Dawn <scryrubberducky@yahoo.com>
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4. Nov 2004 9:12
i kinda just stumbled onto your website. i had it written down from last year and i thought it was kinda interesting. can you tell me more about everything

Christina <rosewater13@wmconnect.com>
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9. Nov 2004 18:53
I some how got to your website, and I love it! I would love to here more about everything you did. plz e-mail me back thnx

l.borden <lborden69@aol.com>
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13. Nov 2004 14:36
there needs to be way more pictures to save and print

Foamy's Minion <lsuckittrebekl@hotmail.com>
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15. Nov 2004 12:07
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Colony <Colony@spymac.com>
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15. Nov 2004 17:50
Has anyone heard anything from Azmorth Darkslayer lately? Been trying to find the homepage for ages. Somebody send me a link before I crack and become sane again (nobody wants that to happen)

"Yours" <the_bronx86@hotmail.com>
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17. Nov 2004 23:10
The images are sic, nice site