Gothic Text files loveliescrushing: bloweyelashwish

loveliescrushing: bloweyelashwish

ARTIST: lovesliescrushing
TITLE:  bloweyelashwish
LABEL:  projekt (PRO44)
TRACK TIME:     55:08
This is a hard review to do. I'll start right off by saying I don't like it, but then this disc may be just for you. I'm just here to tell you what I like and what I don't. If you happen to listen to me, well, that's your problem, not mine. I'm a judge a book by its cover, until you have something else to go by, type of guy. A new projekt release? Of course I'm going to order it, and anxiously await its arrival (I'm an addict didn't you know?), but when it arrives with what I would call the first ugly disc cover art (by projekt), a picture disc that does nothing to impress me, and annoying lowercase, no space, lettering, that is irritating to read, I begin to get scared. I'd like to say that my unreasonable fears turned out to be unfounded, but for the first time I cannot give a projekt disc a blanket endorsement.

The music is buzzy, but I knew this. Sam Rosenthal gives a warning to this effect in the latest Darkwave catalog, "if you get terminally freaked out by clicks and pops, steer very clear of Lovesliescrushing. Their music is beautiful, but certainly isn't clean. Clicks and pops to make you writhe in analog ecstasy!" Analog ecstasy is about the last reason I bought a disc player. In another quote, which I believe is by Scott Cortez (voice, guitars), "We like the guitars to sound burned out, saturated, blurred, out of focus, bright, overexposed, evaporating, delirious, diaphanous, a sound that captures the sensation of falling, floating on a wave of noises bleeding into one another like staining watercolors." (This man definitely has access to a thesaurus.) In other words the guitars are supposed to sound like just about anything besides a damn guitar!

Just to prove I'm a nice guy, and since I feel guilty for making a personal attack in the above paragraph (the music is fair game, the people behind it are not), I'll spend some time pointing out some nice aspects of this release. The vocals on this disc are indeed beautiful, and for some short moments of time I can actually forget all the random noise. "The voices have a tangibility like cotton candy in your mouth dissolving but leaving some sugary taste on your tongue." Again I'm crediting this quote to Cortez. This is why I always say that words weren't meant to discuss or describe music. Cotton candy really doesn't come to mind when I listen to this disc. Bloweyelashwish is one of those rare releases that can easily bear repeated listenings without boredom setting in. There's always something new to discover hidden in the layering of sound. Too bad I don't like the music (as always though, I encourage everyone to ignore me and decide for themselves).

Lovesliescrushing is not the first band to use fuzzy feedback, but they seem to hide behind it, rather than making it part of the work. I listen closely to all the discs I review at least three times before I ever begin to type. Lovesliescrushing I gave many more chances than this. I thought maybe they were an acquired taste (and maybe they are and I still have yet to acquire this taste), and the idea of giving my favorite label a bad review rankled, but I don't like this disc, and I can't recommend that people buy it without hearing it first.

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