Gothic International Club Listing Necropolis

at Independent Bar

When :Wed, Sat, Sun 10pm-3pm
Where :70 North Orange Avenue, Orlando, FL
Observations :the club is great it has been in the same spot for 15 years. the look inside is very dark but all in the right spots there is 2 dance floors the main floor is large and has a great sound and lights the 2nd floor is downstairs not quite as big but also has great sound and lights, wed the music is industrial/synth/ebm sat/sun is new wave/classic alternative upstairs and ebm/darkwave downstairs. It is worth the drive if u live within 2 hrs of the club Additional Info By: Victor Nazarian, The City Morgue Magazine On Saturday and Sunday, they only get to use the smaller downstairs dance floor and music area while sharing the rest of the club. On Wednesday, they get to take the whole club over, including the mondo-huge main dance floor and long bar. That actually works out very, very well. On Wednesday nights, the Goth/Punk/Freak crowd gets to feel that they can take over the place and have it more or less to themselves. On Saturday and Sunday, they still have a place to go, but the bar itself is still guaranteed to make lots of money on the “normal” crowd. LD spins the majority of the music and right bang on to my taste, he sticks to very hard and angry stuff: lots of EBM and “hard” Techno, Industrial, Darkwave and Gothic music. The sound systems in both the smaller dance area and the large main dance floor are excellent. The small dance area is a little plain, but has benches and tables to put your ass and stuff on. It also has a little of the “pit of sin” effect that all downstairs, darkly lit, noisy places have. On Saturday, the main dance floor sticks to mostly mainstream dance/club music with a smattering of 80s and more recent pop. This area is decorated very well with lots of small booths and tables around one side and a long bar across the back. Lots of classic paintings of sin and saints with chains and angels hang from the ceiling, very good lights, etc.
DJs :DJ L.D., DJ Stefan and DJ Nothing
Cover :Wed $5; Sat: free before 11, $5 after; Sun: $3 before 11
Door Policy :18 + up
Drinks :full bar wed. $2 anything til midnight, sat $2 wells & yuenglings til midnight, sun $.50 drinks til midnight
Directions :from I-4 West go left on Colonial Drive turn right onto North Orange Avenue.on corner of Washington and Orange Avenue.
Phone :407-839-0457
Website :
Information provided by john c, Victor Nazarian, DJ Stefan < djjohnc @, victor @, xhotwingsx @ >
Last updated on 6/16/2006.

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