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Morrisey & Siouxsie


Written by George De La Rue and Hal Shaper
transcribed by

Produced by Boz Boorer
Engineered by Chris Dickie
Assisted Danton Supple

Sioux starts off, with:

Time, is like a dream,

Now, for a time,
you are mine.
Let's hold fast,
to the dream,
that tastes and sparkles like wine.

Morrisey enters...

who-who knows if it's real,
or just something we're both...


... dreaming of.
What seems like an interlude now,
Could be the beginning of love.
Loving you, is the world that's strange, So much more than my heart can hold,
Loving you makes the whole world change. (d)
Loving you, I could not grow old.
No-nobody knows,
When love will end,
so 'til then, sweet fiend.
Time, is like a dream
and, now, for a time,

You are mine.
Let's hold fast to the dream
that tastes and sparkles like

...(Lyrics start repeating, with role reversals).