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Kiss In The Dreamhouse

transcribed by
Voron Langsdorf
and Joel Paula


oh the air was shining
shining like a wedding ring
barbed like sex
i felt 10,000 volts
my chest was full of eels
pushing through my usual skin
i opened up new wounds
pouting, shouting

oh love - like liquid falling
falling in cascades
oh love-lorn victims laughing
laughing in cascades

the sun was rich
rich with a song of sin
my breath melted my words
into strange alphabets
tormenting my tongue
pouting, shouting

the heartbeats were echoing
echoing the revolver
emptying into my mouth
i pulled a face from my pocket
and smiled a leper's grin
i felt somebody close
pouting, shouting

Green Fingers

hibiscus head-in a flower bed
a finger hewn-planted and sewn

oh magic in her hands-she could make anything grow
magic in her hands - she had green fingers

it's curious
where animals don't go
mandrake-rooted deep into the soil
where the sun won't fall but it flourishes
see the pretty maids all in a row


it's reaching
and groping a clammy handshake
clawing the ivy
crawling the tightrope along the lattice work
with this hand i thee wed
with this hand i thee bed
with this hand i . . .


do you hear this breath it's an obsessive breath
can you feel this beat it's an obsessive heart beat
waiting to be joined with its obsession

i close my eyes but i can't sleep
the thin membrane can't veil
the branded picture of you

the signs and signals show - the traffic lights say go
again you baffle me pretending not to see

i broke into your room - i broke down in my room
touched your belongings there - and left a lock of my hair
another sign for you

you screamed into my face get the hell out of my place
another sign for me? can you forgive me?
for not understanding your ways

you know sometimes you take it all too far
then i remember it's a game between you and me
a divine test for us two

it's all in my imagination
yes they even say that our mission only
my obsession

do you hear this breath it's an oppressive breath
suffocating in the poison of your obsession
can you feel this beat it's a possessive beat
your pulse stops in the claws of your obsession

She's a Carnival

in the heart of the night
she smiles like mardi-gras
spinning in a dizzy haze

her circus head giggles
it's a friendly disease
catching colours from the air

so with your hands upon the hips
of the dancing flesh
she's a carnival
and when it's lip to lip
in a surprise time kiss
she's a carnival

mosaic eye, gypsy eye
glowing as it dazzles
she's a portrait of a poison
for you to quench your thirst
a portrait of a poison...


pretty girl of 16 has fun and runs crazy
ruined girl of 16 now a mother grows lazy
next a 16 year old baby like mother grows lazy
and her stomach is churning whilst her eyes keep on turning
round and around
getting no higher from the ground
round and around
the circle has an empty sound...

father inflicts discipline boy rebels against him
he leaves for the big town for love and adventure
but the words he first heard unlike his instincts run deeper
now boy beats his children if they disobey him
and the cat riddled with worms chases his tail round
and around...

the endless full circle for the next in line
the endless full circle...
take the red line, the green line, the silver or blue
any line you can think of except for the yellow
take a trip with your family and see where they go
give them a free ticket it's the best thing to do

and if you wind up on the circle line
hell, it's not from lack of options
then if you run into the yellow
well that's up to you

round and around
getting no higher from the ground
round and around
the circle has an empty sound

the endless full circle for the next in line
the endless full circle are you the next in line
round and around...


You are the melting men
You are the situation
There is no time to breathe
And yet one single breath
Leads to an insatiable desire
Of sex

So many blazing orchids
Burning in your throat
Making you choke
Making you sigh
Sigh in tiny deaths

So Melt!
My lover, melt!
She said melt!
My lover, melt!

You are the melting men
And as you melt
You are beheaded
Handcuffed (in lace and blood and sperm)
Swimming in poison
Gasping in the fragrance
Sweat carves a screenplay
of discipline...and devotion


Can you see?
See into the back of a long, black car
Pulling away from the funeral of flowers
With my hand between your legs

Painted Bird

on lead poisoned wings you try to sing
freak beak shrieks are thrown at your confusing hue
the peacock screaming eyes show no mercy no mercy

painted bird it's absurd
just a tainted bird hurting their twisted nerve

the flock will make you choke on this sadistic joke
and the whippoorwills they make a din
in laughing unison you're hitchcock carrion
carry on

painted bird it's absurd
just a tainted bird hurting their twisted nerve

i hear your sorrow maybe tomorrow
you'll lose you sorrow
when a fated weather will cleanse away
that painted feather and all that sorrow

a coquette in fur purr for the painted bird
confound that dowdy flock with a sharp honed nerve
because we're painted birds by our own design
by our own design there's no more sorrow

have you heard about the painted bird
just a tainted bird hunting their twisted nerve

we've lost our sorrow now it's tomorrow
no need to hide your feather under a fated weather
no more sorrow...

now we're painted birds mocking that twisted nerve


here in my cot where my cot loves me
i'll stay here while in the cotton wool cocoon
'til the chrysalis is ripe 'til the time is right
with this feeling of insecurity
i have to shrink back inside run and hide
back in the cocoon hugging my knees
watching my insides the skinned glow worm writhings

lying in blankets i've been here a while
tapping out rhythms against the mattress and wall
the heat melts the sheets another layer is peeled
tapping out rhythms...
just my cot, the wallpaper and me
i've been here a while tapping out rhythms

still finding charms in the memory of those constrictor arms
glowing in the dark in my luminous green
a pearl beaded lizard bathed in a gossamer scent
with my heat detector lip pit pulling at the newly formed tissue
lying in blankets i've been here a while
tapping out rhythms ... against the mattress and wall

waiting to loose the bandages
waiting for new appendages
lying in blankets i've been here a while
i've been here too long banging out rhythms
listen for other tappings

banging out rhythms
back in the cocoon


Get your head down to the ground
Shake it all around - a dirty sound
Put your knees into your face
And see if you can race - real slow

It's a slowdive - when you die slow
Oh it's low jive - do the slowdive

Now you jump back like a hound
Emit a howling sound
Dig those limbs into the floor
And holler out for more

And tou revel in the dips
when your backbone slips
Taking honeysuckle sips
From your rolling hips
It shifts and shifts

It's a slowdive - when you die slow /
When you come alive it's a low jive
Do the slowdive.