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Most of the below are from Gina and Shelley's trip to LA, with a smattering of other misc, but related pictures.

A couple pics taken during a night trek about the Caltech Campus. Check out the "cool band" pose in the second one.

Dan on Gun The Band

A couple more sitting about the house .. preparing for the last of "The Hat" pictures which follow. Note "The Nightgown".

At Computer Ryan Eating Pretty Scotty Ursa with Hat The Thinker Two with Hat and Tub Dennys and Hat

And yes, eventually "The Hat" met its demise in a huge ball of flames at the beach. The remaining ashes were later scattered into the ocean.

Hat Firepit Chanting at the pit At the pit Hat on fire Remains of The Hat Remaining use for The Hat The last bit of The Hat

Goths along the seaside...

Playing in the water Playing in the water Vample in the Sun Aaargh Hair in wind Along the beach Along the beach Ryan and Dan at the car

Lord Purge, Gina and Shelley...

Scotty and Shelley Scotty w/ Lace Scotty, Shelley, and Gina Gina and Scotty

What?! whos that in the blond wig?

Dan in wig Dan in wig Dan in wig Dan in wig


A happy bat Bat-in-a-hat

... and a number of others I cant catagorize easily

Bud girls Shelley mirror Shelley