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When :Saturdays 10:00pm to 7:30 am (goth/wave floor opens 10:00pm, industrial/techno dance floor opens at 11 pm, with both closing at 7.30 am
Where :7, Torrens Street, London, UK
Observations :Huge long running (since the mid 1980s) all night alternative club in converted warehouse. There are at least 2 levels each week.You'll find hard Industrial and hardcore dance noise upstairs on the industec floor (bands played include PowerPussy, Xotox, Feindflug, Noisuf-X, This Morn Omina, Implant, Nitzer Ebb, FLA, Front 242, Sonar, and so on.The ebm/goth floor is on the middle floor and plays ebm, goth, synthpop, darkwave, futurepop, crossover and related. Usually packed! Lots of plastic (ie PVC) goths,and cyberpunk types. Bands played include Apoptyma Berzerk, Covenant, VNV Nation, Project Pitchfork, Mesh, Wumpscut, Wolfsheim, Restrosic, SITD, And One, The Sisters Of Mercy, Hocico, Pride & Fall, Nine Inch Nails, Revolution By Night, God Module, Diary Of Dreams, Frozen Plasma, Kirlian Camera, Ultravox, Visage, Ministry, Skinny Puppy, Reaper, London After Midnight, Blutengel, Front 242, Seabound, Tactical Sekt, Combichrist , Die Form, Icon Of Coil, Feindflug, Lights Of Euphoria, Aslan Faction, Rotersand, Code 64, Unter Null,Suicide Commando, Seabound, The Cure, Siouxsie & The Banshees, Agonoize, Rammstein, Funker Vogt, Haujobb, Wumpscut, Bauhaus, Kraftwerk, Marylin Manson, The Cult, Virgin Prunes, Soman, Nick Cave, The Fields of The Nephilim, The Mission, Dulce Liquido, Decoded Feedback, The Cruxshaows, Cinema Strange, Melotron, Depeche Mode, and lots more!3 floor specials include a 3rd level (on the ground floor) playing trad goth, with the middle floor concentrating on ebm/darkwave/synthpop.There are often live bands too - either as pre-Slimelight shows running from 7/7.30 until 11/11.30 (which include free entry to the aftershow club), or with the bands playing during the club night on the industec floor.
DJs :Mak (most weeks), Steve (most weeks), Francesca (few times a month), Matt C (few times a month), Uwe (every few months), Nik Panik (every few months), Sheila (few times a month), Loki (most weeks), Pete (few times a month), Simon, Fad.
Cover :5 pounds members, 8 non-members. Initial membership fee: £10, membership renewal: £5 per year
Door Policy :goth/darkwave/punk/cyber/powernoise/ebm/industrial/synthpop/alternative...Membership is renewable each year.
Drinks :Soft and alcoholic drinks on sale. Tea / coffee / mineral water / coke, 7 Up etc - all around the £1 to £1.50 mark. Slimelight now has a reasonably priced licenced bar which serves until 5 am, with soft drinks only from then until 7.30
Directions :From Angel Tube Station on the Northern Line:- Turn left out of the station then left at the traffic lights into City Road. Finally, take the 1st left (there's a bar on the corner) into Torrens Street, Slimelight is at the end of this short dead end street on the right hand side.
Phone :+44(0)20-7837-6419
Website :
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Last updated on 4/21/2007.

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