Gothic Text files Lycia : A Day in the Stark Corner

Lycia : A Day in the Stark Corner

Grendel hovers in the dark corners of his cave, wondering if it would be worth the effort to make the journey to the surface. He could torment the pathetic humans, perhaps even killing one or two, but decides against it, instead, picks though his bone pile and throws a disc on the stereo.
TITLE:      A Day in the Stark Corner
ARTIST:     Lycia
LABEL:      Projekt Records
WARNING:This disc (and most of Projekt's releases) can be considered very depressing. Do not buy this disc if you are at all emotionally unstable. First off, I have to admit, I see Projekt as a label that can do no wrong. I was first turned onto the label while visiting a local music store. The manager was listening to a disc called, "From Across This Gray Land No. 3." a compilation of gothic-ambient bands. I spent the next 70 odd minutes transfixed by the sounds of some of the best music I'd come across ever. Bands such as Black Tape for a Blue Girl, Thanatos, and Attrition painted a bleak picture of grayness that I had to have right then. Thus, beginning my love affair with this label's bands.

Lycia is one of the better bands on a label that only seems to deal with greats. The driving talent behind this band is a man named Mike Van Portfleet. In fact, no other credits are given as to other musicians on this disc, so one can only assume that he did all the work putting "A Day in the Stark Corner" together (although Will Welch is given credit for playing acoustic fretless bass on Everything is Cold on the "GrayLand No. 3" compilation). An awesome feat, and one that I wish I could say nothing bad about.

This disc is phenomenal, but starts out weak. Portfleet's voice can send shivers through one's whole body, but for some reason he chooses to use it sparingly on this disc, with some of the tracks being complete instrumentals. These tracks are still great, but just don't do as much for me.

"The Remnants and the Ruins" carries this disc into the hidden parts of my mind and makes me fear for my soul. The very fact that such beautiful bleakness can exist makes the world seem just a little bit less safe. From here on out "A Day in the Stark Corner" only gets better. Track 8. Everything is Cold can also be found on "GrayLand No. 3." This disc ends too soon with a song called Daphne, but by this time one feel so drained that too much more would seem a sublime punishment.

Projekt's releases all seem reasonably priced and give a good amount of music for the money. This disc comes with my highest recommendation and should be added to every gothic music collection.

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