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the Gothic Music Handbook

Beta Ver. 1.4
updated: 7/30/95
next update due: 10/31/95
Written largely by Corey W. Nelson
Correspondence to:
Contributors: Joel, Fernando, John Mcdongh, Kevin Palka, James Youngman,
Michael R. Verzani(literati), Ayse Tuzlak

The basic format is going to be thus: 1) the bands's gothlist entry, 2) a brief paragraph describing the band and it's history, and 3) an abbreviated discography. The discography will only note singles when they contain tracks not available elsewhere and only as singles, not 7"s or 12"s, since often I won't know what format they came out in anyway. Bands that I know absolutely zero about have simply been deleted for the most part, and bands that know very little about are going to get an abbreviated entry at best. The author of each entry will be noted at the header. Entries with no notation mean I did it. Just so you know who to blame. :-> Information liberally cribbed from Gothic Rock by Mick Mercer were necessary.


i started this project because i thought we needed a book that was a little more informative than 'Gothic Rock' by Mick Mercer. It's an entertaining book, but actually getting any information out it can be a pain. it is being written by fans, for potential fans. none of of are professional music critics here. it is, i'm sure, riddled with typoes and mis-remembered information, but it's the best i can make it with the time i can devote to it. if you want to contribute, mail me at []. feel free to mail me just to comment or say thanks. :) thank-you notes will insure that one day i'll actually finish the monster. :)

Accelerated Men defunct AUS
Actifed defunct UK
Adams Family active UK
here's laughing at you kid cs 85
sometime's i wonder mini-lp 85
Alien Sex Fiend active UK (Joel)

formed in the shadow? wake? holocaust? of the batcave circa 1982. have toured and recorded almost constantly since then. `whatre they like? um, well... aspects of everything from goth to punk to industrial to dance to psychobilly are in the music somewhere. nik has a great interest in salvador dali, and that shows up in the music, as does his liking for alice cooper. yeah, thats it! just imagine if alice cooper and dali got together and started a dancey goth band! definitely for people who like to turn their pretentious friends on their arses every once in a while. the singles are goth club must-haves, but beyond that, the variety of output is *highly* unpredictable, but all of it is very clearly fiend.

"who's been sleeping in my brain?" lp 83
"acid bath" lp 84
"liquid head in tokyo" lp (live in Japan) 85
"maximum security" lp 85
i walk the line 2x7"/12" 86
"it - the album" lp 86
hurricane fighter plane 7"/12" 87
"here cum germs" lp 87
stuff the turkey 7"/12" (special xmas release) 87
"the impossible mission mini-lp" lp (us release only) 87
"all our yesterdays" lp (singles collection) 88
batman theme 12" (as "the dynamic duo") 88
"another planet" lp 88
haunted house 12" 89
"too much acid?" 2xlp (live in europe) 89
"curse" lp 90
"open head surgery" lp 92
"the altered states of america" lp (live in america) 93
"the legendary batcave tapes" lp 93
"drive my rocket (singles collection) cd 94
All About Eve active UK
all about eve lp 88
scarlet and other stories lp 89
touched by jesus lp 91
winter words-hits and rarities comp lp 92
Altered States defunct UK
the Ancestry defunct UK
covenant of the righteous lp 93
the Ancients defunct US
And Also the Trees Active UK(Fernando)

Mutual admiration between them and the Cure helped to launch AATT. Ideas were exchanged, with some pieces of early AATT found in the Cure's Pornography. However, this turned out to be a curse for the band in their native land, since The Cure's ability to put the music out first branded the band as copycats. Their eponymous first album was produced by The Cure's drummer and it sounds close to the Cure's sound at the time. However, the band soon evolved into a different sound in time for their second album titled Virus Meadow, which for a long time, remained as their fan's dearest album. The evolution of their sound has been consistent through their latest effort: the Klaxon. This perhaps is the best "atmospheric" album since Joy Division's Closer, albeit with more controlled pop sound. Through out their career, the consistent element is Simon's powerful and poetic lyrics. His intense singing style is surrounded by his brother's masterful and original guitar sound, which creates a wonderful, if not eerie atmosphere. The percussion and bass are excellent in accentuating the illusion created by the lyrics and guitar. Truly, all of their albums are recommended, with Virus Meadow and The Klaxon edging the others and their first as the weakest of the bunch. The band has attained greater success in France and Germany.

And Also The Trees 1983
Virus Meadow 1986
The Millpond Years 1988
Farewell to the Shade 1989
Green is the Sea 1992
Horizon to Horizon 1993 (singles compilation)
The Klaxon 1993
Anorexic Dread defunct UK
DISCOGRAPHY: one single 84
Arts and Decay active GER
Attrition active UK
smiling, at the hynogonder club 85
in the realm of the hungry ghosts 86
Aurora active ?

the members of project pitchfork with a female singer doing goth.

Ausgang defunct UK
teachings of web sin. 84
solid glass spine sin. 84
head on ep 84
manipulate lp 85
hunt ya down sin. 85
king hell sin. 86
los descamisados mini-lp 86
Batfish Boys defunct UK

Simon D of the March Violets, and worthy of your attention merely on that fact, as Simon is never less than interesting at least. Kind of a biker band with the most killer pop instincts you`ve ever heard. Only released the one album that I know of, but it's damn good. Split with Simon going on to a thrashier band called D-Rock.

DISCOGRAPHY: head lp 85
Bauhaus defunct UK (ayse)

For many goths, this is where it all begins; for some, it may even be where it all ends. Bauhaus' music, though not the earliest music that can be called 'gothic', is certainly foundational. The "Bela Lugosi's Dead" single is the song that *defines* gothdom for many; in fact, it is *such* a nightclub staple that many folk have gotten thoroughly sick of it by now, wondering what the big deal was about Bauhaus. Well, the big deal is this: Bauhaus albums are angry and dark and thoroughly musical; the songs are meticulously crafted and the lyrics are lovely explorations of decay, emptiness, and fear. Not just that, but Peter Murphy and the boys had a great sense of humour about the cult that they were in the process of creating, and even as they descended into the morbid and hateful, they always took a moment to laugh at their own pretenses and at the assumptions that their fans were making about them. The laugh was bitter, but it gave Bauhaus a sense of perspective that is missing in many of the imitations that they spawned. The music itself is hard to describe -- it's guitar-driven with liberal doses of feedback and random changes in direction; Peter Murphy's vocals swing from tortured howls to deep and resonant chants (of course, Daniel Ash and David J. supplied vocals for many of the songs too, particularly on Burning From The Inside). The records are a lot more elegant and have much more depth than singles like "Bela" or "She's in Parties" would suggest -- as great as those songs are, it is generally a good idea to see what Bauhaus is *all* about rather than letting the nightclub decide for you.

DISCOGRAPHY: 4ad ep 80
in the flat field lp 80
mask lp 81
the sky's gone out lp 82
press the eject and give me the tape lp 82
burning from inside lp 83
1979-1983 vol. one comp lp 85
1979-1983 vol. two comp lp 85
swing the heartache comp lp 89
rest in peace-the final concert lp 93
Bel Canto active Norway
white-out conditions lp
birds of passage lp
shimmering, warm and bright
Belfagore defunct UK
DISCOGRAPHY: a dog is born lp
belfegore lp
Bentmen active US
Bible for Dogs defunct UK
DISCOGRAPHY: one single 87
Big Electric Cat active AUS
DISCOGRAPHY: Dreams of a Mad King 94
the Birthday Party defunct Australia (Kevin)

Dark, disturbing, and intense, with a sound similar to Bauhaus during their "In the Flat Field" days. Nick Cave fronted this Australian band during the late 70's-early 80's, and much of the BP's power stems from his vocals, from the heroin-filled howls of "Mutiny in Heaven" to the melancholy dirge of "Jennifer's Veil". The songs are filled with reference to "junk", Hamlet, and love gone tragically sour. As much as Cave gives this band a certain "presence", the musicians are damn good, too. Witness the bassline on tracks such as "King Ink" and "Junkyard" which almost transport you back to the BP's angst-ridden Aussie wasteland. Definitely check out HITS.....cheaper than all the imports, and it gives you tracks from all of the band's LPs. Definitive compilation.

the birthday party lp 80
prayers on fire lp 81
junkyard lp 82
drunk on the pope's blood ep 82
it's still living live lp 82
hee haw ep 83
a collection comp lp 85
the peel sessions lp 87
hits comp cd 92
Black Atmosphere active US
infinity cs 93
abstract thoughts cs 94
Balaena s 94
Black Tape for a Blue Girl active US
Blood & Roses defunct UK
Bomb Party active UK
raygun ep
fish lp
Bone Orchard defunct UK

Sorta psychobilly goth. Kinda indescribable actually. Picture the Cramps with less of a b-movie fixation

stuffed to the gills mini-lp
swallowing havoc ep
jack lp
princess epilepsy sin.
Breathless active UK

Singer Dominic Appleton was featured on This Mortal Coil's lps 'Filigree & Shadow' and 'Blood'. His distinctive voice and the band's dark pop explore the territory first surveyed on Modern English's 'Mesh and Lace' minus the samples and a heavier guitar presence.

three times and waving lp
Brigandage defunct UK
pretty fun thing mini-lp
Brilliant defunct UK

Short lived band featuring Youth, ex-Killing Joke. Made appearances on the Whip and Batcave comps and then disappeared as far as I know. Sort of a funk-goth dance thing and not even half as bad as that may sound.

Cadaver Finesse defunct UK
Camp Sophisto defunct France
Carcrash International active UK
Fragments of a Journal in Hell cd 93
Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds active Australia (ayse)

The Birthday Party, of course, was a vitally important no-wave band from the late seventies and early eighties, and Nick Cave deserves vast amounts of respect for the work that he did with them. However, the solo career that Nick launched after BP's demise shows that his earliest work was merely a prelude to more than a decade of incredibly sophisticated songwriting. Gone is the writhing-on-the-floor anger of "Nick the Stripper" -- what we have now is acoustic, twangy, sardonic storytelling that will send shivers up the spines of the most hardcore of listeners. Bad Seeds albums create their own little worlds, worlds that are somewhat like this one but slightly harsher, slightly bloodier, and slightly less trustworthy. Imagine Twin Peaks meeting Dante's Inferno and you've got a pretty good idea of what an album like Henry's Dream sounds like. Now go out and buy it -- it'll change your life.


from here to eternity lp 84
the firstborn is dead lp 85
kicking against the pricks lp 86
your funeral. my trial lp 86
tender prey lp 88
the good son lp 90
henry's dream lp 92
the Children defunct UK
one single
Children on Stun active UK
tourniquets of loves desire cd 94
Christian Death active US
only theatre of pain lp 82
deathwish ep 84
catastrophe ballet lp 84
ashes lp 85
the wind kissed pictures ep 85
the decomposition of violets cs 86
anthology of live bootlegs comp lp 86
atrocities lp 86
jesus christ proudly presents 6x7" 87
the scriptures lp 87
past and present comp cd 88
sex drugs and jesus christ lp 88
the heretics alive lp 89
all the love lp 89
all the hate lp 89
past, present and forever comp lp 90
insanus, ultio, proditio, misercordiaque comp lp 90
jesus points the bone at you? comp lp 90
the iron mask lp 92
the path of sorrows lp 93
invocations comp live lp 93
sleepless nights lp 93
tales of innocence, a continued anthology comp live lp 93
iconologica comp lp 94
the doll's theatre live lp 94
the rage of angels cd 94
sexy death god cd 94
Chrome defunct US (ayse)

Chrome was a popular synthesizer noise band from the 1980's, but sadly, they seem to have been all but forgotten now. Their work, along with that of bands like Portion Control and Nocturnal Emissions, was an important influence on later aggro synth bands like Skinny Puppy, and for good reason: these guys manipulated Moogs in ways that were years ahead of their time. Their style changes from record to record: earlier albums are noisy, grinding, and experimental, while later ones are slightly dancier and creepier. Damon Edge and Helios Creed, the two members of Chrome, both went on to solo careers after Chrome's demise; Edge's work sounds much like Chrome, including his characteristically twisted vocals (most of the time he sounds like he's singing from inside a giant lead pipe). Records like Into the Eyes of the Zombie King and Third From the Sun should be gothic classics; it's a shame that they aren't.


the visitation lp
alien soundtracks lp
half-machine lip moves lp
red exposure lp
blood on the moon lp
third from the sun
raining milk lp
into the eyes of the zombie king lp
the lyon concert lp
another world lp
eternity lp
dreaming in sequence lp
live in germany lp
alien soundtracks II
liquid love
read only memory ep
other worlds ep
no human allowed lp
chronicles I lp
chronicles II lp
Clair Obscure defunct France
Classix Nouveaux defunct UK

Sort of a new romantic goth band. Actually had a hit with 'guilty' and included on the Rock of the Eighties old wave comp series. Lotsa synths and drum machine that make you go 'ooo, 1984 was good year', overlayed with goth aesthetics.

classix nouveaux lp 80
Cold Dance defunct UK
Colour Me Psycho ? CAN
Common Language active US

urge to forget s 89 scar cd 90
sharks to blood s 91
flesh impact cd 93
the Cravats defunct UK
gordon sin 78
burning bridges sin 79
precinct sin 80
cravats in toytown lp 80
you're driving me sin 81
off the beach sin 81
fireman flexi 82
terminus sin 82
rub me out sin 82
Creaming Jesus active UK (John)

Creaming Jesus(CJ) are Goth-Metal. No doubt there. They are famous for covering SoM "Temple of Love" in a blasphemous way and generally scaring Goths who prefer the likes of DCD. CJ are relatively new on the scene but their lyrics show a good sense of humour as well as catchy guitar lines. The subjects of songs vary from religion to comic books to insights on the world around US.

nailed up for nothing ep 89
mug ep 89
too fat to run, too stupid to hide lp 89
bark ep 90
dead time ep 91
it's dance magic, growing pains 1989-1990 comp lp 91
ditch dweller V ep 91
guilt by association lp 92
head rush ep 92
Crime and the City Solution hiatus GER

Originally formed by Simon Bonney with ex-Birthday Party members Roland S. Howard and Mick Harvey plus ex-swell maps drummer Epic Soundtracks. The band now centers around Bonney, Harvey(also a Bad Seed), guitarist Alexander Hacke(also a member of Einstuerzende Neubauten), and violinist Bronwyn Adams. I can't really think of anyone that really sounds at all like them and nor am I going to try very hard. Crime are unique and a treasure of the music world. The whole is greater than the sum of it's parts has never been truer. Simon Bonney's voice is one of the truly great and evocative voices I've ever heard. He could sing the phone book and I'd still buy it. Simon also has a twosolo albums out recorded during the band's hiatus'. They use the trapping and structures of country music to make some totally other and absolutely stunning. If heartache has a soundtrack, 'Forever' would be it. 'Everyman' is better, if anything, and incorporates a little of the Memphis Soul sound.


the bride ship lp
room of lights lp
shine lp
paradise discotheque lp 90
Simon Bonney solo:
Forever cd 92
Everyman cd95
the Cult active UK (Kevin)

Only DREAMTIME and LOVE could really be described as "Gothic". ELECTRIC is a good album, but it borders on that elusive "metal" sound sometimes. SONIC TEMPLE and CEREMONY remind me of Ian Astbury doing a poor Robert Plant imitation. DREAMTIME, the band's first album, is excellent, and is filled with references to Astbury's fascination with Native American culture. Some tracks are definitely more Goth than others, such as "Resurrection Joe" and " Bad Medicine Waltz". LOVE is infectious, almost danceable, with dark overtones. Very good sophomore album. Billy Duffy's guitar carries this one, and I guarantee the chords will stay in your mind for days. For those true Dark Ones, check out "Black Angel," a soaring dirge about the "journey on to the eternal reward."


dreamtime lp 84
live at the lyceum lp 84
love lp 85
electric lp 87
sonic temple lp 89
ceremony lp 91
the cult cd 94
the Cure active UK

The Cure began life as a part of the punk uprising with a surprising amount of pop smarts. They then turned their talents at minimalism to create a series of Goth masterpieces in 'Seventeen Seconds', 'Faith', and 'Pornograhy'. It was too much angst, pain and attention for Robert Smith though, and the band broke up for a while with Robert relishing a side-man's role as guitarist for Siouxsie and the Banshees. Eventually he got the bug to be in control again, reviving the Cure in a purer incarnation of a pop band. And a pop band they have always truly been, albeit one that can put out music that will challenge *any* goth band in style and darkness. For many, 'Disintegration' marked a return to form not seen since 'Pornograhy', but Robert Smith refuses to live in the past and remake 'Pornograhy'. "Disintegration shares much in atmosphere with 'Pornograhy' but is hardly it's sequel, but a natural progression in the band's evolution, as evidenced by 'Wish' and it's simple expression of the pleasure's of pop music that doesn't *have* to be particularly happy to be joyous.


three imaginary boys lp 79
boys don`t cry lp 80
17 seconds lp 80
faith lp 81
pornography lp 82
japanese whispers lp 83
the top lp 84
the head on the door lp 85
standing on a beach-the singles lp 86
kiss me kiss me kiss me lp 87
disintegration lp 89
integration lp 90
mixed up lp 90
wish lp 92
the peel sessions ep
show live lp 93
paris live lp 93
Current '93 active UK (Joel)

current 93 is basically david tibet, who previously worked with whitehouse and psychic tv, joined by a host of others to record (steven stapleton (nurse with wound), rose mcdowall (strawberry switchblade), douglas p (death in june), tony wakeford (sol invictus), john balance (coil), steve ignorant (crass), annie anxiety, dik (virgin prunes), john murphy, karl blake (shock headed peters) etc) and perform live. their first release was in 1983. tibets musical style has gradually changed over the years, from the early full lp length industrial works to more song-oriented, folky pieces, all of which keep a distinct current 93 feel to them. not for everyone, however, as many people who like one period of his work may be repulsed by other recordings. originally, there was a crowleyian aspect to the band, as the name and the first 12" reflect, but this has been discarded by tibet in favour of a more abstract occult/pagan themes, and some (well-deserved, i think) tongue-in-cheek jabs at crowley (take a listen to "crowleymass"), but i havent near enough room to discuss that here.

lashtal 12"
"nature unveiled" lp
no hiding from the blackbird/burial of the sardine 7" (c93/nww)
"dogs blood rising" lp
"live at bar maldoror" lp
"nightmare culture" ep (sickness of snakes/c93)
"imperium" lp
"faith's favorites" 12" (c93/nww)
"in menstrual night" picture disc/lp
"dawn" lp
"christ and the pale queens mighty in sorrow" 2xlp
the red face of god 12"
happy birthday pigface christus 12"
"swastikas for noddy" lp
"crooked crosses for the nodding god" lp
crowleymass 12"
she is dead and all fall down 7"
"tetragrammatron" lp (sigillum s/c93)
"earth covers earth" lp
"nylon coverin' body smotherin'" cass (c93/nww)
"1888" lp (c93/dij)
nww/sol invictus/c93 12" (3 songs from the box set)
c93/sol invictus/nww box set (c93 "horsey", sol invictus "lex talionis", nww "lumbs sister")
"looney runes" ep
"the sadness of things" lp (david tibet/steven stapleton)
"as the world disappears" cd
"island" lp
"thunder perfect mind" 2xlp
"hilter as kalki" ep
"emblems: the menstrual years" 2xcd
"the final church of the nodding apocalypse" comic + cd (c93/coil)
Dali s Car defunct UK

Peter Murphy's first post-Bauhaus outing, a collaboration with Mick Karn(ex-Japan). It continues some of Bauhaus' more interesting experiments in rhythmn with Karn's fluid bass-playing. A one-off project of more than passing pleasures.

the judgement is the mirror sin 84
the waking hour lp 84
Danielle Dax active UK
pop eyes lp 83
jesus egg that wept 84
inky bloaters lp 87
dark adapted eye lp(us only) 88
blast the human flower lp 90
Danse Society defunct UK

clock sin 80
no shame sin
woman's own sin
seduction lp
somewhere sin
heaven is waiting lp 84
hold on sin
say it again sin
looking through lp
Daucus Korota active US
Dawn After Dark defunct UK
crystal high sin 88
Dead Can Dance active UK (literati)

DCD is centered around the duo of Brendan Perry and Lisa Gerrard. Brendan currently lives in Ireland, Lisa in New Zealand. Their music began as spooky guitar-oriented rock, not entirely dissimilar to the Cocteau Twins. In later days, they have wandered to a much more organic sound, exploring tribal rhythmns, medieval chants, and middle- eastern dances on various albums.

garden of arcane delights ep 84
dead can dance lp 84
spleen and ideal lp 85
within the realm of a dying sun lp 86
serpents egg lp 88
aion lp 90
a passage in time comp cd 92
into the labyrinth cd 93
toward the within live cd 94
Death Cult defunct UK

A brief side-trip twixt the Southern Death Cult and the Cult. A slightly fuller sound than that settled on with the Cult's first album, but essentially the same band. Changed the name on a whim before a tv appearance, saying, " we're more about life than death". A mostly cosmetic change. The CD compiles the single and ep onto a single disc. See Cult.

god's zoo sin 83
brothers grimm ep 83
death cult CD 88
Death in June active UK
the guilty have no pride lp 83
burial lp 84
nada lp 84
lesson 1: misanthropy lp 85
night and fog lp live lp 86
brown book lp 87
oh how we laughed live lp 87
the world that summer lp 87
93 dead sunwheels lp 88
the corn years comp cd 89
the guilty have no past comp cd 89
the wall of sacrifice lp 89
the cathedral of tears comp cd 91
but, what ends when symbols shatter? cd 92
something is coming cd 93
Deathride 69 defunct US
Gitane Demone active US
facets of blue comp cd 93
demonix cd 94
Dispossessed defunct ?
Doomed Youth defunct UK
Dormannu defunct UK
powdered love sin
return of quebec lp 85
Drama Asylum active UK
Dream Disciples active UK
Dreamgrinder active UK
deep and shallows ep 90
Damon Edge active US
Eden active AUS the Elements defunct UK

Early version of Skeletal family. When Anne-Marie joined, they changed the name.

elementary lp
Elephant Talk defunct UK
the Empire Hideous active US
Eva O Halo Experience active US
Demons Fall for a Angel's Kiss cd 94
Every New Dead Ghost defunct UK

vision sin 85
ascension ep 88
river of lost souls lp 89
a new world lp 90
Exit Stance defunct UK
Faith & Disease active US

Folky-Goth, a phrase they're _extremely_ tired of, but it fits well- enough. Reminded me of Strange Boutique the first time I saw them, but that's faded as they`ve refined their sound into something distinctly them. The CD combines all of the two tapes plus one new track. Have also appeared on the Sisters of Mercy and Black tape for a Blue Girl tribute comps.

faith and disease cs 92
moon tints of purple and pearl ep CS 92
voltaire`s vallerie sin 92
jardeu blue sin 93
beauty and bitterness CD 93
Faith and the Muse ? US

William Faith, who played bass on Christian Death's 'the Path of Sorrows' and Monica Richards of Strange Boutique. Not really what you'd expect out of either of them. Monica's voice and lyrics lend an obvious comparison to Strange Boutique, but musically there is little similarity. Strange Boutique have never tried their hand at Gaelic style jig's for instance. If I must, what they remind me most of is Dead Can Dance with stronger ties to being a rock band.

Elyria cd 94
Falling Man defunct US
Fields of the Nephilim defunct UK (john)

The Nephs(FotN) started in 1985. They were an innovative band who made an impact since their whole ethos evolved from Occult based Horror/Spaghetti Western type movies. They looked like they came in from rounding up bandits but the music was haunting and inspiring. Carl McCoy used many occult references in the songs and quickly they had a strong fan following. Unfortunately in 1991 Carl decided it was time to Burn the Fields and the band split up. Carl's new band "the Nefilim" are supposed to be death-metal type band. They played their first live dates in Germany in Dec. 1993. One track is available 'Chaocracy' on a Beggars Banquet comp. The rest of FotN formed a guitar oriented rock band called Rubicon who are quite good at what they do with new singer Andy Delaney. Many fans anxiously are awaiting The Nefilim's new LP due sometime soon.

burning the fields ep 85
returning to gehanna ep 85
dawnrazor lp 87
the nephilim lp 88
psychonaut sin 89
elizium lp 90
earth inferno live lp 91
laura comp lp 92
revelations comp lp 93
the Fifteenth defunct UK
andelain ep 86
Flesh for Lulu active UK
subterranean sin 83
flesh for lulu lp 84
blue sisters swing lp
big fun city lp
long live the new flesh lp
plastic fantastic lp
the Flowers of Sacrifice active UK
Four Came Home active UK
Fourwaycross defunct US
fourwaycross lp
on the other hand lp
Diamanda Galas active US

There is nobody like Diamanda. In performance, it's a banshee wail of rage that leaves all feeling pummeled and bruised. A pain that's good for the soul. On record, it's all there, but it tends to slide under your skin and put sandpaper to your nerve endings instead of slap you with a chainsaw. Everybody needs a little of that once in a while. The majority of her work comprises parts of the Plague Mass. A living memorial and howl of loss and rage for the AIDS epidemic. The Singer is just Diamanda and her piano, having a go at some blues and gospel standards.

the litanies of satan lp
the divine punishment lp
the saint of the pit lp
you must be certain of the devil lp
the plague mass live lp
the singer lp
vena cava lp
the sporting life lp (with John Paul Jones)
Gargoyle Sox defunct US
Geko active US
Gene Loves Jezebel active UK
shaving my neck lp 82
Getting the Fear defunct UK
last salute sin 84
Ghost Dance defunct UK
Glod active US
the God Machine active UK
Goethes Erben active GER Groovy Chainsaws active UK
chainsaw sin 89
bad situation sin 90
Halo active US
Handful of Snowdrops active CAN
land of the damned lp 90
dans l'oeil de lasd tempete lp 91
Heltir active US

Rozz Williams side-project.

His Name is Alive active US

livonia lp 90
how ghosts affect relationships ltd ed sin. 90
home is in your head lp 91
the dirt eaters ep 92
mouth by mouth lp 93
Hook 'n Pull Gang defunct UK
Human Drama active US
Hysteria defunct UK
Infectio active FIN Ignore the Machine ? ? Inca Babies defunct UK
interior s 83
grunt cadillac hotel s 84
big jugular ep 84
the judge s 84
rumble lp 84
splatter ballistics cop s 86
the train lp 86
opium den lp 87
evil hour lp 88
Incubus Succubus active UK

In Excelsis defunct UK
sword of damocles ep
prey lp
creeps in the trees ep 84
Infamous Menagerie defunct US
infernal monasteries cs
irkutsk cs 90
toast s 91
In Slaughter Natives active SWE

ISN fits in well with Cold Meat Industry labelmates such as Morthound, Brighter Death Now, and Raison d'Etre. Their music can be described as orchestral goth, with tape-looped organ music and synthesizers backed by bombastic percussion. Though they can get self-indulgent at times, and though their songcrafting skills aren't quite as expert as, say, Will's, the music is generally of high quality and should be a good fix for all those gothic ex-Catholics who can't bring themselves to go to church.

In the Nursery active UK
when cherished dreams come true mini-lp 83
twins lp 86
the stormhouse lp 87
koda lp 88
counterpoint comp lp 89
l'esprit lp 90
Into a Circle defunct UK
inside out ep 86
forever s 87
evergreen s 88
assassins lp 88
Into Paradise active UK
Ipso Facto defunct UK
noir dior s
mannequin s
give it to her s
glass tiger on fire s
Jad Wio ? France
Jarboe active US (ayse)

Jarboe has developed a rather impressive career outside of her work with Swans. Her voice is distinctive -- breathy and hard-edged all at once -- and she spends much time experimenting with it in her solo work. The songs run the gamut between torch and punk, old-time spiritual and sing-along pop. What is possibly most interesting of all is that Jarboe manages to maintain a personality throughout these disparate bits; after spending some time with her music, one is eventually able to distinguish her own style from that of Swans, Skin, and Beautiful People (her side project with Larry Seven). Jarboe's lyrics, like much of later Swans, obsesses with the charismatic Southern Christianity with which she grew up; images of snakes and saviours abound. It's powerful stuff, and highly

13 masks lp
Sacrificial Cake lp
the Jesus&Mary Chain active UK
psychocandy lp 85
darklands lp 87
barbed wire kisses comp. lp 88
honey's dead
Joan of Arc ? UK
Johanna's House of Glamour active US
farewell street 91
Josi Without Colours active UK
tell me a story s 88
Joy Division defunct UK (Kevin)

Even today, Ian Curtis, the Grandfather of Goth, lives on. As influential in the arena of "alternative music" as the VU. When Ian sings about despair and love tearing us apart again, you understand that the songs mirror the condition of his soul. Over a decade after his suicide, his lyrics maintain their emotional power. UNKNOWN PLEASURES is a journey through a physical and psychological wasteland. If you don't have this, get it. Personally, I think CLOSER is even more powerful: "The past is now part of the future/ the present is well out of hand...". This was recorded just before Curtis' death. Bleak, yet uplifting. I couldn't begin to write about this band....

unknown pleasures lp 79
closer lp 80
still comp. lp 81
substance comp. lp 88
the peel session ep 90
Kabuki defunct UK
Kas Product defunct UK
Killing Joke active UK
killing joke lp 80
what's _this_ for...! lp 81
revelations lp 82
fire dances lp 83
night time lp 85
brighter than a thousand suns lp 87
outside the gate lp 88
extremities, dirt, and various repressed emotions lp 90
pandemonium cd 94
Kommunity FK defunct US
the vision and the voice lp
close one sad eye lp
the Last Cry active UK
Lavolta Lakota defunct UK
nightmare s
Leitmotiv defunct UK
silent run s
to the suffering s
caress and curse mini-lp
Les Provisoires defunct France London After Midnight active US
Look Back in Anger defunct UK
caprice s 80as
foxhunt cs 82
flowers s 83
caprice mini-lp 84
Loose active UK
Loretta's Doll active US

a world serpent band. 2 cds

Love is Colder Than Death active GER Love Like Blood active GER
Ectasy mini lp
Sinster Dawn mini lp
An Irony of Fate cd
Lycia active US
ionia lp
the Machine in the Garden active US
March Violets defunct UK
natural history lp 84
electric shades lp
the botanic verses cd 94
Mark of Cain active US
the Marionettes active UK
obsession s 88
like christabel s 89
ave dementia lp 90
book of shadows lp 92
Mephisto Waltz active US (john)

Mephisto Waltz (MW) was originally an off shoot of Christian Death (1986), but has emerged to be a testament to the skills of Bari Bari. they started in Germany but are at present in the US. They have a wide range of music... the earlier stuff is darker with the modern works being infused with the vocalist Christianna.

Crocosmia (1986-1992) comp lp 92
As Apostles Forget lp 92
Terra Regina lp 93
the Eternal Deep cd 94
the Merry Thoughts active ?
Empire One Done cd
Second Generation s
Pale Empress
Miranda Sex Garden active UK
the Mission active UK

The Mish only really count for the first three lps. After breaking from the Sisters of Mercy, Wayne and Craig joined up with Mick Brown from Red Lorry Yellow Lorry and Simon Hinkler and began a blitz of gigs and magazine appearances. They tried being the Sisterhood first, which naturally got up Andrew's left nostril and they eventually settled on the Mission. Wayne later admitting it was mostly a publicity stunt. Musically, the first two albums are pretty much in the tradition of Wayne's parts for First and Last and Always, then slowly but surely heading in a more mainstream direction. Of late, they been heading in a more directly poppy direction, which I happen to quite like, but which has alienated the majority of their following. Right now they're in the position of having to prove themselves all over again.

god's own medicine lp 86
the first chapter comp lp 87
children lp 88
carved in sand lp 90
grains of sand comp lp 91
masque 92
sum and substance cd 94
Miranda Sex Garden active UK
fairytales of slavery
Momento Mori defunct UK
Morthond active Sweden(ayse)

Beautiful, ethereal, and moody -- like Delerium but more organic. This Crying Age is instrumental and eerie: the album starts with the compelling sound of a clock ticking (that doesn't let up for about nine minutes!). It's hard to write ambient music that doesn't just sit there and take up aural space, but Morthond (spelled Morthound on some releases) does it exquisitely. Highly recommended.

This Crying Age lp
Spindrift lp
Peter Murphy active UK
should the world fail to fall apart lp
love hysteria lp
deep lp
holy smoke lp
Musta Paraati defunct FIN Mynox Layh active ? National Velvet active Canada New Model Army active UK
vengeance lp 84
no rest for the wicked lp 85
ghost of cain lp 86
radio sessions 83-84 comp lp 88
thunder and consolation lp 89
impurity lp 91
the love of hopeless causes lp 93
Nightmares in Wax defunct UK

Peter Burns of Dead or Alive

1919 defunct UK
storm s
cry wolf s
machine mini-lp
Nosferatu defunct UK

Remains of band have now formed a band called Shadowmaker.

rise lp 93
legend lp 94
Of a Mesh defunct US
Ordo Equium Solis-active ITALY
Party Day defunct UK
row the boat ashore s 83
the spider s 84
glasshouse s 85
glasshouse lp 85
simplicity lp 86
Paradise Lost active UK
Passion Fodder ? ? Play Dead defunct UK
poison takes a hold s
tv eye s
propaganda s
the first flower mini-lp
shine s
from this promised land lp
final epitaph lp
conspiracy s 84
Playground defunct UK
final cs 87
seeking the truth s 89
sleeping dogs wake mini-lp 88
conception payoff s
Poesie Noire active BEL
tales of doom lp
tetra lp
pity for the self or we'll teach you to dance lp
en grande colere + pity for the self comp cd
love is colder than death lp
marianne lp
complicated lp
poesi noire lp
oblivion s
toulouse s
the Possessed defunct UK
Prayers for the Raven defunct US

PftR seem to have existed in a world where the early 80's heyday of Goth never ended. A place where Theatre of Hate would have ruled the world had they not broken up. And they did it without seeming to simply be retro-revisionists or, even more lame, a clone band. Occasionally pretentious lyrics, easily pulled off and a solid song-writing ability should have laid the goth-world at their feet. But like many excellent bands, it did not, and now their gone.

sacred ground cd
the Prophetess active US
the prophetess cd 93
the Prunes active UK
James Rays Gangwar defunct UK
another million dollars s 89
without conscience s 90
rev rev lowrider s 92
dios esta de nuestro lado lp 92
Red Lorry Yellow Lorry active UK
talk about the weather lp 85
paint your wagon lp 86
smashed hits comp lp 88
nothing wrong lp 88
blow lp 89
Red Temple Spirits defunct US
dancing to restore an eclipsed moon lp
Release the Bats defunct UK
unacceptable behavior s
Requiem in White defunct US
1 ep. 1 cd
Restoration defunct UK
epsychidion cs 91
Restoration II active UK supplanted mk. I after members left Ritual defunct UK
mind disease s
kangaroo court ep 83
the Rose of Avalanche defunct UK
la rain s
goddess s
too many castles in the sky s
velveteen s 86
in rock lp 88
Rossetta Stone active UK

Alternately objects of worship or derision, mainly due to their pilfering of the Mission's style and the Sisters atmosphere. Fortunately they've gotten over that now, and seems bent on taking over James Rays Gangwar`s position as the industrial-Goth band. Incorporating more electronics, samples and stronger beats into their music, and at the same time finally developing a style of their own. THE band to watch out for.

chapter and verse cs 89
and how they rejoice cs
retribution cs
darkness and light ep
an eye for the main chance lp 91
foundation stones comp cd 93
adrenaline comp cd 93
epitome ep
Rubicon active UK
crazed s 92
Russian Love active FIN Salvation defunct UK
girlsoul s 83
jessica's crime s
seek s
diamonds are forever lp 87
all and more s 89
sass lp
clearing out the debris s
a Scanner Darkly defunct US
Screaming Dead defunct UK
valley of the dead s 82
children of the boneyard cs
the danse macabre collection lp
Second Coming defunct UK
Secret Discovery active GER Seventh Seance defunct UK
Sex Gang Children active UK
naked cs 82
beasts s
into the abyss s
song and legend lp 83
ecstasy and vendetta cs
dieche s
Andi Sex Gang active UK
blind lp
arco valley lp
western songs for children ep 94
Shadow Project defunct US (John)

Shadow Project(SP) was a mix of various Goth bands, particularly The Superheroines (Eva O. and Jill Emery) with Rozz Williams. They formed in 1990 and created quite a fuss for releasing 2 brilliant albums which were reminiscent of the early 80's LA Death Rock scene. If you like OToP Christian Death this is a must. Loved by some and hated by others it's Rozz Williams at (close to) best. Some of the music borders on Metal but offset by church organ keyboards(Paris) there is a complete story here.

Shadow Project lp 91
Dreams for the Dying lp 92
Shock Therapy active US
the Shroud active US
Siglo XX active BEL
fear and desire lp 88
under a purple sky lp 89
Siii defunct UK
Silent Invasion active GER
Silent Scream defunct UK
Sins of the Flesh active UK
the Sisterhood defunct UK

A vague conglomeration formed by Andrew Eldritch [with Patricia Morrison, Lucas Fox, Alan Vega and James Ray] in 1985 to stop former Sisters of Mercy Wayne Hussey and Craig Adams from using the name. The single was recorded and released in a remarkably short space of time, indicating the size of Andrew's displeasure since he is notoriously slow and perfectionist in the studio. The album was finished up a bit later. In many ways is lays the groundwork for much that has since become known as industrial dance of the heavy electronic beat and keyboards variety. Jihad is in fact a driving beat, some words read from an AK-47 manual and a few keyboard flourishes here and there. Do not expect anything vaguely resembling the Sisters of Mercy, tho elements of Gift show up on Floodland, most notably a reworking of Colours as a b-side.

giving ground s 86
gift lp 86
the Sisters of Mercy active UK

Crawling out of the shadows of Leeds in 1980, Stooges records in one hand, the Velvet Underground in the other, Gary Marx, Andrew Eldritch and a drum machine dubbed Doctor Avalanche made their first imprint in the footnotes of History with Damage Done. Gaining a bass-player and extra guitar player, they hit the road and never looked back, releasing a few more records along the way. The extra guitar player proved he really was extra and disappeared, leading to the recruitment of Wayne Hussey and the first SoM album. It's a fine thing, ten shiny black pearls of song. Steeped in rock 'n' roll tradition. It couldn't last of course, and Gary buggered off to form Ghostdance with Anne-Marie of Skeletal Family and then Craig and Wayne decided Andrew and his ego could try playingall the instruments. [see the Mission]. Andrew and his ego proved up to the task, begetting Floodland in 1987 and the Sisterhood lp inbetween. [see separate entry]. It is an album remarkably different from FALAA, a brooding keyboard sound pervades the album in ways that will take you years to unravel. After the appropriate gap had elapsed, Andrew unleashed the newer, leaner, meaner and louder version of the Sisters on the worlf in 1990 and took to the road with a vengeance for the first time since 85. Many couldn't deal with the heavy metal tone of the album, but the weak always fall by the wayside. All albums are good, it just depends on what your entry point is. Rocker enter at FALAA, quieter keyboard fans go to Floodland and metal-heads should grab Vision Thing and turn it up *real* loud. :) Those who just want an album they'll still be listening to in 10 years, should get Floodland.


first and last and always lp 85
floodland lp 87
vision thing lp 90
some girls wander by mistake comp lp 92
a slight case of overbombing comp lp 93
Sixth Comm active UK
Skeletal Family defunct UK
trees s
the night s
burning oil lp 83
futile combat lp 85
promised land s 85
Skin inactive US

Michael Gira and jarboe from the Swans. Generally described as Industrial-strength goth. The first two lps were released in the US as a combined double album.

1000 Years s
Girl: come out mix s 86
Blood, Women, Roses lp 87
Shame, Humility, Revenge lp 88
skin comp lp
Ten songs for another world lp 90
Slavedrive defunct UK ex-UK Decay members Society defunct UK
saturn girl s
Sol Invictus active UK
lex talionis lp
against the modern world lp
in the jaws of the serpent lp
sol veritas lux comp lp of above two
the Southern Death Cult defunct UK
fatman s
the southern death cult comp lp 88
Specimen defunct UK
batastrophe mini-lp 83
sharp teeth pretty teeth s
Spell defunct UK

Boyd Rice and Rose McDowall one-off.

Splashpool defunct UK
Splintered active UK
nothing s 90
pigmeat s 91
lp 93
Still Patient? active GER Strafe Fur Rebellion defunct GER
strafe fur rebellion lp
Strange Boutique hiatus US

In the words of one of the band "throbbing pop". Works as good anything in the nebulous land of goth. The main comparison i can make is Siouxsie and the Banshees when Robert Smith was with them with touches of Bauhaus. Which is not to imply derivativeness in any way, just to let you get a feel for the music. Get the Loved One and go from there. Charm should be just as easy to get and is almost as good a choice.

easter island ep 89
a happy death s 90
the loved one cd 91
in a a heaven s 92
charm cd 92
Swans active USA (james)

Swans are very prolific, producing about 15 albums in 9 years in their various guises; Swans, Skin, and World of Skin. Michael Gira and Jarboe are the only permanent members of the group, other artists include Algys Kizys, Mossiman, and Norman Westberg. Swans range from heavy and powerful (Filth to Greed) to melodic (The Burning World, Love of Life) and powerful. Swans produce Strong vocals and intense percussion. They used to use immense PAs in tiny venues until the band gave this up for health reasons. Quieter now, they give powerful concerts. Comparison to anything else is very difficult (vaguely Laibach's Macbeth with vocals?); buy something after Children of God and maybe work backward (it gets less 'melodic'). The band themselves don't go in for this 'gothic' stuff; perhaps this is why the music press doesn't say a bad word. Count the 'powerful's. It's true. Jarboe, the female singer, also produced a solo album, Thirteen Masks.

Raping a Slave EP
Filth lp
Public Castration is a Good Idea live lp
Greed lp 86
Holy Money lp 86
Cop lp 86
Feel Good Now live lp 87
Children of God lp 87
The Burning World lp 89
White light from the mouth of infinity lp 91
Love of Life lp 92
Omniscience live cd 92
Greed/Holy Money cd 92
Cop/Young God cd 92
Real Love cd 92
the Suicidal Flowers active UK
the final arrangements lp
Super Heroines defunct US
cry for help 81
souls that save 83
love and pain lp 93
Sunglasses After Dark defunct UK
Tel Basta active US
tel basta lp
Terminal Power Company active UK
wired s
Theatre of Sheep defunct US
Theatre of Hate defunct UK
westworld lp
revolution comp lp 82
10 years after lp 91
This Ascension active US
light & shade cd 92
walk softly, a dream lies here cd 94
This Mortal Coil defunct UK

Not so much a band as an ever-evolving collective. Brain-child of 4AD head dude Ivo with the assistance of John Fryer and anybody else he can borrow and get into a studio. Mainly from other 4AD bands but he doesn't limit himself if there`s somebody he really likes that he hasn`t managed to sign. A large portion of the music consists of carefully chosen cover songs that are generally bent out of their original shape into something distinctly TMC. Most recommended album is Filigree and Shadow.

it's end in tears lp
gathering dust ep
filigree & shadow lp 86
blood lp 91
3-D Scream defunct UK
Tones on Tail defunct UK

A delightfully twisted Bauhaus side-project, who achieved some notoriety in mid-eighties dance clubs with the single "Go!". The roots of Love and Rockets can be heard in some of the more melodic ToT tracks, but this band has a personality all its own and shouldn't really be seen purely as a transition from Bauhaus to L&R. Their music is both richer and sillier than L&R's in many ways; ToT seem to be using the pop song as a vehicle for some rather daring experimentation, and many of these experiments succeeded well enough to force us goths to admit that pop music can in fact be very, very good. Their lyrics are no less dark than Bauhaus', but they are framed in four-minute songs that you can sing and dance to... for that accomplishment alone, ToT demands our admiration.

tones on tail ep 82
burning skies ep 83
pop lp 84
night music comp cd 87
the Tors of Dartmoor active GER
Tragic Venus defunct UK
Twisted Nerve defunct UK
five minutes of fame s
eyes you can drown in s
seance mini-lp 84
Two Witches active FIN
UK Decay defunct UK
black cat ep
for my country s
unexpected guest s
sexual twist s
Underground Lovers active AUS
the Veil defunct UK
Vendemmian active UK two ex-Restoration members
the Vengeful Widows active UK
Victims of the Pestilence active UK
Virgin Prunes defunct UK (Joel)

formed in 1976, disbanded 1986. various members now doing other work (gavin friday solo, dik occasionally with current 93 etc, mary and strongman as the prunes). a group that rather defies categorization - not really "goth" per se, though "if i die, i die..." is a goth staple. a better genre, if one insists upon giving one (which gavin apparently *hates*), would be "experimental". more a performance troupe than a band, really. their sound ranged from very experimental ambient and exploratory works to the more accessible band-oriented sound of "the moon looked down and laughed", and at least until 1984, when guggi left the band, was as much a visual experience live as an aural one... tragically, a group viewed more shallowly than deserved by goths who show disdain for their more experimental side and by industrial types who have only heard the goth standbys.

twenty tens 7" 80
moments and mine 7" 81
"a new form of beauty 1" 7" 81
"a new form of beauty 2" 10" 81
"a new form of beauty 3" 12" 81
"a new form of beauty 4" cass 81
pagan love song 7"/12" 82
baby turns blue 7"/12" 82
"if i die, i die..." lp 82
"heresie" box (2x10") 83
"over the rainbow (a compilation of rarities 1981-1983)" lp 85
love lasts forever 7"/12" 86
"the moon looked down and laughed" lp 86
don't look back 7"/12" 86
"sons find devils" video 86
"the hidden lie (live in paris 6/6/86)" lp 87
"heresie" 2x10" re-release 87
Voodoo Church ? US
the Wake active US
harlot s 90
masked cd 03
Whiskey and the Devil defunct UK
Will active CAN

A side-project of Bill leeb and Rhys Fulber of Front Line Assembly. Choir and chant sampling and all the bombast and pretention Valor summoned up for the opening of 'Sevan Us Rex' done better and far more melodiously. Yeah it's pretentious as all hell, but it's also very good, so what to do besides sit back and enjoy?

word flesh stone ep
pearl of great price lp
the Witching Hour active UK
Xmal Deutschland defunct Germany
fetisch lp
tocsin lp
viva lp
devils lp
Xymox(aka Clan of Xymox) active Holland (Kevin)

Another case of a Gothic band turning into a pop band. Out of the industrial garbage of Belgium, Xymox produced two hauntingly beautiful albums: MEDUSA and CLAN OF XYMOX. MEDUSA is my favorite of the two, very atmospheric with lyrics about the agonies of love. Check out "Back Door"...a sudden rush of adrenaline and despair at the end of a very mellow record. CLAN... is also good, again very mellow and atmospheric. The track that stands out is "No Human Can Drown".... visions of Hamlet watching Ophelia throw herself into the river come to mind. "Twist of Shadows" has some good tunes, but it is obvious that Xymox were heading towards becoming the poppy dance band that emerges on the last two records.

clan of xymox lp
medusa lp
twist of shadows lp
phoenix lp
metamorphosis lp 93
subsequent pleasures cd 94
Zero le Creche defunct UK

The second section is of bands that have material that could be called Goth, but not necessarily any period of work in particular, bands that touch on the fringes of Goth or bands that should interest fans of Gothic Music. DISCOGRAPHY is limited their Goth-tinged work.

Abecendarians defunct US
Area defunct US

Steve Jones(ex-the Arms of Someone New) joined with Lynn Canfield to form Area. Area crafted spooky little pop songs, with Lynn's voice soaring over Steve's many-layered guitars, ala Robin Guthrie of Cocteau Twins. Lynn went onto form the Moon Seven Times with Henry Frayne.

Arms of Someone New defunct US

Put out one ep in 84 that i know of (burying the carnival), which is kinda swirling dark pop along the lines of xymox with a neo-psychedelic influence. Steve went on to form Area.

the Cassandra Complex active UK

The Cassandra Complex's music generally leans towards the industrial/techno/EBM side of things. But Theomania hits that fringe area quite nicely. Currently living in Hamburg.

the Chameleons defunct UK

Kinda in the same spot Echo and the Bunnymen are in. Kinda goth, but to much of a pop band at heart. Members went on to form the Reegs, the Sun & the Moon, and Weaveworld.

the Church active AUS.

Poetic enough to be goth, but lilting guitar pop at heart, perhaps a gentler aspect of what REM have become. The Persia e.p. and the Blurred Crusade lp are recommened to goths.

Cindytalk active UK
ClockDVA avtive UK

Mostly the lp, advantage.

Cocteau Twins active UK

Shimmery pop that often evokes melancholy moods, despite Liz Frazier's penchant for simply shaping sounds instead of writing actual lyrics. Start at the Pink Opaque and go from there.

Controlled Bleeding active US

Another industrial band that feels no need to be bounded by their main genre's limitations. Mind pummeling one minute, gentle lullaby's the next. 'Songs from the Ashes' would be a good place to start.

Coil active UK

Coil more readily fall under the industrial category, if only because none of the band really know how to play an instrument as such. But, their ambient works, in particular How to Destroy Angels, are genre-bending and defy pat labels like Goth, or Industrial.

Concrete Blonde active US

Guitar-based alternative rock, whatever that means these days. Blood- letting (lp 90) generally gets lumped in with the Goth fringes, mainly on the basis of the title song which was inspired by Anne Rice's Vampire books. Goth in the same way that the Gun Club are Goth.

Controlled Bleeding active US

Another industrial band that feels no need to be bound by their main genre's limitations. Mind pummeling one minute, gentle lullaby's the next. 'Songs from the Ashes' or 'Buried Blessings' are a good place to start.

the Cranes active UK (ayse)

Led by the brother and sister team James and Alison Shaw, Cranes have made quite a name for themselves over the past few years (especially in the U.K.). Cranes' innovative use of guitars, along with Alison's positively unique voice, set them apart from much of the other "ethereal" female-led bands that are recording nowadays. They layer guitar with the skill of Jane's Addiction or the Cure at their best; the resulting sound can be reminiscent of a richer Twin Peaks soundtrack at times, and maybe even early Jesus and Mary Chain at others (though Cranes rarely use feedback as an instrument). The thing that makes this band totally distinctive, however, is Alison. Her voice, described by some observant soul as that of "a baby trapped in a metal toolbox", is high-pitched, sugary, and downright *eerie*. The lyrics are often hard to make out, but they are generally obsessive, intense, and full of wonder... the way that Alison's lost-child vocals meander through the music are utterly enchanting. Highly recommended, though I would describe this band as an acquired taste. Recommened lp: Forever the Creatures hiatus UK
Siouxsie and Budgie of the Banshees on holiday. The first lp [feast] was recorded in Hawaii is is infused with Polynesian rhythms. The second [boomerang] was recorded in Spain is similarly infusing with Latin rhythms. Either is a good place to start, tho bommerang is probably easier to find in the US.

Curve defunct UK

Toni Halliday could be a goth-goddess for all time if she'd just stop posing in front of a that band doesn't have anything to distinguish it from the competition other than her presence. actually, she's supposedly joining up with pieter noonten and anka wolbert, formerly of xymox in a band to be called bud. we can only hope.

the Damned defunct UK

More punk and pop opportunists than goths, but Dave Vanian's wardrobe has fooled many. Any of the albums from 80-86 is a good choice.

Dancing Did defunct UK
Delerium active CAN

A Front Line Assemply offshoot with Bill Leeb and Rhys Fulber doing a very creditable job of ambient goth.

the Drowning Pool active US now called Mumbles
the Dream Academy active UK

Goth much like All About Eve are Goth. Hippy free-flowing pop music that occasionally summons up that elusive atmosphere.

Echo & the Bunnymen active UK

Another of those fringe bands.Their music is frequently bleak and depressing, and Ian McCulloch desperately wants to be Jim Morrison, but this does not a Goth band make. The attitude is missing. Nearly Goth is a close as they get.

45 Grave defunct US
Frazier Chorus active UK

Also in the much the same position as Echo, bleakly depressing pop music, but it's still more pop than goth. But Sloppy Heart comes *so* close to being goth, you might be fooled.

Gentle Ihor's Devotion active UK
Godflesh active UK

A metal band with a drum machine for the most part. But their music is rather dark, covering topics not usually associated with metal, and generally proving that the border distinctions of Goth are _really_ fuzzy.

Gothic Hut ? US
the Glove defunct UK

One-off by Steve Severin of the Banshees and Robert Smith of the Cure (and the Banshees at the time). Dance music for people that can't dance and the fore-runner of what was to come with the Cure.

the Gun Club active US

Rather more bluesy and straight ahead rock than Goth, but Patricia Morrison's presence as bass player veered them in a slightly Goth direction for a while. Recommended lp, the Las Vegas Story.

Icehouse active AUS

Sometimes, pop bands with a penchant for melancholia turn out a Goth masterpiece without anybody, including the band, noticing. Icehouse did this with their self-titled first album. The rest of their catalog is increasingly more commercial pop garbage, but that first is a classic slab on angst and pop.

Japan defunct UK

To depressed to be punks, too happy to be goths, and just to talented to be new wavers. Ah, where to fit in Japan. Sylvian`s talent for ambience is mainly what gets them included. Albums-wise, you can jump in anywhere pretty much, they start perky and get more sedate as time goes on.

Junior Manson Slags defunct UK
Kastrierte Philosophen active GER

A German band of interest to goths mainly through a recent single remixed by Andrew a generl atmosphere of gloom. Eldritch.

Legendary Pink Dots active UK

Neo-psychedelia-gothic-trance music for the occult and intellectually minded. Edward Ka-Spel is a genius, and thoroughly mad.

the Lords of the New Church defunct UK
Love and Rockets active UK

Bauhaus minus Peter Murphy. Have continued the direction started with Burning from Inside, recorded while Peter was ill, and actually achieved some form of alternative stardom

Ministry active US

More industrial than Goth, but there are touches here and there, mainly bits of Twitch.

Modern English active again UK

Before they turned _totally_ into a pop band, Modern English were as dark a pop monster as there ever was. Mesh & Lace integrated samples and noise that set the standard for later generations of less talented shoe-gazing 4AD bands.

Moev active Can

Like Ministry, more industrial-pop than Goth, but Yeah Whatever has it's share of angst and fits nicely into 'almost, but not quite goth'.

Mumbles active US formerly the Drowning Pool
My Dad is Dead active US

Mainly the product of one man's talents, MDID are sort of the REM of goth, if that makes any sense. Strongly rock oriented with lyrics and musical touches that put them close enough to the fringe to be included.

Naked Raygun active US
the Neon Judgement defunct BEL

In the same general area as the Cassandra Complex, more EBM than anything else, but often darker than your average EBM band.

Nice Strong Arm active US
Pieter Noonten/Michael Brook defunct UK/BEL Pieter is ex-Xymox, one-off
Not Drowning, Waving active US early stuff
Parade Ground active BEL

Have virtually assumed the Neon Judgment spot in the EBM/almost Goth hierarchy.

the Pixies defunct US

Don't really have a place here, but i can't bring myself to drop them. guitar-noise, angst and a bass player with the voice of an angel.

Public Image Limited active UK

Generally a perverted version of a pop band. But Second Edition is a very dark, incredible record that should be recognized for being at least as Goth as Siouxsie & the Banshees have ever been.

James Ray & the Performance defunct UK

A pop/dance band at heart, they got lumped in with the Goths mainly because James Ray sang on the Sisterhood's Gift and their records were put out on Merciful Release.

James Rays Gangwar defunct UK

Successor to the Performance. Out with the keyboards and in with the guitars. Much harder edged and far closer to being a Goth band. Didn't throw out the keyboards _entirely_ though, and added some sampling to the mix as well.

Savage Republic defunct US
Shinjuku Thief active AUS esp. Witch Hammer lp
Siouxsie & the Banshees active UK

Walks like a Goth, looks like a Goth, but not really a Goth. Role model to thousands though, certainly. Started out as punks and have slowly been buffing those edges into the sleek pop band you see today.

Sleep Chamber active US

Industrial one-man band. a man with an obsession, and that obsession is sex. often combined lyrically with death and what could be more goth than sex and death? Spiritual kin of suicide, dive and daf

Sleeping Dogs Wake active U
SPK defunct UK

Mostly of that hazy border area of ambient industrial. Later turned mutant dance experiments. Graeme Revell, mastermind behind SPK, has of late turned his talents to film scoring, most notably to Goths in the score for the Crow.

Sunshot active UK
the Tear Garden active CAN/BEL

Kevin from Skinny Puppy with Edward Ka-Spel from LPD. Imagine Pink Floyd in the 80s if Sid had kept his sanity and developed an interest in samples and industrial music. Tired Eyes Slowly Burning on CD features the album + the Centre Bullet ep. The Last Man to Fly adds Dwayne from Skinny Puppy and a few more of the Dots, and is subsequently more LPD-like and not as interesting for no readily apparent reason.

Jimi Tenor and His Shamans active Finland
Toyah active UK

All the art and drama we expect from a Goth, done better by and former punk turned pop craftsman. All the music is good(Minx aside), getting steadily poppier as the 80's slide on. The Blue Meaning would be a good place to start for the early stuff, and Prostitute the ideal place to start period. Also part of the inexplicable lame Sunday All Over the World with her husband, Robert Fripp.

Ultravox active again UK

Again, more pop and punks than goths, but the pre Midge Ure incarnation would not be out of place playing in a goth club, and should be more often.

the Wolfgang Press active UK

All that emerges from 4ad is not goth, but some take an album or two for that to become obvious. tWP fall under that category. Birdwood Cage is fairly poppy goth, that has given way to kinda gothy-pop.