Gothic International Club Listing Zeplins


When :Tuesday - Saturday 20:00 - very late
Where :384 Pretorius Street, Pretoria, South Africa
Observations :5 dance floors, 7 theme bars, pool table.MAIN FLOOR - alternative.PLUMCRAZY - retro floor -70's, 80's and early 90's classics.GALLERY - gothic floor.EXISTANZ FLOOR - EBM, industrial.STRANGE DAZE - live music bar. Live bands Tues-Sat from 8pm-12am.Black metal, power metal, death metal, etc. Wed, Fri and Sat from midnight. Free Entry from 6pm
DJs :DJ's - Dale - FusioN (Kandelectra) - Kaleid - Sekt - Arial - D.arksta.R - Paul (GDA)
Cover :R10 for normal nights up to R30 for event nights. check web-site for details
Door Policy :No under 18's, R.O.A.R.
Drinks :Every thing you can think R6,50
Directions :Take R-21 into Pretoria turn left into Pretorius Street.Just look for where all the cars are parked.
Phone :012 323-4308
Website :
Information provided by FusioN, Telara < Kandelectra @, emporessbutt @ >
Last updated on 12/8/2005.

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