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typed by: Marc Wallace
last revision: 6 Mar 92

Group: Siouxsie and the Banshees
Album: Tinderbox
Year: 1986

3:44 Candyman
4:11 The Sweetest Chill
6:14 This Unrest
4:00 Cities in Dust
3:14 Cannons
4:57 Party's Fall
6:04 92 degrees
6:09 Lands End
4:59 The Quarterdrawing of the Dog
3:50 An Execution
3:33 Lullaby
4:12 Umbrella


Sickly sweet, his poison seeks
For the young ones who don't understand
The danger in his hands
With a jaundiced wink see his cunning slink
Oh trust in me my pretty one
Come walk with me my helpless one


Syrup lies upon your tongue
Ge latine saliva spills
The flash of a guillotine a smile

Candyman - oh candyman

No pity for him, their misery screams
Unspeakable things

A cool missile, yes it's in his smile
With open arms to welcome you
Beware the masked pretender
He always lies, this candyman
Those lips conspire in treachery
To strike in cloak and dagger, see!

Candyman - oh candyman

And all the children, he warns ``don't tell,''
Those threats are sold
With their guilt and shame they think they're to blane
For candyman - oh candyman

The Sweetest Chill

Hearing you in my sleep
Feeling you your cadence seeps
Whispering in flashback the spectres of your memories
Fall in glistening showers such a tender descent
Intones this haunting lament

The sweetest chill

Fearing you but calling your name
Icy breath encases my skin
Fingers like a fountain of needles
Shiver along my spine
And rain down so divine

The sweetest chill

A drowning so sublime spins in a heavenly climb

Calling you tears thaw my sleep
Wanting you this hoary web is weaved
From this strange confusion
Grows a perverse communication
It enthralls me and coils me around

The sweetest chill

Enchantment ebbs and whirls the sweetest chill
Enchantment ebbs and whirls oh the thrill
The sweetest chill

This Unrest

This unrest beats out my breath
Disconnected thoughts jangle in a mess

This unrest crucifies my chest
Without anaesthetic it cuts
Through tumorous flesh

This unrest beats out my breath .......

This unrest beats in my chest
Discordant limbs watch unimpressed
At the aimless walk the mindless talk
The pictures leap out and dance for me
The laugh at me

As your bitterness closes in
You're feeling very old again
Ah just to sleep, withough these thoughts
But the angels shout, resurrecting doubts

Ah we meet again, my trusty friend
Demanding new favours for old time's sake
Inside this captive frame
Come and claim your liberty

Metal and flesh will fuse today
These visions jump out and blast my days
Clean away .......

Cities in Dust

Water was running; children were running
You were running out of time
Under the mountain, a golden fountain
Were you praying at the Lares shrine?

But oh your city lies in dust, my friend

We found you hiding we found you lying
Choking on the dirt and sand
Your former glories and all the stories
Dragged and washed with eager hands

But oh your city lies in dust, my friend

Hot and burning in your nostrils
Pouring down your gaping mouth
Your molten bodies blanket of cinders
Caught in the throes .......

And your city lies in dust


Troubled weather's on its way
Tempests threaten us today
There's no respite, from long dark nights
Just the fantasy of spring

From the hailstones of summer
To a scorching winter land
A frozen death sleep, then this heat
Beats down on this bucked land

Flames lick closer to the core
From city limits fireball
And in a headless chicken run
Race red and screaming fire engines
The the cannons came

'Neath the brooding sky
Beneath its baleful eye
The cannon shot, the cannon crack
Disturbing night dreams

People fled in droves
To the lakes and to the shores
Left behind a near ghost town
Save the life of the cannons resounding
Still there was no rain

Once more in the line of fire
Hovers the preying sky
The cannons aim jabs at the eye
Heralding the rain .....

Party's Fall

Your parties fall around you
Another night beckons to you
Your parties fall around you
Another night beckons to you

Shadows look as you resist the gloom
Faded hues issue forth and bloom

A bed of leaves for a lover
Awake with a kiss and rise asunder
And when the party's over
You retreat in a realm of slumber

In your mind, crystal lights rebound
Wheels spin round and you hear the sound
Of autumn's call at party's fall

Through rose-tinted glass you still remember
The gladness, not sadness, only laughter

In your mind vicious lights rebound
Wheels spin round and you hear the sound
Of autumn's call at party's fall

The smile in the mirror grows weaker
The laughter you heard is growing fainter

Your parties fall around you
The night forgets to rouse you
Your party's fall astounds you
An aura of sadness abounds you

Glad rags sigh
Maybe you're alone inside, don't hide
Hurting all the time, hurting deep inside, don't cry
My happiness depends on knowing this friend is never alone
On your own
A party on our own
We'll have a party all our own inside
No sighs

92 degrees

The day drags by like a wounded animal
The approaching disease, 92 degrees
The blood oin our veins and the brains in our head
The approaching unease, 92 degrees

Long ago in the headlines, they noticed it too
But too late for the loved ones and nearly for you .....

Shaky lines on the horizon
Snakey lines invade each person
Watch the red line creeping upwards
Watch the sanity line weaken
The volcanic depths of Hades' ocean
Bubble under, these crazed eruptions
It wriggles and wrythes and bites within,
Just below the sweating sun

I wondered when this would happen again
Now I watch the red line, reach that number again
The blood in our veins and the brains in our head .....

Drink the water with jagged glass
Eat the cactus with bleeding mouth
Not 91 or 93, but 92 Fahrenheit degrees

Shaky lines on the horizon
Snakey lines invade each person
Not 91 or 93, but 92 Fahrenheit degrees

Lands End

Come take this hand at twilight's door
I'll meet you there we'll share the moonlit floor
Through the driving rain, colours run in veins
Ozone fills the air, two figures disappear

Come let's take flight, let's quit this scene tonight
Whilst they sleep on endless, in their wrecked designs
Sleep on endless in your wrecked designs

Moths touched by flame repeat their fatal game
Forever and eternally, the cliffs around the crashing sea
Unsolved asnd endless, wait for me
Undulating far below, where lucid waters flow
Their faces seem to know ........

Where the land falls to an end
This hidden tale begins
Take a walk with me, down by the sea
Take a walk with me
Down by the sea

An Execution

This is what she saw .......
The unsuspecting horse was held fast to the ground
Whilst some soldiers slit open its belly
The guilty gypsy was shoved inside the horse's belly
With only his head protruding from the dying
Beast, another soldier, then sewed up the wound
With the culprit inside, condemned to die, along
With the putrifying animal, screaming.


The lunacy will leave the day
Luminous in flight
As the moon spits out
In jagged beams another night
Wrap around this brilliant veil
Tranquil and unbroken
As you spiral down
A world of clay and taut convulsion
The dream swan spins
And cartwheel turns
Down deep within your violet side
The sun begins to rise
Skaing down its morining swords to thaw your frozen eyes
The dream swan spins
And so conceal the heart that aches and yearns
Hush awhile
Sleepless child
I'll be watching over you


Away from the dying rain, far away
From the pain washed drains
Under the darkening skies
Now under protecting lines
Beneath these unloved crimes
Relief is a gentle sigh
Dissolve these eyes so I may cry