Gothic International Club Listing Pagan Lovesongs

Pagan Lovesongs
at Full Moon Club

When :Wednesdays, 10:00pm
Where :Via Luigi Santini 12, Trastevere, Rome, Italy
Observations :Medieval, Ethereal, Gothic, Darkwave, 80s
DJs :Emer Wolfrider
Cover :admission free
Door Policy :free membership card,dress code
Drinks :Sanguis Draconis( spiced red wine with absynthium and ginseng) 3 euros, Tir-Na-Nog ( spiced wine) 3 euros,Wolfriders Clan Mead and more...
Directions :(no information)
Website :
Information provided by Emer Wolfrider <  emerwolf @ >
Last updated on 7/23/2006.

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