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Empire Of Darkness
at Matrix

When :every 2nd & 4th friday from 10pm to about 6am or even later
Where :Hauptstr. 200, Bochum-Langdreer, Germany
Observations :The place is quite huge with three different areas downstairs all connected in a kind of maze. There's an 80s & darkwave area, an ambient & industrial & whatever area and the biggest part is the electro & ebm area where there are cages you can dance in. Upstairs there's also a cafe and a rock/nu metal/crossover area to park your annoying kid bro. The atmosphere is good, although people tend to come in groups so it's not exactly the best place to get to know people. Another plus is that there's always a bar within at least 10 metres reach. Although there is no dresscode, you'd better wear your most extreme rig-out, otherwise you will feel greatly underdressed. The crowd is mostly industrial-goth. I can only recommend this club, a two-hour or longer train ride is definitely worth going there.
DJs :(no information)
Cover :5 euro, more when there's some concert
Door Policy :Age limit is naturally 18, but I never saw anyone in there who looked younger than that, it seems that under-aged folks don't go there, which is good. No dress code and membership .
Drinks :3 euro for a bottled 0,33 beer, cocktails and other stuff cost more
Directions :you can get there by the S1, which goes from Dusseldorf to Dortmund. The station is called Langendreer, not to be confused with Langendreer-West, that's where the Zwischenfall, another club, is. When you get outta the train you just have to follow the other goths to the club (there is ALWAYS someone), it's about 10 min walk. There's also a big parking lot right in front of the Matrix cos there's a supermarket next to it, so there shouldn't be any problem finding a parking space.
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