Gothic International Club Listing Decompression Fridays - The Killing Floor Saturdays

Decompression Fridays - The Killing Floor Saturdays
at Savage Garden

When :Friday and Saturday, 9:00pm to 3:00am
Where :550 Queen Street West, Toronto, Canada
Observations :Friday is generally a rivethead scene now. Except once a month on "Dark retro Friday" which play goth. Saturday is a cyberpunk/goth night (not cybergoth - its not rave). Two dance floors are open on fridays as well and live bands (mostly industrial bands) tend to play fridays earlier in the evening. Lots and lots of black lights now. Saturday has more goths in attendance. it does have a kind of aliens crossed with a half-life kind of feel. I dont think the "gothics" feel completely at home here anymore because of the many black lights. However other than that it has a pretty nice atmosphere. you can meet many goths here. If you like synthpop and EBM you'll love it here, but there is still darkwave and goth rock played (but mostly the syth stuff). Probably if you do wear full body PVC fashion you'll think you died and went to heaven. But if you prefer velvet, the black lights are great for helping you hunt for lint. I think this is probably the oldest "goth bar" anyway. Not as goth as it used to be, since columbine. Its well maintained for a goth bar by Toronto standards and apparently the dancefloor was designed to hold 90000 lbs of weight or something ridiculous like that, so you probably dont need to worry about the place caving in like some other clubs. there a group on myspace for this club.----The first and only true cyberpunk bar. When William Gibson first coined the phrase he couldn't have imagined anywhere quite like this. Ask yourself, what would happen if Geiger and Salvadore Dali decided to open a dance club together whilst under the influence of crystal meth? Answer: the wildest ride to alternative hell you have ever seen. Specializing only in cutting edge alternative music, The Savage Garden is the only place where GOTHICS, INDUSTRIAL FREAKS, & TECHNO HEADS, can feel completely at home. Pour yourself into the tightest P.V.C. outfit you can find, and come see us. The Savage Garden is total immersion into a techno future electronic environment. From its steel clad doors, to the many metallic creatures gathered in its corners. Uncompromising in decor and in music, from Industrial to Retro, Goth to EBM, Noise to Trance.
DJs :DJ Lord Pale on Saturday; DJ Shock and Panzer Glamer and Pale on Friday
Cover :If a band is playing on friday and On Saturday none before 12 $3 after
Door Policy :19+
Drinks :Drinks $4.50, Beer $3.50 before 11:00 and $4.75 after
Directions :Take the Queen Streetcar west from Queen subway station. Get off at Bathurst. OR: Take the bathurst Street car south from Bathurst subway station and get off at Queen. Its on the north side of Queen about 100 paces east of Bathurst Street.
Phone :416-504-2178
Website :
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