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Cave Club
at Grottan

When :Saturdays, 21:00 to 2:30
Where :Östgötagatan 35, Stockholm, Sweden
Observations :The club is down the stairway in the basement of an old building, cosy and dark with cave-like walls. There are several rooms so you can choose whether you want to be alone ,talk,dance,enjoy the music,or even play darts.The music is mainly gothic, but with alot of new wave, deathrock and related alternative some punk, psychobilly, dark rock and ska. Bands played are for instance; joy division, play dead, sisters, chameleons, cure, siouxsie, david bowie, placebo, corpus delicti, christian death, behind the scenes, bauhaus, fields, mission, rosetta stone, nick cave, depeche mode, skinny puppy, b-movie, love like blood, devo, alien sex fiend, bolshoi, iggy pop, gene loves jezebel, merry thoughts, new model army, yazoo, magazine, misfits, 45 grave, etc.Foreigners are often well received, especially if they look interesting, but most people have known each other for a long time in this club. It's not the biggest place in Stockholm but here is where you will find the most goth people in Stockholm.update from granny goth: This is a very atmospheric venue and regulars are quite friendly to occasional visitors. I go 3-4 times a year when I visit my friend in Sweden and always enjoy myself. Bar staff are ancient (like me) but friendly.
DJs :Freeborn (with guests) or Freddie Werewolf and Niklas
Cover :40 sek. First time guests must pay membership fee, 80 sek (adm included). Members free b4 22.
Door Policy :Dresscode: Look goth, or wear at least all black. If you do not then be sure to go with some peole who do. Age limit: If you're over 18 and respect the dresscode you should have no problems getting in. Membership: The first time to get inside you will have to become a member. The cost is 80 swedish crowns. The following times the charge is 40 swedish crowns. (Free before 22)
Drinks :Normal/low. Beer 35 sek, glass of wine 30 sek, cider 35 sek etc. Also coffee available. Happy hour 21-22.30 (beer = 25SEK)
Directions :Tube station: Medborgarplatsen, Exit Folkungagatan Bus: Number 66/59, stop folkungagatan
Website :
Information provided by granny goth, Freddy Batstard, freeborn < gorgeousgoth @, lynnlisle @, impstoff @ >
Last updated on 11/29/2006.

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