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at Frazer's

When :Saturdays, 9:30pm to 2:30am
Where :33-34 O'Connell Street. basement bar 'Frazers', Dublin, Ireland
Observations :Gothic/industrial/alternative with a focus on goth-friendly music. Basically if we like it we play it! Greg (formerly of Purgatory, Disturbance etc in Oxford, UK) is the main DJ with ample support from Orla and Conor on alternate weeks, plus a guest DJ every week to spice things up. Most people are in their early-to-mid twenties, with a splash of youngsters and old fogeys too (er... mainly us people who run it). There's a rather pub-like atmosphere, due to the layout of the club, and a very relaxed friendly feel. Strangers always welcome. For our specific email list, see or goto which contains current news and all playlists to date. Additional Info, Victor Nazarian, The City Morgue Magazine: from Frazers's Bar in a small basement bar that is just barely big enough for 50 to 75 people to really have some good evil fun in. It's right in the center of town about 5 blocks from the river at the top of the biggest (and perhaps drunkest) street in the whole city. It kinda reminded me of some particularly "interesting" times I've had in The Village in NYC or near DuPont in Washington DC. Nice full service bar with 2 bartenders and a back hallway to the restrooms that's also good for people to duck into for chat, photos or playing doctor (I saw all 3). The club features a small dance floor (that is used very enthusiastically) in front with a raised platform/alcove for the DJs. The Bar itself is a small serviceable L shaped affair "manned" by 2 bartenders with a reasonable assortment of beer, wine and mixed drinks. Junk food is for sale also and drinks were reasonably priced at about 2.00 to 4.50 Euro. Music. The DJs tended to stay on the "heavy and hard" side with the general Goth/Techno/Industrial/Punk style of music. I don't recall hearing any 80s or Ethereal/Trance stuff at all and no Rave oriented stuff.
DJs :Gregor, Orla, Conor and weekly guests
Cover :Free
Door Policy :18's (in accordance with local legal age for alcohol), gothic/alternative/cybery type dress, but we're not overly strict.
Drinks :Full bar
Directions :O'Connell Street is the very centre of Dublin and is the city's largest street and hence the easiest to get to. Go to the northern end, and almost at the end, before it turns into Parnell Square, you'll see Frazers on the right-hand side. opposite the Royal Dublin Hotel. Club is in the basement and has a seperate entrance from the main pub just inside the front door.
Phone :+353879078286 {alan}
Website :
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