The Gothic Server formerly at Gothic

The initial project was to take the images in the goth archive and create a nice thumbnail database. Needless to say, this place has expanded since then to become something even more pretentious. Parts have grown and flourished, others have withered and died. You may also check the guest book or the (not really updated) "What's New" page. Enjoy!

Goth Image Database

Over 230 thumbnail images (about 4k each) linked to the full size version. The images are divided into sub-sections based on content.

alt.gothic Text Files

The catch all page for various text documents, many from alt.gothic. Most have been converted to HTML from regular plaintext.

Goth Club Listing

The International Goth Club Listing was begun by Digitar and is a list of goth clubs around the world, which I have converted to HTML and attempted to keep up to date.

net.goth Gallery

Was one of the more popular areas, and now also one of the most dated areas the net.goth Gallery is a selection of pictures of various net.goths (those that frequent alt.gothic, #gothic, .. about 25 years ago).

Other Gothic Resources

Other Gothic Resources is a collection of other WWW servers, FTP sites, individual home pages and general collections organized by others on the net -- just a list of links. The real content is in the other sections.