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archived guestbook, from back when the web was a nice friendly place.

rlw / vamp@vamp.org

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Taylor Von Hetzel III <necrosapien1@hotmail.com>
6. Oct 2006 10:10
Just surfing around

Karen Hutchinson
URL: http://bluelips.com
26. Nov 2006 10:11
Awesome website, glad we found you!

Karen of bluelips.com

' <'>
URL: http://'
27. Nov 2006 08:11

Thomas <ethomash@yahoo.com>
8. Dec 2006 11:12
werid site

9. Dec 2006 12:12
I've been visiting this website randomly throughout the past three to four years, and I wanna say that coming back everytime feels like coming home. Aah, I remember the first time I came here, looking up the lyrics to Peek-A-Boo, the first SatB I ever heard! Vamp.org here is a wicked dedication to a wicked band.

Here's to hoping this website lives even after the end of the earth.

Chose One <dseventhson@yahoo.com>
18. Dec 2006 09:12
Come to me, The Sacred one and be my guest the Chosen one.....!!1

Clau <tarmias_dancebit@hotmail.com>
URL: http://www.myspace.com/orondancer
19. Jan 2007 04:01
Thank you for providing us with such a great club listing. Its the best I've found so far on the net. Keep up the dark work.

Виталя <doni_2006@bk.ru>
URL: http://a-one.wen.ru
24. Jan 2007 12:01
Всем привет из россии! Пишите мне!

W'r..H <vera_wr.h@hotmail.fr>
URL: http://www.myspace.com/wrhvera
16. Feb 2007 12:02
hi there!
ThanX for this information, i mean i'm not from dublin and get some things i needed thank to you!

HeX <hex2hell@gmail.com>
17. Feb 2007 03:02
thank you all for this site.

EmoGirl <emogirl22@hotmail.com>
URL: http://youresolastyear.com/see/EmoGirl22/
17. Feb 2007 08:02
Hi I waz goth before but switch style for emo/punk... you can rate me on youresolastyear and I'll rate you back.

Thanks Xxx

liz hotmann <venus_angle_1626@yahoo.com>
21. Feb 2007 06:02
cool site! i love vamps!

gypsy <fraygenius@hotmail.com>
URL: http://www.tirelesswatcher.blogspot.com/
25. Feb 2007 07:02
i've been coming to this site for 5 years. i appreciate the time and cost you've invested. well done site. what more to say? thank you

aubree <aubreeam@msn.com>
31. Mar 2007 12:03

VAMP COMPANY <Info@Vamp.org.uk>
URL: http://www.Vamp.org.uk
1. Apr 2007 04:04
VAMP.ORG.UK says hi


Chris <midtex1@msn.com>
6. Apr 2007 01:04
Just wondering if you knew who the song "Kiss Them For Me" is about? For some reason I'm thinking it's about an old movie star.

Lonny Guilford <lonster@frii.com>
8. Apr 2007 09:04
I dig your site, vamp! This place really sucks (like Bela Lugosi). I am glad that you have areas for Siouxsie Sioux AND the Sandman, too. It is really difficult to get ahold of Siouxsie stuff anymore, like she had been in the holo-
caust or something. LOL Happy Easter bunnies and stuff, dude. Visualize Whirled Peas, Man!

owen m chipampata <muzochi@yahoo.com>
URL: http://
27. Apr 2007 07:04
want to know more bout you

30. Apr 2007 10:04
i love this site and i find it interesting

Crazy Mike <twilite666@hotmail.com>
4. Jun 2007 04:06
Very nice archive you have here. Still looking for updates from time to time...stumbled upon this in 1999. Very happy that the club listing is accurate! Keep up the good work!

Jorge Pedrero <pedrero_jorge@yahoo.com>
17. Jun 2007 10:06
Wonderful page,

I really like this kind of stuff. What I really like to ask you is about this type of music like Siouxsie and the banshees. Could you please give me names of some other similar groups.

Best regards from Mexico

johnson <johnson@msn.com>
URL: http://non
24. Jun 2007 08:06
Love ya allllllllllllllllllllllllll

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URL: http://www.2four24.com
10. Jul 2007 08:07
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Thanks a lot.

Zhang Ming <msironaldo@hotmail.com>
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17. Jul 2007 09:07

youngharry <youngharry_loaninvestment01@yahoo.com>
30. Jul 2007 12:07


Alucard <v@v.v>
URL: http://funny.com
30. Jul 2007 06:07

MissMadameS <miss_madame_s@yahoo.co.nz>
URL: http://amusementsofmine.piczo.com/
7. Aug 2007 04:08
Best Siouxsie site ever!
Long Live Siouxsie!

Bre Korr <Mail to my myspace.>
URL: http://myspace.com/brekorr
17. Aug 2007 05:08
Just wanted to say that your club listing has been very useful over the years whenever i travel.

In the future it would be nice to see the same thing with shops, So when visiting other cities, you know where to go.

Tilchen <tilchen@hotmail.com>
22. Aug 2007 04:08
I just lovely!
I really love your photos!!!
Style, light and inspiration.
Do you have some new ones?
Hope to hear from you soon.

Tilchen Cannon

Clarence A McCorkle 3rd <zyrax_686K7X@msn.com>
25. Aug 2007 06:08
Logging in from Philadelphia, and glad you're still up. I've accessed your site numerous times over the years, and am glad that there is a site such as this for all Goths of whatever stripes... the International Gothic Club Listing is much appreciated here, as well. See you at the Dracula's Ball. (maybe) Until then, REVELATION!

SamsonFinn <samsonfinn@yahoo.com>
URL: http://youtube.com/watch?v=KbC9_opXQ4o
2. Sep 2007 12:09
love the site!

Kei Murakami <akemikitten@gmail.com>
3. Sep 2007 02:09
Lovely site, thanks for giving me the link in SL :)

brandy <brandynicole88@yahoo.com>
URL: http://www.myspace.com/brandy360fan
3. Sep 2007 09:09
As a Goth in a small town, I can't help but hate ppl because they say "Goth is stupid". Let me just say that this "Emo" stuff is bull and that Goths are NOT satanists and we don't ALWAYS wear all black. Great site and I'd love to meet any Goths who agree with my statement.

mike <somnium7@gmail.com>
URL: http://www.somnium7.com
14. Sep 2007 04:09

We love this website! Such a great Goth resource and a real inspiration!


Teresa Sanson <gothichobbit@aol.com>
18. Sep 2007 09:09
Great job! Keep it up

Adel Sports <victoria.sports@greenon.k12.oh.us>
24. Sep 2007 02:09
this place is..... cool for lack of a better word.
but in a good way!!
i just have a problem explaining myself some times
im just making myself look like an idiot, so....

SajiNoKami <sage_emerald@hotmail.com>
URL: http://sajinokami.blogspot.com/
8. Oct 2007 09:10
*wanders through*
I believe this is one of the first places I left a mark...
about 10 years ago...and it is still up and running!

Rich <rlen@comcast.net>
URL: http://www.shoebrook.com/
7. Nov 2007 06:11
very cool

Alexx <vlad_drac@hotmail.com>
19. Nov 2007 09:11
I Really liked this web site, I´m a big fan of Siouxsie, I enjoyed everything on this site, keep on going !

Cassandra La Daemonic <dark_muse@inbox.ru>
25. Nov 2007 12:11
I should say it's really great to be here!

Leo <leota.moore@yahoo.com>
3. Dec 2007 03:12
I'd love to have you teach me a thing or 2

jared <gilbert.jeremiah@gmail.com>
4. Dec 2007 03:12
is there a way to become a vampire?

Anastssiya Romanova <witch_66690@mail.ru>
5. Dec 2007 06:12
I'm ventrue vampire. I was lookin' for this site for years!

Rod <rod_nyc_1999@yahoo.com>
6. Dec 2007 07:12
I've been travelling for most of my life, and every time I'm in a new city, this is the first website I visit. I know that I can always find a local venue for like-minded creatures of the night. I now find myself in Linfen, China, not a very goth-oriented place in and of itself, but I am here, and that's the first step.

kim <kim_mccoy77@yahoo.com>
21. Dec 2007 07:12
I love your pic.'s they are wonderfull!!!

5. Jan 2008 12:01
Hey, really nice site. :)

Greetz from Germany

Slaughter <slauhouse@yahoo.com.br>
URL: http://www.bibliotecadosvampiros.com
23. Jan 2008 02:01
Great Site!!

Jordan.T <nightbreedghoul@hotmail.com>
URL: http://www.myspace.com/hisinfernaljt
17. Feb 2008 01:02
2 Thumbs Up

alisgray <alisgray@hexapodia.org>
20. Feb 2008 03:02
hey, there are six months or more of updates to your club list waiting for review. do you need help of some kind? this is a very wonderful and unusual resource. please don't quit!

Raven the Muse <raventhemuse@insightbb.com>
URL: http://www.gothgirlsfuck.com
22. Feb 2008 01:02
Very Nice site, I have bookmarked it and will be back often.

severitees <info@severitees.com>
URL: http://www.severitees.com
23. Feb 2008 05:02
love the site!

28. Feb 2008 02:02
Club Update:The Goth Sanctuary at Krave in Las Vegas Nevada has closed and is no more.

charles <chareles_glenn02@yahoo.ca>
17. Mar 2008 06:03
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Jeani Rector <jeani_rector@yahoo.com>
URL: http://www.opengravenovel.com
7. May 2008 12:05
I saw a comment where you are looking for short stories, yet I do not see submission guidelines?

memz <memz_brolex@yahoo.com>
11. May 2008 10:05

Michelle Latham <mlatham1@cinci.rr.com>
URL: http://www.xavier.edu/manateeresearch/latham.cfm
22. May 2008 11:05
Hey Stranger. I ran across your name as I searching for music.

virginia leonard <jennylwson@hotmail.com>
4. Jun 2008 04:06
like information.

Daniel Goetz <ddhgoetz@yahoo.com>
14. Jul 2008 03:07
Turn a piece of glass back into sand. Find your self in main ware the marker of sea lost soles looks to the light house. Face the tide on the witches moon and let the sand drift in the wind. AS i was made that night, I will make you. Or will I remaine alone...

Rebecca Dolla <rdolla1271@hotmail.com>
16. Jul 2008 04:07
I like this web site. Very dark and diturbed. Like me.