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When :Fridays and Saturdays, 9pm til around 2-6 am
Where :89 Lower Main Road, Observatory, Cape Town, South Africa
Observations :Fairly small club, but quite vibey and well decorated. Some nights are very quiet (as few as a dozen people), but the club has a strange habit of suddenly picking up at around 1 in the morning. There are themed parties roughly once a month, which draw fairly large crowds. The best place to find out about these is on the forum. Even on a quiet night, for the cover charge, it's worth going just for a drink or two. Music ranges from old to newer goth, to a bit of indy, industrial and other music that fits. The DJ's are fairly loose with genres, but play stuff that tends to be darker. For instance, they're as likely to play Sisters as to play Switchblade Symphony, or the theme from Requiem for a Dream, or Dresden Dolls. EBM, noise, etc tends not to feature, except on specific theme nights.
DJs :Minstrel, Strahd, Corvus
Cover :R10
Door Policy :Rough dresscode (bouncer's discretion). More to keep dodgy characters out than anything else, so not strictly enforced.
Drinks :Spirits, mix, beer, wine, etc. Range isn't great, but fairly cheap, for Cape Town.
Directions :Coming along Main Road (the M4) out of central Cape Town, take a left at Lower Main Rd (near Groote Schuur hospital). Gotham is around 500m down the road, on the left. It's in a section with quite a few clubs and pubs, on both sides of the road. The entrance is a single door at street level, is very poorly marked and easy to walk past. Look for a long, black corridor, with a doorman at a desk halfway down it. It's a few doors down from The One Ring.
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