Gothic Text files Eden : Healingbow

Eden : Healingbow

ARTIST:     Eden
TITLE:      Healingbow
LABEL:      projekt (PRO42)
Here's a short review of a short disc. Right off the bat this disc has one major strike against it. It comes in a fucking Eco- pak. Okay, I'm for saving the planet and all, but first someone explain how putting a disc in a cardboard case is going to do it? Sure, the company also saves on packaging (don't ask me why, but Eco-paks are supposed to be cheaper to make). If it's production costs that force the decision, well, I say charge me more. I'm much more willing to pay a dollar now, than to go through the hassle of storing the fragile case this disc comes in and putting the disc in another jewel case (which cost me even more). If anyone could logically explain to me why these damn things are more environmentally sound than regular CD cases, then maybe I'd be able to see their value, until then, I'll hate them, and continue to boycott anything that comes out this way.

Against my better judgment I bought this disc, which is Eden's first release on projekt, although they supposedly have a disc called Gateway to the Mysteries, released in '91, but I'm still looking for it.

This disc begins great and successfully carries through until the end. In fact, the first, "Our Scent Rides the Breeze" and the last "Weaving Woman," are my favorite two songs out of the six. "Melancholia" is pretty cool also, but isn't really melancholy. It's much too upbeat for that (if you listen to this song and disagree, remember who's doing this review. Too upbeat for me might be what drives you to suicide). All the songs can be played on a dark radio show (but be careful of the Eco-pak, wouldn't want to damage that). "Dreamwheel" isn't my favorite (it's great, just not my favorite), but is one of the faster tunes that won't put your listeners to sleep.

For $8, I figure you can't go wrong with any disc. I await the next Eden release with great anticipation, but I swear, if it's in an Eco-pak, it's not going into my collection.

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