Online 'Zines

the following items are links to a number of online zines that i've discovered and found to be particularly entertaining. they cover a wide variety of topics, from art to technology, cyperpunk and gothic subsculture, and probably in someway represent my interested. some are originally in hypertext format, while others have been/will be converted to html.

Prayers to a Broken Stone: an goth e-'zine written by Corey that comes out at random intervals, with interviews, reviews, etc. There are currently 5 issues out, though he hasnt written a new issue in while.

Take A Bite: a humorous gothic 'Zine written by Sexbat. Definately one of, if not the best.Copies have been turning up all over the place recently. Issue 3 is a collection of some new material and older stuff from 1 and 2. TAB has been replaced with Aircrash Monthly.

Crank: a vaguely cyberpunk, but very Generation-X zine written by an angst ridden AOL'er in Pennsylvania. Very Un-PC, very good. HTML versions have gone missing, but here are links to the nice color PDF versions.

Stream-of-Consciousness: a online art/poetry web zine, formed entirely of inline and external images.


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