Gothic Text files Black Tape for a Blue Girl: A Chaos of Desire

Black Tape for a Blue Girl: A Chaos of Desire

        ARTIST: Black Tape for a Blue Girl
        TITLE:  a chaos of desire
        LABEL:  projekt (PRO30)
        TRACK TIME:     67:16
I have a friend that refuses to suggest music to anyone. I understand this, in that no one wants to give bad advice, but at the same time, some music just begs to be shared. This is why I enjoy doing a radio show so much. I'm not here to play the latest Stone Temple Pearl Garden in Chains disc (God, I wish I could remember who originally said that), nor am I here to do reviews of bands like The Jesus and Marychain. None of these bands need plugs! I'm sorry, but no matter how much we'd all like to see otherwise, the next U2 disc is going to be a huge success.

I believe in the sharing of good things. Usually, I save the "Buy This Disc" line for the ending of the review, but this time, I am going to urge you to quit reading my drivel now and go buy the Black Tape for a Blue Girl disc "a chaos of desire." Yes, I'm ignoring my friend and suggesting music (worse, I'm doing it in such a way as to run the risk of having much more than one person irritated with me). If you're still reading you're wrong.

Fine, now I'll make a sad attempt to describe this disc. Words are pretty much useless when describing anything meant for the senses (try to tell someone who's never had coffee what it taste like), but I'll try.

Anyone who is familiar with BTfaBG's sound will not be surprised by this release, but there's enough freshness to satisfy. The first two tracks make me glad I decided to go back to some of the earlier releases, but the third cut...hhhmm...well, I'm not sure what to say about this one. "Pandora's Box" is probably the worst song on the disc, but ironically, it's one of my favorites (a good radio song for all you goth DJs). There's a lot of energy and readily apparent emotion in this track. "Pandora's Box" sounds more raw and unfinished (this fits the song) than any of the rest of the songs on this disc, but while it may stick out, it's still great.

Anyone who has read my other reviews of projekt discs will know that I strangely have a problem with almost every title track on the projekt line. Well, for the first time the title track, "a chaos of desire" leaves me reaching for the track backwards button, not the forward one. I love this song.

I only have a problem with one song on this release, and I should just shut my yap, as I'm sure other's will find it to be an orgasmic delight of sound, but I'm sorry, if I'm going to continue to do these reviews, I am going to be honest with at least myself. I don't like track 11, "chains of color." There I said it, now let me tell you why. I am in love with BTfaBG, and it's hard for me to say anything negative, but this song sounds like it needed rehearsed a few more times. The music is great, the words fine, the failure is all in the vocals, they just fall short.

Let's see, what else to say? I've already said to buy it, so that's covered. I've already said I like it, so again, covered. High points? Okay, track 10, "how can you forget love" also appears on the first (and so far only) Thanatos disc "This Endless Night Inside," but you have to be patient (hint: track to the 20th song, then ffwd to 10:20). This song is a lot better on the BTfaBG disc though, so there's no real reason to go through all the trouble. The female background vocals make a good song great (just compare the two). The final song, "could i stay the honest one" is a killer and just perfect to end a great disc with. I have no idea who Julianna Towns is (I know, research time), but I would love to get to know her and her music a lot better.

Did I say to buy this disc?

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