Gothic International Club Listing All Ages Goth Nite

All Ages Goth Nite
at Sumshee's

When :7 PM to Midnite
Where :204 South Preston Street, Louisville, KY
Observations :Every Sunday from 7 PM to Midnight, Louisville's only weekly ALL AGES Goth/Industrial event. DJs - The Triad (Rev. Spook, Motuvius & Sorrow-Vomit) rotate weekly shifts and occasionally split the nights spinning. Burlesque Girl VYXSIN appears as the official hostess. Music varies somewhat depending on who's DJ'ing for the night; but primarily newer EBM, Elektro-Industrial, Power Noize & Futurepop with some possibly occassional bursts of Goth Rock & Oldschool depending on the night. A very short & generic list of bands you might hear would include artists such as Tactical Sekt, Heimataerde, Nebula-H, Combichrist, Fuspills 11, Painbastard, Unter Null, Supreme Court, Agonoize, [:SITD:], Adversus, Snakeskin, Feindflug, Dupont, Sopor Aeternus, NamNamBulu, Xotox, Cephalgy, God Module, Violet Stigmata, Tamtrum, In Strict Confidence, Grendel, Solitary Experiments, Virtual Embrace, Diary of Dreams, Dulce Liquido, Alien Produkt, Black Heaven, Aesthetic Perfection, Plastic, MetallspĆ¼rhunde, Retractor, Qntal, Blutengel, Terrorfakt, Stendal Blast, Glis, Absurd Minds, Noisuf-X, Amduscia, Sturm Cafe, Angels & Agony, The Frozen Autumn, Andraculoid, SHNARPH!, Phantom Vision... and so much more. Sumshee's is equipped with Internet-ready computers; a comfortable lounge area with couches, tables & chairs; a "snack bar" with assorted non-alcoholic drinks, as well as a full dancefloor. Very, clean, well maintained & safe for goths of [literally] all ages. Some pictures available at: you are a band interested in Sumshee's, please email
DJs :The Triad - Rev. Spook, Motuvius & Sorrow-Vomit
Cover :$5
Door Policy :all ages welcome!
Drinks :There is NO alcohol served whatsoever. However, there is coffee, mocha, cappuccino, latte ---- and a wide variety of fruit drinks and soda!
Directions :The full address is 204 South Preston Street, Louisville, KY 40202 - for detailed driving directions, please use . Also, the club is located at the CORNER of Preston & Market Street. Parking is available on the street in front of the club, behind the club, as well as on both sides.
Phone :502 589 2018
Website :
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