Gothic Text files A Guide to Napalming

From: (Count Von Sexbat)
Date: Tue, 15 Jun 1993 16:29:51 +0000
Newsgroups: alt.gothic
Subject: Napalm Gods

Sexbat's official Napalming guide and FAQ list.

Version 1.0

A Guide to Napalming

I have set up an account called so you can mail your marks out of 10 and comments direct to B.A.T. From there they will be edited, counted, examined, and summarized.

Remember, the person with the highest average score for a single posting wins a *special* prize of a kebab from my favourite kebab shop mailed anywhere in the world (surface)

Now here are a few of the great types of flame that we have had since the spawning of alt.gothic


This sort of post sums up the 'ironic' school of thought. You don't want to mess with this sort until after you've got your PhD as the sheer weight of their intellect could crush you under a metaphysical wall of stone.

2. You dress weird - get a life

Yes I do - what of it? I went to find a life on Saturday and now I have two, which is two more than you!

3. I don't like *.*

(music, hairspray, shade of eyeliner, DJ's dancing trousers, state of the union, state of mind, state of undress etc.)

Slightly better, but not the most interesting, or constructive use of bandwidth in the entire world. Try posting to alt.very.dull

4. I am king/queen/not sure of all the goths

Highly amusing - now go away.

The Sexbat FAQ and IRC guide:

/\../\                  Day-to-day Sexbat
/\**/\                  Drunk Sexbat
/\@@/\                  Caffine Sexbat
/\--/\                  Space Sexbat
/\==/\                  Cool Sunglasses Sexbat
/\!!/\                  Surprised Sexbat
\/..\/                  Upsidedown Sexbat
/    /   /  / //\../\   Amphetamine Sexbat
^"^                     Distant Sexbat

Love & Hugs


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