Gothic Text files A Goth Animal

From: Orion Wilson <>
hee hee!

" let's watch now as marlin perkins of Wild World of Animals creeps up
  slowly behind the goth..  Note the long spikey hair is combed to the
  front, which probably means this goth is in a foul mood today.  Which
  is good for marlin, because the goth notices nothing as marlin raises
  the dart gun and POOM! the goth is hit!  A hand across the forehead,
  oh melt melt little darkie!  Marlon rushes over to the prone body, and
  signals Success!  It's a male !
  With the specially fitted radio transmitter tagged to it's ear, (he 
  won't notice the difference) this male will be tracked and studied in 
  the months to come.  The goth is unharmed, merely in the faux-death of
  sleep.  We'll leave him now.  Let's hope no pounks come by before he~r
  wakes up !   hee hee .
        Spiritual Recklessness and other thrills.