Rolling Stone :
Random Notes Oct. 6, 1994

Transcribed by David R. Wild <ag869@freenet.buffalo.edu>

[picture of Siouxsie and John Cale at studio console, Sioux peering out over sunglasses, looking rather ticked-off]

Siouxsie Sioux and John Cale - an inspired combination, yes? The Velvet Underground violinist-bassist-vocalist produced Sioux's latest offering, The Rapture. "The record company is being it's usual cooperative self, and they want to sit on it until January of next year," says Sioux. "They've got every excuse imaginable. Something to do with Christmas. This is interminable for me." She has warmer feelings for Cale. "Recording was good fun," she reports. "John likes to work really fast, and so do I. The rest of the band wasn't so keen on working so quickly, so they had to buck up a bit."

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