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Club Necromancy
at Enigma Bar

When :last Saturday of the month, 10pm
Where :173 Hindley St., Adelaide, Australia
Observations :Good atmosphere, lots of laughing, friendly people, loud music, flashing lights, smoke on the dancefloor, couches to chill on, movies on the big screen. Occassionaly a live band will be invited to perform but Necromancy is predominately a nightclub. the nights are oftened themed so lots of people dressing up in interesting clothes. The dancefloor can swing from Hocico to Covenant or Sisters of Mercy or Depeche Mode ,basically anything falling into the Darkwave, Synth pop, EBM, Industrial category.
DJs :Empusa, Azureus, Pandemic, Cenobite, Menschdefekt
Cover :$10
Door Policy :Dress code essential. neat black - can be either leather/pvc fishnet/lace etc or either jeans & tshirt - really it's whatever you feel comfortable in. Strictly over 18s only!
Drinks :Tooheys Extra Dry is always $4.50, bourban and coke is usually $6, Bacardi Breezers $5.50 but often on special for $4
Directions :You could catch a bus but as it's in the heart of the city you could walk there much faster. Just head down Hindley St (towards West Terrace) cross over Morphett St. and its a few doors down on your left. Once you arrive at Enigma, head to the staircase near the main bar and meet our charming doorman.
Phone :8212 2313
Website :
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Last updated on 5/28/2007.

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