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Date: Thu, 27 Jul 1995 14:43:09 -0230

hello. if you were not able to see the show on Much Music tonight (in canada and some states) i have transcribed the video interview for your reading pleasure. it's from a program called the new music and it aired 8:30pm EST - 10pm in my world. conducted by Kim Clarke Champniss in a restraunt in toronto April 25, 1995, the night after Detroit and before Toronto. the whole thing lasted 6mins and 54secs...to be exact. i will use capitals to make it easier for you to read (dread the thought). btw...KCC=Kim Clarke Champniss the vj interview guy.

The bit opens with a clip from Stargazer the video with well known facts wrote upon the screen.

Enter Budgie: "When 3 years elapses from your last studio recording, ya know, people tend to think you're, ah, sittin' around somewhere twiddlin' thumbs and wonderin'what's happin' next. Well there's a little bit of that involved but there's also...we had, like, um, ah, major touring commitments, ah, after Superstition was released.

***Break to snip of Kiss Them For Me Video...

Continue Bud: "After that we got, ah, wrapped up in, ah, contributing a song to the, ah, Batman Returns film, Face to Face.

***Break to snip of Face to Face Video..


Enter Steve: "When we have, ah, a long period between records there's all so the rumours that go on...I mean people...there's already rumours that we didn't get on with, ah, John Cale.

***Break to O'Baby Video snip...

KCC: "And O'Baby being the lead track here, visually that is so...

Enter Sioux: "Perverse..."

KCC: "...Thank-you, Thank-you."

Sioux: "...is the word. But it's scary... that, ya know, Banshees go goofy. People get more worried when we start skipping than when we're, ah, drawing our swords out. But, um, it's a very useful tool, for us. We like throwing in these kind...that sounds light and breezy and also it's a part of our (?) that gets over looked. You know, we're sick and tired of this one dimensional idear of what we are. You know, and I don't need to say all the d's and g's you know. The dark, gloomy, grey."

***Flash to clips from the following videos. Christine, Spellbound, Cities In Dust.

KCC: "Is it the media that's dragging that baggage threw and you're desperately trying to surrender it?"

Sioux: "Yes, it just gets...the more it goes on it gets more, ah, inaccurate as, you know, one false description gets embelished upon by someone elses', who's never seen us live, or doesn't know anything about us so they just add on to this garbage that is accumulated with all this baggage that we've got."

Budgie: "Kind of like folklore really, you know, where...

Steve: "Yes..."

Budgie: "...one person tells a tale, and next somebody else'll add on and it just takes...it becomes fact rather than the fiction is was."

Sioux: "They want to tell you it's cartoons, you know, the lowest common denominator 'll give...and we've just got tired of it."

***Break to Footage of Toronto show April 26, 1995...oh it was that good, you can even see the little tear in the outfit she was wearing.(Stargazer)

KCC: "Do you get a sense of stage fright sometimes?"

Sioux: "Oh, definitely. Um, and like because it's an anticipation of failing, of not being airborn, of like being, having, what I call concrete boots on and like, and like it's...and that ya know, it's horrendous to do a performance and not attain that level that goes beyond just being a performer on a stage in front of an audience, you know, it's you know, I hate it and I hate being aware of what I'm doing...that my favorite performances are when I can be unaware of the actual situation and allow the music to communicate with the audience and you know, bring people up along there with you....all these bodies floating around, it's great when it works."

***Flash to live footage-Toronto again...Stargazer...

Budgie: "It's not the easiest arena to perform this'process', if you like, you know, we know we exist within' the confides of pop music, you know, so we're not gonna, ah, classify pretentions of high art and stuff or anything like that, it's just that we know are aspirations do kind of lie a bit beyond mere chart success."

Sioux: "You know, people ask us, you know, do you think you've influenced alot of bands? And I would only liked to influence them in that way. Not in, ah, creating a parody of what we do. And I think that goes to any artist that has, ah, been influential, um, I doubt there's any artist that is particularily flattered by just self parody. Um, I mean a band like Nirvana were very up front about there influences but they created something very vibrant, very new, very exciting."

***Flash to Smells Like Teen Spirit video bit...Nirvana

Sioux: "...And that wouldn't of been the case if they'd just done what, say like a band like Green Day..."

***Flash to Long View. Green Day...

Sioux: "...I mean the big difference between a band like Green Day and a band like Nirvana...it's miles...miles and miles and miles."

Steve: "In the end it's just going to be history that judges us and not, you know, a bunch of sound bites by complacent journalists just adding to more and more ..."

Sioux and Steve: "...misinformation.


Steve: "You know, the audiences understand what we're doing (cough, cough - Sioux) and understand that there's more than one dimension to it. Um, it doesn't really matter it's )?-pomp parcel."

Bit ends with end of Stargazer Video.

as you can see i've included every um, ah, you know, and cough available...i wanted to make it seem like you were there (ha, ha). anyway it is to the best of my ability at this late hour, i am not reading over it again so any mistakes please take kind, though i'm pretty sure that what you read is what I heard and saw.

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