Gothic International Club Listing Nocturne

at Shampoo

When :Wednesdays, 9:00pm to 2:00am
Where :Willow Street, between 7th and 8th streets, across the street from the Electric Factory, Philadelphia, PA
Observations :On the main floor, DJ Knobhead spins mainly industrial, with a heavier set at midnight for those who participate in mosh pits, and a gothic set, and synthpop sets. In the White Room, Kathy Fadigan spins classic 80's new wave and pop while Jon Gill accomadates the eclectic tastes for those in basement by playing Goth, Industrial, EBM, Synth Pop, Electro Clash and some mainstay hits from the likes of Prince, Madonna and Garbage. At times there's a DJ in the bathroom, too....don't ask, I don't know. The atmosphere, for the most part, is that of a huge party. People stand/sit around talking, there are three dance floors, and "stages" for those confident enough to dance where people can see them clearly. Voted #1 Weekly Event in Philadelphia by the readers of the Philadelphia City Paper; Shampoo was voted #1 Dance Club for the umpteenth year in a row. Additional information by Victor Nazarian, Nocturne, which is held at the Shampoo nightclub, is fantastic and good working synergy between one of the best club spaces in the eastern US, a good Goth Club promotion group and an enthusiastic Goth scene. The Shampoo nightclub is housed in 6 story brick office building that's painted white w/blue trim and has it's own Animaniacs style water tower. Since the structure is an office building during the day there is a significant amount of available parking in the lot that wraps around the building from 8th St. to Willow and there is even some parking actual on the streets in the area. The entrance is on the side with the lobby entrance covered with 3D wall lamination wallpaper. Down the steps is tickets ($7) and coat check ($2) and here they divide up the crowd to conform to local laws. The basement floor is for above 21 only and has both of the open bars with medium prices for drinks in the $3 to $6 range. Under age people are not allowed down there but over 21 can come and go freely upstairs or downstairs provided they leave the drinks downstairs. Upstairs there's only Soda and water for sale and there's no junk food for sale anywhere. They also have an outdoor tented patio area for good weather. The layout is among the most convoluted of any nightclub I've ever seen. Downstairs is all nicely upholstered & draped in red velvet to promote a "gothic lounge" atmosphere complete with padded benches and very private conversation nooks and its own DJ Jon Gill. Well decorated with crystal chandeliers, distressed masonry walls and Plexiglas coffee tables. There are lots of low arched, cave-like entrance ways one of which leads to the long, wide, low ceiling hallway-like dance floor that's all done up in blue drapes and lights. Behind one of the bars there's even a stairway leading down to yet another private area that used to house the building's boiler and can be used for private get-togethers and is sometimes used as a dressing room for concerts. Very nice. Upstairs there are 3 dance rooms w/3 DJs of different music. Two of them have dance floors and one is a locker-room washroom that's been converted to a hang-out room complete with working hand wash fountain in the center. The large central room has the biggest dance floor and most elaborate lights and sounds although all 4 of the rooms have good sound and everywhere except the "fountain" room have good lights. The big main room is suitable for really large gatherings and has it's own back area conversation pit an even an observation balcony overlooking the dance floor complete with its own bar. I also saw a lot of dancing w/cylume light sticks on strings off to one side where the crowd allowed those guys plenty of room. The DJ station in this area is one of the best ones I've ever seen complete with good control over the area and even a moving LED Marquee sign which displays the name of the song that's playing so people can look it up later and buy it at the store. Impressive and efficient. A note about the music.
DJs :Knobhead, Kathy Fadigan and Jon Gill
Cover :$7
Door Policy :All ages are admitted, but you must be twenty one with proper ID to enter the bar area. Gothic/Industrial attire is encouraged, but not enforced by any "authority figures," and there are a fair number of people who keep it very casual.
Drinks :The prices are decent.
Directions :I-76 into Philadelphia. Get off at the Spring Garden Street exit, and turn left. You'll pass the Art Museum on your left. After a thoroughly bewildering traffic light intersection, follow the street left, then right (you will end up on Spring Garden) Turn right down 7th (going south) then turn right onto Willow. Or: I-95 to exit 16. Turn left at the bottom of the ramp, onto Delaware Avenue. Follow to intersection with Spring Garden (you'll see club Egypt, and a Mobil Station to your left) and turn left onto Spring Garden. Turn left down 7th (going south) and turn right onto Willow.
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