!

FROM: Guy <>
URL: not yet
DATE: 25. Oct 94 3:58
Haven't yet explored but it looks interesting.....

"An open mind and a closed fist"

FROM: Graham Dunn <>
URL: http://notme!
DATE: 25. Oct 94 19:49
It keeps getting bigger! Neat links too... Even if I can only get at lynx for now. :< Oh well.

FROM: Shannon Allen <>
DATE: 26. Oct 94 8:40
I'm looking for more images from horror flicks.

DATE: 26. Oct 94 8:48

FROM: Michelle Davis <>
URL: :(
DATE: 26. Oct 94 11:16
I enjoy your page.. U have done a really good job with it. I need to get my GIF added if I can.

FROM: Beaux <>
DATE: 26. Oct 94 12:25
Just getting ready to check this sight out!

FROM: Robert Bslmaseda <>
URL: not yet
DATE: 26. Oct 94 12:37
Trite as it sounds, I found your sight to be both cool and informative.

FROM: Grant Hatter <>
DATE: 26. Oct 94 16:14
Great job on the page...

FROM: Thomas Wernberg <>
DATE: 26. Oct 94 18:02
Hey Vamp... Just bouncing around, got bored with my evening after writing my university application. so I decided to spend an hour here in Cyberworld. My club is up, 100 people came last monday and next time I think more will come. Trying to book Christian Death to play there, but it seems that thier europe tour has been cancelled. :( Also next time we will have a coffin with the smoke mnachine inside, I think it will look great on the improvised cementary we made this time. So foggy you couldnt see more than 1 meter ahead.

URL: ??????
DATE: 27. Oct 94 5:44
Very impressed indeed, it makes the newsgroups seem very dull, however I've noticed a distinct lack of Cure links or photos, and at the moment I'm desperately trying to get the lyriccs for Burn..........

FROM: Anonymous
DATE: 27. Oct 94 5:53
First time around, gotta watch first

FROM: Ben Butler <>
DATE: 27. Oct 94 13:32
Anyone wanting to discuss Sandman or other Gaiman-related stuff, I'm here listening!

FROM: High Plains Drifter <>
DATE: 27. Oct 94 22:08
Good stuff...Crow pics...I'm impressed...

FROM: Stefan Petersson <>
DATE: 28. Oct 94 6:22
Well, what can I say... Gotta be the ultimate Gothic WWW page (so far!) (But then, of course, we all knew that...)

...and to think I didn't even notice your guestbook till now!


DATE: 28. Oct 94 8:50
Hi............ Just surfin' through.....

FROM: Brent Kirwan
DATE: 28. Oct 94 14:11
Finally connected to this site. Way cool. Sorry, no solid E-mail yet ... ab-using a T1 line at the moment... sooooo f a s t ! BJK Ottawa/Canada

FROM: Dallas Bethune <>
DATE: 28. Oct 94 15:05
Mr. Ambient gets around.

FROM: Andrew Potts <>
DATE: 28. Oct 94 16:14
Great page, but keep on with the Nephilim. 'We are the lost ones in the company of the bright angels'

FROM: Kraig Blackwelder <>
DATE: 30. Oct 94 16:47
Wonderful information. Goth is probably the best represented subculture on the net.

FROM: Kory Lasker <>
DATE: 31. Oct 94 5:28
Way cool. I came, I saw, forgot what came next. Damn.


DATE: 31. Oct 94 8:50
Sad and Pretentous beyond belief

DATE: 31. Oct 94 15:000
Interesting use of the HomePage concept. Keep it up.

FROM: Midnight <>
URL: That would be telling.
DATE: 31. Oct 94 16:51
Do you suppose that anyone really reads these things, or do we just submit them so that everybody else will read them, and know that we were here _first_? Hmmm.

FROM: Per Olofsson (Puppy) <>
DATE: 31. Oct 94 17:11
Couldn't resist... :)

"I'm one of the ten goths in Gothenburg" /Puppy

FROM: pelle <cl3polof>
URL: http://www.tjosan/olle.html
DATE: 31. Oct 94 17:15
i sing lalalalala '