FROM: Jack <>
DATE: 1. Nov 94 13:07
Hmmm... interesting. I just kind of stumbled here by accident.

FROM: Danny Islam <>
DATE: 1. Nov 94 14:21
Excellent!! Never have I seen so much goth stuff in my life!! Thanx!

FROM: B.J. Parker <>
DATE: 1. Nov 94 15:32
Looks nice; keep up the good work. Your efforts are appreciated.

FROM: Juris Jauntirans <>
DATE: 1. Nov 94 16:41
The Moose is loose. Beware.

FROM: Leonard Navarro <>
DATE: 1. Nov 94 18:04

FROM: Twilight's Child <>
DATE: 1. Nov 94 19:13
Yummy site. Darkly inspirational and bearing a significant number of interesting words and delicious images. More.

FROM: nate <>
DATE: 1. Nov 94 22:15
Excellent database.. I enjoyed browsing throught the pictures. I appreciate the time and effort put into this project..

FROM: Bill Pena (Creon) <>
DATE: 2. Nov 94 11:34
Well, I'm viewing it w/Lynx, text only, so I'm pissed that I can't check out some goth images... are there any available for downloading?

FROM: Bill Bradford <>
DATE: 2. Nov 94 14:29
pretty good!

FROM: greg doyle <>
DATE: 2. Nov 94 18:48
gothic is funny

FROM: Robin Bradford <>
DATE: 2. Nov 94 19:29
This is out of control! It is about time

FROM: Kevin Baker <>
DATE: 2. Nov 94 19:34
hello ryan you have a cool name. I don't know if the email address is co correct,Im a student at Oakland University in Rochester MI. like what youve done, write me Kevin Baker 6415 Denton, Troy MI 48098

FROM: Kevin Baker <>
DATE: 2. Nov 94 19:35
hello ryan you have a cool name. I don't know if the email address is co correct,Im a student at Oakland University in Rochester MI. like what youve done, write me Kevin Baker 6415 Denton, Troy MI 48098

FROM: Talon <>
DATE: 2. Nov 94 23:48
looking for all vampyre related sources on the net, www, telnet, finger, ftp, telnet, etc. "I have become death.... a destroyer of worlds"

FROM: Jim <>
DATE: 3. Nov 94 4:37
This is all very well, but where are the goth babes at ?!

FROM: rob <>
DATE: 3. Nov 94 15:47
hmmmm, tasts like chicken

FROM: Elly Burian <>
DATE: 3. Nov 94 18:41
this is beautiful... i've used a few of the gifs from the goth image database for my homepage...


FROM: Zoltan Hawryluk <>
DATE: 3. Nov 94 21:16
I had no idea there was this much fascination with the music (and group of people) I grew up with. Keep up the good work.

FROM: Scott the Storyteller <>
DATE: 3. Nov 94 21:29
Ah, children - but don't you see that night has already fallen?

FROM: Jeremiah Corner <>
DATE: 4. Nov 94 8:30
Looks Cool

FROM: Fredrick Palmer <>
DATE: 4. Nov 94 14:36
Cool stuff you got here!!! Keep it up it's purdy rad!

FROM: andrew stewart <>
DATE: 4. Nov 94 19:56
not read it yet

FROM: Nemesis <>
DATE: 4. Nov 94 21:51
Welcome to sanctuary.....

FROM: Killer Productions <XXXXXXXX>
DATE: 5. Nov 94 6:57
Coming soon...

FROM: Rayn Rayn Rayn <>

DATE: 5. Nov 94 16:08
I'm liking what I'm seeing. But I need more! Also, I'm new. Can you give me some hints?

FROM: Rayn <>

DATE: 6. Nov 94 10:20
I'm back yet again. I cannot seem to get enough...

FROM: Ed Hughes <>

DATE: 6. Nov 94 11:14
better than the Gothic Rock Black Book :)

FROM: Rayn <>

DATE: 6. Nov 94 17:16
Okay, so I screwed up my address...TWICE! Oh well, it's right now.

FROM: Bryan Fullerton <>

DATE: 6. Nov 94 23:05
Excellent. We want more!

FROM: Bryan Fullerton <>
URL: soon, soon...
DATE: 6. Nov 94 23:11
Sooooooooooo.... where's the blood? heh heh heh ;)

FROM: Kai 'Oswald' Seidler <>
DATE: 7. Nov 94 7:42
ryan, i like your pages very much.


FROM: Rama <>
URL: !
DATE: 7. Nov 94 9:57
AAAAAAAAAAAAH! *Tishew* Oops . Gotta go get something to clean that up with.

FROM: Nate Wells <>
URL: none current
DATE: 7. Nov 94 13:40
A rose is a rose, of course, but black?

FROM: Chris Zuhars <>

DATE: 9. Nov 94 12:54
Far out images! I'm shocked.

FROM: Rachel Gollub <>
DATE: 9. Nov 94 16:28
Cool stuff.

FROM: Margarette Anne <>
URL: ?
DATE: 9. Nov 94 18:13
Amazingly intriguing and awe-inspiring...Please write (anybody!!!) to a lonely californian goth in New York....

FROM: Margarette Anne <>
URL: >??
DATE: 9. Nov 94 18:27
I forgot, but there is also a lonely goth girl stuck in CA who would write to anyone (nearly) if interested, please email me...

FROM: seanman <>

DATE: 9. Nov 94 21:53
more, more, more. I can only ask for more.

FROM: Darkamber <>

DATE: 10. Nov 94 1:57
Neat.Oooh, Crow picts! Too little poetry, though.

FROM: Adam <>

DATE: 10. Nov 94 11:12
Much enjoyed the server, Vample. ;)= I'm quite impressed.

FROM: Philip Kahler <>

DATE: 10. Nov 94 12:21

FROM: Jeremy R. Huber <>

DATE: 10. Nov 94 15:33
Nice work!!!

FROM: Mike Fischer <>
URL: Coming soon!
DATE: 10. Nov 94 17:52
Love the server, Ryan! Very slick! Good luck at OnRamp...

FROM: Matt Bocci <>
DATE: 11. Nov 94 8:18
If I signed this guest book every time I read these pages you`d soon be out of disk space!

DATE: 11. Nov 94 8:55

FROM: Medusa <>

DATE: 12. Nov 94 1:08
I have snakes for hair and this site on my hotlist.

FROM: Markus Schneider <>
DATE: 12. Nov 94 15:15
one more for the hotlist...


FROM: Mark Rice <>

DATE: 12. Nov 94 16:35
Great site, one of my favorite spots on the Web. Really slick layout, nice pics, and lots of good links. Very impressive!

FROM: seanman <seanm@magnet>

DATE: 14. Nov 94 20:41
I cant seem to get my work done, i keep coming back for more. But I must go now, the sun is coming up soon.

DATE: 15. Nov 94 4:36
Go home, eat jelly, sandwich bar and barbed wire... and then have a good read of the gothic homepage.Thankyou,it's great.

FROM: Dave Blackston <>
DATE: 15. Nov 94 14:26
I enjoyed browsing through your server. If you are interested in a fairly up-to-date listing of goth/industrial clubs in the Bay Area, check out my home-page. You may want to pass this info along to the person who maintains your club listing. His is somewhat out-of-date.

Would you mind if I put a link to this in my home page?

FROM: anna <>
DATE: 15. Nov 94 14:34
I'm so glad I found somthing gothic on this thing.

FROM: Michael Fabian <>
DATE: 15. Nov 94 16:25
Feel free to e-mail me!! Any Masquerade players welcome!

FROM: Gaylyn <>
DATE: 15. Nov 94 21:38

FROM: savannah <>
DATE: 16. Nov 94 18:42
not bad

FROM: Kevin Perron <>
URL: none at this time
DATE: 16. Nov 94 19:18
great bunch of stuff. I am new to the web however so this is all great to me.

FROM: Jeremy Finney <>
DATE: 16. Nov 94 22:05
I love me some Gothic.

FROM: Alexander <>
URL: what
DATE: 17. Nov 94 14:58
Finally I found the gothic section. still trying to learn how to use this .. thing. Where's the gothic discussion group?

FROM: dishmop <>
DATE: 17. Nov 94 16:56
Lurvely. :)

FROM: Armand <>
DATE: 17. Nov 94 17:37
Wow! I'm glad to find this. I like this site. By the way (for you Anne Rice buffs that know who I'm talking about) I only used that nickname to keep my anonymity. If their are any goths out their interested my e-mail add ress is

FROM: Trina < >
DATE: 17. Nov 94 19:46
I'd like to know more about what's going on in the gothic network, could someone clue me in? I'm new to the system. Thanks.

FROM: Leven Moore <>
DATE: 17. Nov 94 23:52
I've enjoyed what I've seen. Any other goth info in WWW?

FROM: Leven Moore <>
DATE: 17. Nov 94 23:54
Love goths! Any other gothic info on WWW? Sorry, if I sent this twice.
FROM: Mike <Michael.Bishop@SEMATECH.Org>
DATE: 18. Nov 94 1:14
Nice work. A great way to waste an hour.

DATE: 18. Nov 94 3:36

FROM: Count Zero <CHM$>
DATE: 18. Nov 94 3:38
Sorry about the missing Y there.

FROM: Tom Daffinrud <>
DATE: 18. Nov 94 4:46
Killer Tom Was Here.....

FROM: Lord Vidarr
DATE: 18. Nov 94 15:51
I live with XyD

FROM: Roberth Karman
DATE: 19. Nov 94 6:000
We are all going to pass away, so why not now ?!? After all it IS a beautiful day to die !!!

FROM: alison wonderland <>
DATE: 19. Nov 94 11:29
fantastic page. i'm glad my friend, fluid, suggested it to me.

FROM: Surgeon <>
DATE: 19. Nov 94 11:38
Great page.....Completely took me away from work for hours

FROM: a.siozopoulos <>
DATE: 19. Nov 94 19:01
thanks for making this server.i like goth but mostly the cure,bauhaus and jou division.

FROM: Malachi Brown <>
URL: Not yet, but I'm working on it...
DATE: 20. Nov 94 1:19
Ummm... yeah... I don't know.

DATE: 20. Nov 94 3:14
Your home page sucks. Up yours.

FROM: Tom `Shep' Sheppler <>
DATE: 20. Nov 94 11:28
I especially liked the thumb-nail graphics....

FROM: Baldy Pete <>
URL: Nope.
DATE: 20. Nov 94 11:30
Dead nice, like. Know worr I meen? Liked the sandman piccies as well.

DATE: 20. Nov 94 14:30
I love the Dark Side...Luke Skywalker

FROM: Ali (alice) Ramsay <>
DATE: 21. Nov 94 9:50
Nice Pages!

FROM: jher <>
DATE: 21. Nov 94 16:37

FROM: Shantell Powell <>
DATE: 21. Nov 94 19:13
I was here. Big whoopee! Nice orange water.

FROM: Anastacia Rechelle Lear <>
DATE: 21. Nov 94 22:10
Endlessly searching for Lestat ... *sigh*

FROM: Dave Bolton <>
DATE: 22. Nov 94 8:17
Would be nicer if you put some of my poems in :)

FROM: Dave <>
DATE: 23. Nov 94 9:22
Very black

FROM: Stanislav <>
DATE: 23. Nov 94 23:49
URL: The page is under construction and is growing alongside with ym knowledge increase in the HTML writing fields. It is a domain of my band "Tower Of Silence" and dedicated to goth. culture/music/art, Masquerade(tm) RPG and vampire culture. I will highly appreciate any help on the page development, for I can only do what I can literally "rip off" other sources...


FROM: Colin Gunning <>
DATE: 24. Nov 94 4:02
I never

FROM: Mark Vudrag <>
DATE: 24. Nov 94 13:16
Shut up ! This is the Spot ! (Ren Hoek, 1993) Excellent.

FROM: Adrian Scottow <>

DATE: 25. Nov 94 5:06
Brilliant pages of mind boggling stuff with loads of really scary links.

FROM: Bjarte Malmedal <>

DATE: 25. Nov 94 22:19
These pages are great!

FROM: Ric Jones <>

DATE: 26. Nov 94 14:11
So far so good, I am turning this military office into a internet junkie center

FROM: Anastacia Rechelle Lear <>
DATE: 26. Nov 94 21:13
*Love* the gothics page ... just looking for some vamp FAQ's and ran across y'all.

FROM: Erin Power <>

DATE: 27. Nov 94 16:59
liked... liked a lot.

FROM: JC Elbert <>
DATE: 27. Nov 94 17:02
nice home page :) I'm still working on making mine a bit more interesting, but it's nice to come across other's home pages that have achieved what I'm trying to...(a cool home page)

FROM: Jan <>

DATE: 28. Nov 94 6:47
Real Great Place Thanks But where is Fields of the Nephilim?

FROM: Dan Leonard <>
URL: ---
DATE: 28. Nov 94 8:46
Anybody seen Prunella?

FROM: monica <>

DATE: 28. Nov 94 13:56
i've seen your name all over the's nice to put a face with the name.

FROM: Matthew Jones <MJONES@Albion.EDU>
URL: none (yet)
DATE: 28. Nov 94 16:57
not really

FROM: Rain <secret>
URL: sorry, dont know what URL means
DATE: 29. Nov 94 15:06
Lots of nice comments. Too glitzy for me though. ps I dont beleive you about the necromonicon. The magic is dead

FROM: Alexander Banderes <>

DATE: 30. Nov 94 12:29
VAMPIRE: the Masquerade is the ONLY gothic-punk game!

I love this stuff...

I welcome ALL EMail...and am greatful and the dead to find people who believe in this stuff to talk to. Here in RedNeck City USA everybody's homophobic horny immature macho redneck scum. I'm ecstatic to find you...

I am the ScareCrow Alone on the hills as the mighty winds blow And my only friends Are the ravens And we share bliss you shall never know. . .

To borrow a line from the Directors at the Camarilla: "Pray continue with dark endeavor."

FROM: Our lady of Pain <>
URL: none
DATE: 30. Nov 94 14:52
More exciting than alt.gothic, yes pictures, no petro.

FROM: Ken Nagle (Vlad) <>

DATE: 30. Nov 94 16:23
Loved the pics.....

FROM: Jennifer Barkas <>

DATE: 30. Nov 94 16:25
i love i'm addicted...."i get mosaic free."

FROM: anastasia <>

DATE: 30. Nov 94 17:10
I am having too much fun, and getting no work done. It is lovely to see lovlies on my screen.

FROM: Rana T 'drago <>

DATE: 30. Nov 94 17:53
Very well set out,HONEST Couldn't give us something on the techical side of criticism,i.e.on what Gothic style is.I mean,it's definitely not Heavy Metal,is it.

FROM: etheldreda <>

DATE: 30. Nov 94 22:05
be afraid. be very afraid.