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Gothic Addresses

Okay. Since nobody else has posted any addresses, I thought I'd post some from a gothic 'zine I bought awhile ago. It's called Ghastly, and it's really nice. Lots of artwork, music reviews, prose, and poetry. This was from Issue 2 which came out sometime this year. Doesn't say the month, though. So I'm not sure whether all of these addresses are still valid. Also, there may be more current issues available of some of the publications. When possible, I'll include a brief description. I think all of these are in the US, so dollar amounts are given in US dollars.

Nosferatu Productions
PO Box 3535
Hollywood, CA 90078 
(310) 788-8560

Notes: See above for description. $4 You may also request to receive a bi-monthly newsletter called The Oracle which tells you about Nosferatu releases, the Ghastly zine, and the underground scene in general. Just send one 29 cent stamp for each issue you want to receive.
Temple of the Vampire
Box 3582
Lacey, WA  98503

Notes: Info on the living cult of the undead, the rituals, the teachings, the priesthood of VR (don't know what that stands for) Send $5
Gothic Info Line

Notes: Band info, show dates, release dates, tour info, club listings, publication info, stories, interviews, and more. $2 per minute. 24 hours.
Higham's House of Horrors
PO Box 180-204
Brooklyn, NY  11218

Notes: Fetal skeleton designs of candle & incense holders, trays, etc. Cadavers, creatures, masks, and tombstones. $1.00 plus 29 cent stamp for catalog.
Isolation (1 & 2)
5411 N. Grantland
Fresno, CA 93722 

Notes: Interviews, poetry, short stories, deathly art, music reviews, and more. $2 postage paid.
Rouge et Noir - les Poemes des Vampires #1
607 N. Plymouth #7
Los Angeles CA  90004

Notes: Vampire poetry. $6 postage paid. Checks payable to Chad Hensley.
Sanctorum #1
2739 Batchelder St
Brooklyn, NY  11235

Notes: Grave poetry, reviews, classifieds, info on censorship. $1
Cthon #0
PO Box 831
Reisterstown, MD  21136

Notes: Great artwork, music and video reviews. 2 stamps.
Slice of Life (#1 & #2)
PO Box 445
Richmond, IN  47375

Notes: Publication of Vampire Society. Essays, reviews by Beij Beltrisi. $1 covers membership and S.o.L.
Alien Relay #2
38317 Sunset Dr.
Ocon, WI  53066

Notes: Death related subjects. Music reviews, prose, poetry, artwork, graphics, clippings on necrosis, history of the Necronomicon. 50 cents.
Rale #6
c/o Kevin Lintner
827 N. Queen St.
Lancaster, PA  17603

Notes: Editorials, collages, poetry, artwork, reviews, and more. Free! As long as they keep making issues, you'll receive them.
Boiled Angel #6
PO Box 5254
Largo, FL  34649

Notes: Sick, gross, perverted, gory, disgusting comic/'zine. $3
The... Chronicle
PO Box 80721
Fairbanks, AK  99708

Notes: Articles, reviews of books, movies, 'zines, and catalogues, art, poetry, clippings. $3 postage paid.
Gothic 3
13 Chippewa Trail
Brown Mills, NJ  08015

Notes: Interviews, reviews, poetry, weird newspaper clippings, collages. $1.50
Phantazmagoria (Chapter 9 & 10)
PO Box 1305
Flagstaff, AZ  86002

Notes: Gothic 'zine laced heavily with religious accents. Cryptifying writings, artwork, cathedralic collages, angelic clippings, poetry, photography. $2 each.
Iniquities:  The Magazine of Great Wickedness and Wonder  Vol. 1 No. 2
18030 Brookhurst
Suite 14
Fountain Valley, CA  92708

Notes: Tales of terror accompanied by artwork. $4.95 (cover price)
Cemetery Gates #4
4336 Byesville Blvd
Dayton OH  45431

Notes: Gothic personals! Free! Send name, address, favorite bands, and a few lines about yourself.
The Skroll #5
c/o Terri Havens
301 Court St. 
Little Valley, NY 14755

Notes: Poetry, deathly art, 'zine reviews. 3 stamps. When ordering, only put Terri's name on the envelope.
Industrialnation #1
114 1/2 E. College St
Suite 16
Iowa City, IA  52240

Notes: Interviews with KMFDM. Sisters of Mercy and Front 242 concert reviews. Club and music reviews. No price given.
Dead Eyes #4
PO Box 24
Bradley, IL 60915

Notes: Reviews of 'zines, music. Interviews, vampire stuff, poems. $1
Necro Vol. 1
c/o Brian Sullivan
2403 Collingwood
Toledo, OH 43620

Notes: Creepy comics, bondage stuff, interview with necrophiliac, short stories. May find this degrading to women. $2
Necro Vol. 2
1648 W. Hazelhurst
Ferndale, MI  48220

Notes: Don't know why address is different from above. No other info given.
298 5th Ave
Suite 295
Dept A
New York, NY  10017

Notes: Gothic fashion catalogue. $3
Quasi Glam - Leslie Kaplan
7661 1/2 Melrose Ave
Los Angeles, CA  90046
(213) 655-3702

Notes: Custom clothes for stage, video, life. $2 catalog.
c/o Marie Buckner
5117 West Wooley Rd #2
Oxnard, CA  93035

Notes: Gloom, vampires, dark fantasy. Quarterly. $1.50 per issue.
Box 1591
Garden Grove, CA  92642-1591

Notes: Gothic music mail order catalog - Lycia, Black Tape for a Blue Girl, etc. Free.

Well... that's about all I can find for now. I haven't written to any of these, so I can't give any reviews. I hope most of these addresses are still valid. You may wish to ask for the current issue for some of the publications. The 'zine I got these from came out at least 5 months ago. Good luck!


Gothic attire and related items:

245 8th Ave.
Suite 395
New York, NY 10011
Send $3 for catalog
Netherworld 701 N. McQuesten Pkwy. Crypt 122 Mt. Vernon, NY 10552 Send $2 for catalog
The Berlin Wall 319 3rd Avenue, Dept. C-1 Chula Vista, CA 91910 (619) 425-5007 1-800-777-0269 FAX: (619) 426-3495 Send $2 for catalog
Bleecker Bob's 7454 Melrose Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90046 (213) 852-9444
Bleecker Bob's 118 West 3rd St. New York, NY 10012 (212) 475-9677
World War T's 9850 Sandalfoot Blvd. Suite 237, Dept. 45 Boca Raton, FL 33428 Send $1 for catalog
Siren 463 Queen St. W. Toronto Ont. M5V 2A9 (416) 363-9288
Retail Slut 7264 Melrose Ave. Hollywood, CA 90046 (213) 934-1339
Boomerang New Orleans 1128 Decatur New Orleans, LA 70116 (504) 566-7298
Moresca clothing and costume
361 union center road
Ulster park, NY. 12487

Blackened Angels
Box 8436
La Crecenta, CA 91224
Remember When Collection 361 N. Ohio Salina, KS 67401 Notes: S.A.S.E. for brochure
La Pelleterie Box 127 Highway 41 Arrow Rock, MI 65320 Notes: Send $5.00 for catalog
Outside Looking In Box 261 Banning, CA. 92220
Mediaeval Miscellanea 6530 Spring Valley Dr. Alexandria, VA 22312 Notes: free catalog, or $3 for huge catalog of mediaeval patterns.
Jas Townsend & Son Box 415 Pierceton, IN 46562
Karen Dick Whole Costumers Catalogue PO Box 207 Beallsville, PA 15313
p.o. box 3094
hollywood, ca 90078
Notes: $5 for this catalog

Archie McPhee
P.O. Box 30852
Seattle, WA. 98103
The store is at:
3510 Stone Way N.
Seattle, WA.
(206) 782-2344