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When :Every Thursday 10 pm
Where :Egyptou 5c, Ladadika, Thessaloniki, Greece
Observations :(Sundays) :: ElectrozonePlays:Darkwave, Gothic Rock, Synth Pop, Electro Clash, EBM, Industrial, Noize Relaxed atmosphere and... well... a lot of really dark people :-)(including really nice girls... if you're interested in living things hehe)Bands:Marylin Manson, Skinny Puppy, NIN, Ministry, Rammstein, Orgy, Covenant, Hocico, Apaptygma Berzerk, VNV Nation, Wumpscut, Front 242, Birmingham 6, Icon of Coil, Assemblage 23, Glis, Epsilon Minus, Neutronic Fish, Frontline Assembly, Dulce Liquido, Iambia, Fischerspooner, Adult, Swayzak, Ladytron, Audioplug, Goldfrapp, Chemical Brothers, FC Kahuna, Miss Kittin, Ersatz, Noisex, Felix Da Housecat,Rotersand ,Tactical sekt ,Panzer AG , FeindFlug, Pzychobitch,Nebula H,Asche , Synapscape,the Horrorist , God Module , C-drone defect , Converter Asche Morgenstern, Colony 5, De/Vision,CruxShadows,Terminal Choise,Front line Assemly, Diary of Dreams,psyclon 9,Davantage,run level zero,painbastard,headscan,the retosic,xp8,vac, virtual embrace,tamtrum,syrian ,and electronic more...
DJs :Truncate-Psycon
Cover :free
Door Policy :No membership, no dresscode, well... you should be of legal age, which in greece is 17.
Drinks :All kinds of drinks from juice to really hard stuff.
Directions :It's located in a side street of one of the main central road (Tsimiski). If you need directions, there's a map available at or simply write an e-mail to: stv@thex-club.comThe club is open from Monday to Sunday.Doors open at 10 pm and close 03:30 am (Monday to Thursday).At the weekend (Friday and Saturday), doors close around daylight... It's better than burning though ;-)
Phone :+30 2310 556663
Website :
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Last updated on 8/21/2006.

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