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Club Inferno
at Bar Shifty

When :Sundays, 6:00pm to 11:00pm
Where :B1F PEAL BLDG, 3-15-5 SHIBUYA, SHIBUYA WARD, Tokyo, Japan
Observations :new school gothic(mainly death rock from STROBOLIGHTS LABEL...etc),dark electro(NOITEKK/BLACKRAIN...etc), dark wave(DIE FORM, ATTRITION, LAMIA...etc), technoiz(harsh/rythmic noiz such as ANT-ZEN, HANDS ), dark ambient(COLD MEAT INDUSTRY...etc)
DJs :Resident DJs : DJ Khimaira, DJ Satsuki
Cover :door 2000 yen (including 2 drinks. Plus, occationally, deejay mixed CDR giveway)
Door Policy :no specific dress code, but the following styles are preferable : goth/batcave/medival/vampire/witch (including Wiccan or Pagan)/fetish/PVC/rubber/bondage/S & M/medical/cutting edge
Drinks :Full bar,selling a wide variety of drinks(alcoholic & non-alcoholic). Cocktails, absinthe, alcopops, beer, soft drinks...etc 500yen and up to.
Directions :Please check out
Phone :+81 (0)34070725
Website :
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Last updated on 5/23/2006.

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