Gothic International Club Listing Bloody Bat

Bloody Bat
at Caves St. Sabin

When :Each 2nd saturday : 22:30 - 05 or 06:00
Where :St. Sabin Str 50, Paris, France
Observations :The Paris scene is pretty underground, but given some time and meeting the right people, you can find cool goth resturants, club nights at castles and back alley places like this. I found this place by asking another goth on the metro while he was on his way there. The night i went (2nd sat of the month), they played punk, bat cave & industrial.I went on a saturday and the music was great a lot of electro dark and industrial. Also they play some of the classics of goth music
DJs :Nash & Cyb@al
Cover :12 euros, open bar for softs and beers until 1:00 am
Door Policy :There are many "Uber Goths", but there were a few "norms" trying to fit in. Try and dress accordingly please. Picture this.. A 2 or 300 yr old wine cellar. Super cool place.
Drinks :3 euro beers, 5 euro drinks and shots. Pretty expensive for small drinks, but the ambiance is to die for.
Directions :Take the metro (number 5 line) towards to Breguet -Sabin station. st. sabin str. is right across the metro entrance. There are 2 st. sabin strs. 1 on each side of the .blvd. If you happen to take the wrong one (ends at another street) without seeing the club on your left, go the other way and you can't miss. BTW, there is a very kewl clothes shop on the opposite st. sabin st. that the club is on. ;)Arrive before 12 and the entrance is free ;)
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