Gothic Text files Death Rock Girl

To the tune of Dead Milkmen...

One Saturday I took a walk in Bauhaus Land 
I met a girl there who said "Kiss on my hand!"

Death Rock Girl! Skinny pale bitch 
Death Rock Girl! Wants to be a witch 
She dresses all in black 
Drinks your blood for a snack 
Death Rock Girl 

I asked her quite poetically, "Are you Goth or Death?" 
She said she wasn't sure, but here's some crystal meth. 
Death Rock Girl! Will life never end? 
Death Rock Girl! Rozz fucked all your friends 
And that lunch box for a purse 
Yes you're a curse 
Death Rock Girl 

We went to Helter Skelter and danced really really weird 
I met all of your bisexual friends 
We talked about Satan, the art world and the Cure 
You offered me some acid, said Ministry was coming soon 
One of your fat friend threw a fit and started crying really hard 
You said "Just ignore her, she does this all the time!" 
You showed me all your scars 
Up and down your wrists 
Said you tried to kill yourself 
For the love of Robert Smith 

Death Rock Girl! Likes to read Anne Rice 
Death Rock Girl! Has pubescent lice
Your mom's in Psychic TV 
Oh you're for me 
Death Rock Girl 

We went to a graveyard at the stroke of midnight 
We danced around the graves until the cops stopped us 
Asked us what we were doing, she said "Satanic rites!" 
So they said they should arrest us and thought that we were sick 
So she gave the cops a blow job and they let us go! 
We went to get some bondage gear 
Lots of whips and chains 
Said "I think that pizza dough 
Is eating up your brains!" 

Death Rock Girl! Boring poetry 
Death Rock Girl! Exploring sodomy 
Peter Murphy is your God 
You stupid broad 
Death Rock Girl 

I went over to your home to come and pick you up 
You said you'd be a minute, you had to freshen up 
So I waited for five hours, I knew something was wrong
Then I realized that's how long it takes 
To put your makeup on
We went on down to Melrose 
To buy you some new shoes. 
You bought another rosary 
You're never gonna use 

Death Rock Girl! Go die your hair 
Death Rock Girl! Does me anywhere 
She likes Current 93!!-(that is "cool"!) 
Oh sleep with me 
Death Rock Girl 
Death Rock Girl! Leads an evil life 
Death Rock Girl! Please be my wife 
We'll name our kid Lestat 
Your friends are really fat 
Death Rock Girrrlll!!!!