welcome to the nd-owners home page -- an area dedicated to the NeXTdimension. right now this page is currently a place holder for further information about the mailing list and some archived information about the NeXTdimension and other related resources.

submissions of NeXTdimension related information and resources for this page are more than welcome.


to subscribe to the NeXTdimension owners mailing list simply send a message with the word "subscribe" in the Subject: field to nd-owners-request@vamp.org.

the list is for the discussion of the NeXTdimension board made by NeXT Computer Inc., and is a open mailing list for general, unmoderated discussion. issues or problems related to this mailing list should be addressed to vamp@vamp.org

Peter D. Clark <pclark@is.com> posted new versions Thinker.m and BackWindow.m files based on the backspace distribution from Nextstep 3.3 that allow Backspace to work for multiple headed machines.


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