S&B FAQsimile #24: Siouxsie on TV!

F.Baube[tm] (flb@flb.optiplan.fi)
Tue, 2 Nov 93 5:32:01 EET

From: Andrew Bornyi <andrewb@mathstat.yorku.ca>
Subject: S&B: Siouxsie on TV!
To: siouxsie+@andrew.cmu.edu
Date: Wed, 13 Oct 1993 14:52:30 -0400

Sorry, I didn't mean to get your hopes up.

I just saw the most mainstream footage of Siouxsie ever in my life. A
Canadian cop show, Night Heat (from the makers of Counterstrike), which
last shot in 88 or 89, which has found great following in syndication
world-wide, had a scene in it where the two protagonists went into a
witness' apartment (no, she wasn't a rocker, just a local reporter) and
on the wall, shown for a significant amount of time, was a huge Siouxsie
and the Banshees poster. It was viewed again later. The episode was
filmed in 87. The poster was her, with a yellow "Melt"-type background
and lettering.

Anyone else ever see anything so out of place (music movies and TV
shows such as Pretty in Pink, SNL, etc., don't count)?


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