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Dungeon Day
at Stahlwerk

When :2nd and 4th saturday from 11pm to 5 or 6am
Where :Ronsdorferstr. 134, Dusseldorf - Lierenfeld, Germany
Observations :There is a lobby area with settees and stuff, which is quite comfy. They also sell pizza . Then there's the main area, which is one big dancefloor with little possibilities to sit down. The music is EBM, electro and industrial. The ladies-toilets are quite futuristic and really amazing. There's also a club area upstairs, where the play EBM, Weiberelectro, Depeche Mode and kind of softer stuff. People tend to come there in groups, so don't expect anyone to come up to you, wanting to make a friend. You'd better wear your most extreme rig-out or you will feel greatly underdressed. Also wear you biggest platform boots or you will feel like a dwarf among all the other high-towers. The crowd is mostly industrial-goth.All in all, it is definitely worth going there (check out the toilets!!This is no joke, they're terrific). It is the best gothic-event in Duesseldorf and even goths from Cologne (=Köln) are going there and that means a lot ;-) It's definitely good for biding time on a saturday night.
DJs :(no information)
Cover :6 euro
Door Policy :Age limit is 18, so make sure you've got a fake ID or a good excuse for not having your ID with you, if you're underage. There's no dresscode or membership. But please at least put on something black.
Drinks :Alt beer costs 1,50 euro, like in pubs, bottled beer and all the other stuff start at about 3 euro
Directions :you can get there by the U75, the station was called either Erkrather Str. or Ronsdorferstr. not sure anymore. Either you follow the other goths in the tram or just ask for the Stahlwerk, people will know where it is.There is also the possibility of parking , but it's limited so make sure you don't come too late, otherwise you will have to park somewhere far away.Finding the entrance is quite tricky, so make sure you follow some other goths or watch out for the taxi-cars. They are just parking in front of the entrance.
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