Gothic International Club Listing

The original text version of this list was begun by digitar <> many years ago. This web version is now maintained by VampLestat <> with many contributions.

I can't visit each club to confirm every entry (though it would be fun), so please help by verifying listings you know about.

You can submit a new club to the list by filling out the online form. If you notice incorrect information (or the club has closed or changed format), please submit an update, accessible from a link at the bottom of that club's page. These are a few of the most outdated listings - if you know if this club has closed or is still open, please check the listing and let me know.

There are currently 346 clubs in this listing. A listing of recent additions and updates is available.

North America

  • Flux, New Haven, CT
  • KGB, Albuquerque, NM
  • Laekim, Old San Juan, Puerto Rico

South America



  • Gotham, Cape Town, South Africa
  • Zeplins, Pretoria, South Africa

Asia and Australia

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