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The Fields of the Nephilim

Revision 4.1. 15 Feb '93.

NOTE: This is acknowledeged by the Author as being out of date. It will be revised this June when the author is finished his finals! Please e-mail all suggestions!!

This FAQ was arranged by John Mc Donagh ( and the most honourable Robert Schmitz (no e-mail at present).


1) How do I join the the electronic mailing list?
2) The vocals are difficult to hear. Can I get lyrics anywhere?
3) Are the Nephilim still around or have they split up?
4) Is there a discography available?
5) What does 'the Nephilim' actually mean??
6) Are there fanzine services available. What is 'Watchmen'? Adresses?
7) What is the chanting in Psychonaut and where does it come from?
8) As a guitar player I am looking for Guitar TAB's. Where can I get them?


1) How do I join the the electronic mailing list?

You can send e-mail to and ask to be added to the list. From then on you will receive articles from other members of the list. You can send articles to the list by mailing to Other questions you have would frequently be answered here, though alt.gothic might be a good place for information too.

2) The vocals are difficult to hear. Can I get lyrics anywhere?

The lyrics to Elizium are on the album, but there are only a few other lyrics available on album covers. On the Contempo compilation of 'Burning the Fields' and 'Returning to Gehenna' called 'Laura' the (*inaccurate*)lyrics to the songs 'Laura' and 'Returning to Gehenna' are featured. The lyrics to the song 'Dawnrazor' appeared on the limited edition gatefold release of same titled album. The lyrics to the 'The Watchman' and 'Last exit for the Lost' are featured on the cover of 'The Nephilim'. 'Celebrate' was printed on the inlay that came with the first pressing CD and cassette copies of same. Also in Issue #1 of 'Watchmen'(see below) the lyrics to 'Psychonaut' and 'Love Under Will' were printed.

I (, with much help from Robert and list members have manged to decipher many of the lyrics. They are available via FTP from (pub/music/lyrics/nephilim ) or the more well known . If you have trouble obtaining the latest version of these lyrics (Revision 4) then e-mail to me. The lyrics available are: Dawnrazor, The Nephilim, Elizium, Burning the Fields, Power, Preacher Man, Blue Water and Psychonaut EP's.

3) Are the Nephilim still around or have they split up?

The Fields of the Nephilim split up Summer 1991. Carl kept the name altering it to 'Nefilim' (phonetic spelling) and according to rumour was meant to be working on a new album, with the working title 'Entrance', but we were meant to have had a new single by last month. Another rumour claims that the delay is because he fired his new band, who sounded too much like Slayer. Another rumour however is that Carl has one the rights to use the original name, so all those with Nefilim merchandise might actually be in the possession of some rarities :-)

The rest of the band recruited Andy Delany as a new singer and called themselves Rubicon. They have to date released 2 singles 'Crazed' and 'Watch without pain' and an album 'What starts, End'. Alas to most fans of the Nephilim, Rubicon's rock guitar feel was a bit of a let down.

Here is an article from Carl(from Watchman service?)

Spring 1992


Thank you for writing to us, many of you will have written some time ago, but due to unforseen changes, this information service has been on hold. No doubt, many of you will have heard the news surrounding Fields of the Nephilim, and the fact that I, Carl McCoy, am no longer working with Tony Pettitt, Paul Wright, Nod Wright, Pete Yates or our management Steve Brown. After seven years I felt, to be able to continue, develop and strengthen my concept of the Nephilim, an element of change and freshness was required; the band was not recessive to this concept, therefore I have recruited musicians who are, and have the qualities I desired musically. This was not an easy or fickle decision and I am aware many of you will be disappointed by it, but confident you will welcome it as much a progression as I have. I will continue from Earth Inferno to the next cycle, my new collaborators and myself will be known as "NEFILIM" with the new phonetic spelling. It has been over eight months since my decision... a period of sacrifice and rebirth. The new material evolved for the next Album project contains more energy, power, spirit and passion than ever before. This Album is aimed for release Summer '92, which will obviously coinside with some live dates - more information leading up to this.

The Nefilim contact service - i.e. the "Watchman", as a whole, ceased to run efficiently some time ago, so it is our desire to restructure it, learn from past errors and create a more reliable network; this will be run by Lynn and Alexis, two capable and enthusiastic devotees who have assisted me in the past. This service will be open for those of you who wish to join us on our journey. Only one P.O. Box number is in operation, so please send your mail plus stamped addressed envelope to the Watchmen, P.O. Box 17, Stevenage, Hertfordshire, SG2 OQX, England.

It only remains for me to say, at this stage; we, as a team, endeavor to provide that which the NEFILIM believe is needed. You are a vibrant part of the unfolding discovery of the Nefilim and we are strenghthened by your interest, support and understanding.

This is a conclusion of a continous tale, we are now in the progress of Burning the Fields.

Let the great "Metamorphosis" begin...

4) Is there a discography available?

Again... Yes. Discographies are available again via FTP from the above sites [ in pub/music/lyrics/nephilim ], or from Kristin at or as a last resort from me. Though I often do not have an up to date copy of this. I am not aware of a discography of bootlegs as exists for the Sisters of Mercy, but perhaps Robert or someone else may start one in the future.

5) What does 'the Nephilim' actually mean??

The Nephilim is derived from a passage in Genesis 6, though in many printings the word 'giant' is used. My copy of 'The New American Bible' does feature it. It says:

"Genesis 6: 'Origin of the Nephilim' (1) When men began to multiply on earth and daughters were born to them, (2) the sons of heaven saw how beautiful the daughters of man were, and so they took for their wives as many as they chose. (3) Then the Lord said: 'My spirit shall not remain in man forever, since he is flesh. His days shall comprise one hundred and twenty years.' (4) At that time the Nephilim appeared on earth(as well as later),