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at Sud Terranea Club

When :every Saturday, start 23:00
Where :Vico Quercia 1st, 3 (Piazza Dante), Naples, Italy
Observations :The rendez-vous place for all gothics, punks and rivetheads from the Naples' area,Sud Terranea is a charming, large-sized, subterranean club with cavern-like walls, candlelight and a nice atmosphere, dark but not claustrophobic :) Friendly environment, 2 dancing areas, 2 bars and Djs are eager to satisfy musical requests...concerts every week with Italian and foreign acts.During the 2005-2006 season we hosted concerts of acts as:Frankenstein (the horror punk legend/USA)Unter Null (industrial-ebm/USA)Dope Stars Inc. (glam-ebm-rock-industrial/ITA)Chants of Maldoror (goth-wave/ITA)XP8 (ebm/ITA)Spiritual Front(suicidepop folk/ITA)!a **LOT** of surprises are due next season, with major bands from the international goth/wave/punk and industrial/ebm sceneMusic? It varies satisfying all audiences thanks to the different styles :Deathrock/Post-punk/Wave/Rock/Industrial [Dj Demon]Industrial/EBM/Future-Pop/Electro-gothic/Synth-pop [Dj Nox]Some bands whose music we play:Christian death,Fields of the Nephilim,Cinema Strange,Red Lorry Yellow Lorry, Red Zebra,Eros Necropsyche,Black tape for a blue girl,Pyconauth75, Sisters of Mercy,VNV Nation,And One,Nebula H,Hocico,Covenant,Blood Axis,Joy Division,Blutengel,Die Form,The Cure,Diaframma,Death in June,Hocico,Tiamat,Seraphim shock,Lacrimosa, Rammstein,Laibach,ApoptygmaBerzerk,DasIch,De/Vision,Ministry,69eyes,L.A.M.,All gone dead,Joy Disaster,Scarlet's Remains,The Organ,Siouxsie,Feindflug,Kiew,In Slaughter Natives...and thousands more! Sunday night is alternative lifestyle night. Meet you there...
DJs :Dj Demon+Dj Nox
Cover :6 EUR (including drink)
Door Policy :Gothic/Cyber/Post-Punk/Fetish dress styles are welcome, although there is not a strict dresscode...
Drinks :they range between 4 EUR (beers) and 6EUR (mixed drinks)
Directions :The club is 20 meters far from Piazza Dante, one of the main squares of Naples deep in the heart of the Historical Centre. Walk down towards Modernissimo Multicinema and turn on the left, it's just nearby a Chinese restaurant. To arrive to Piazza Dante, you go down at the "Dante" metro station (line 1).
Phone :0039 347 87 76 919 (Demon) or 0039 328 1172198 (Nox)
Website :
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Last updated on 11/18/2006.

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